Vampire’s Slave

This scrawny git got his conches dermal punched, and now they won’t stop bleeding… Luckily (or unluckily) he lives in the basement of a Ravenloft Castle and is slowly being drained of his fluids anyway.

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29 thoughts on “Vampire’s Slave

  1. scrawny_git, you better phone the blood bank put them on full alert incase you lose all 8 pints (:

  2. I didn’t even get the reference (my fiance says AD&D, but I’ve only played 3 & 3.5. Is he right??) and I’m supposed to be a proper geek.
    Also, the fact that I find this photograph IMMENSELY HOT illustrates why they shouldn’t let me run Vampire games. :D

  3. Nice-looking guy.

    I think that much blood is unnecessary, though. When I had my conches punched, the artist used a co-agulent and lots of ‘claved gauze to keep bleeding (and stress on my body) to a minimum.

  4. Ahh Ravenloft. The most loving campaign setting possible for sadistic DM’s everywhere. :D

  5. Umm…I’d love to be wrong about this, but is that a kaos plug in that fresh dermal punch?

    Because if it is, whoever put it in should be fucking incarcerated.

  6. mmmm, I can’t wait to get my conch punches! The Red Cross keeps calling me asking me to donate blood but they won’t let me on account of being tattooed within the past year =(

  7. you should be shining a flash light through the ear to make sure to map out the two major veins in the ear and make sure not to go through them. this looks like the vein was likely hit and thus causing all the bleeding.

  8. yttrx said: Umm…I’d love to be wrong about this, but is that a kaos plug in that fresh dermal punch?

    It could be teflon.

    Also when I got my conches punched, they immediately stretched them, so there was hardly any bleeding. :)

  9. Red Cross still has that rules about tattoos and piercings? I thought they amended that if you could prove that you had it done at a clean shop.

  10. When I told them I’d gotten tattooed a few months ago they were like “oh, we’ll call you in September”. Sucks, because I want to give blood, and the places I go to get inked/pierced are nothing but clean.

  11. Yes, Ravenloft was a campaign setting for AD&D, 2nd Ed. It was originally a one-off module that was essentially a massive dungeon-crawl (but weren’t they all that long ago?).

    And, HEY!, He’s got my implants! :(

  12. are you gonna drink that?? cause i am quite parched and i would hate to see a good beverage go to waste…

  13. They aren’t kaos tunnels by the way, its ptfe. I had to chuck loads of stuff out coz that boy decided to bleed all weekend!

  14. They actually just republished the Ravenloft stuff as a mini-campaign called ‘Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.’

    You can also find a whole mess of Ravenloft stuff from 3.0 from Swords & Sorcery.

  15. By the size of the punch I’d it’s pretty damn possible they sliced through somethin’! When I had mine done we mapped out my right conch and discovered a big massive fucker right through the middle which really limited the size of the initial punch, but fuck it I’m in it for the long-haul so I’m waitin’ for it to be well healed and then planning on stretching it a bit.

  16. Yeh they are 10mm. Got mine punched at 8mm. They bled like a bitch for about 12hours then calmed down but his were going all weekend!

  17. You don’t have “massive” veins in your ears. You have veins, but none of them are large enough to cause bleeding problems if cut through. Alot of people seem worried with the amount of blood, when in reality that is really nothing much. While its messy to punch through veins, its harmless. The only things you don’t want to touch are arteries, and those are not in your ears. Besides, its fine and dandy to “map out” your ears, but you just can’t get away from alot of bleeding. Your brain requires a wack of blood, so your head, face and ears are highly vascular. You’re going to bleed alot, no matter how much mapping you do. Losing up to a pint of blood is not damaging to your body and can evenbe beneficial.

    ,..just thought i’d set that straight. I can’t stand people that make claims about medical/biological/anatomical that are totally wrong/ungrounded. That’s ignorance, and drives me up the wall.

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