47 thoughts on “Amazing backpiece!!!!

  1. I absolutely love this piece. The monochromatic color scheme definately adds to the “it-ness”.

  2. Imagine how it looks in reality, ha. I think I dribbled back there half a dozen times atleast.

    The guy this is on was part of the Horiren crew/group.

  3. its awesome to see the level of tattooing being done now a days. these artists are really breaking ground while breaking the skin

  4. No kidding, I really had a dream about this backpiece on me a few months ago. Except there was no dragon, just the phoenix. It was even all red and had geometric patters with the feathers. How awesome is that? But this backpiece really is just awesome. Literally the stuff dreams are made of.

  5. fuckin awesome piece of art making me a little jealous…it looks so perfect…I’d love to see the real thing!

  6. I have no words to describe this tattoo. It is the most beautiful backpiece I have ever seen. Looks like someone glued a painting on his back.

    I can’t stop repeating ‘wow’.

  7. this is one of the best back pieces i have ever seen and realy gives me ideas for when i get mine done later this year

  8. Shit Shit Shit, I’ve been planning on a pheonix fight a dragon tattoo for ages!!!!*bangs head on wall*

  9. WHAT!! *pickes jaw off the floor, you make me want to quit being an artist, for I question my true talent , for real thats just ridiculous. and to the skin its living on, you are super lucky to find a da vinci like that, f*ck im drooling..

  10. wow her work is great i was actually looking for her sitcuz i want her to do my back piece

    My favourite adaptation of this myth ever!

  12. That is GORGEOUS.
    The second thing I thought was “What a bitch that would be if there was a red-ink allergy!”

  13. i think your back piece is amazing ive been wanting one done for a long time but i keep changing my mind on the design. i have numerous facial piercings and a few small tatoos but thats nothing compared to this tattoo! i love that people have the guts to express themselfs in such a powerful way i feel that people should be a lot more open to this kind of expression after all your body is your canvas and to make it even more beuatiful is an amazing thing! xxx

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