Matching Surface Spirals

Nickk Leading at Perforations in Denver, CO, just did this pair of 14ga 2″ custom bend surface-weave sternum piercings. Nickk should pierce a few dozen more, give them all different aftercare instructions, and see which works best in the name of science… or is that a little “kill em all, let god sort them out?”. Because I’ve tried so many weird piercings myself, I’m probably a little too pro-human-experimentation.

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18 thoughts on “Matching Surface Spirals

  1. Seeing this entry breaks my heart. I LOVE surface weaves and wanted them for so long, but my skin just isn’t suited for it. Even the areas of skin in easier locations are too tight.

  2. hope this heals well. i love this idea though. surface weaves look absolutely great on most everyone ive seen them on.

  3. hmmm, if that heals,,, it would be interesting to get one of those around my sternum piercing,,,,,, it’s 2 inches so that should be possible…. right?

  4. I hope it heals well, it’ll look really well when the redness goes away. It also looks rather hard to do.

  5. I can’t really see it healing, I can only picture it rejecting. Hopefully I’m wrong, it’ll look beautiful once it heals!

  6. It’ll be interesting to see this heal…having said that, I’ve had surface piercings before that didn’t look like they’d stay in and have healed perfectly fine. I guess it depends on the person. Looks beautiful though.

  7. It didn’t hurt too bad. Its healing very slowly. But i love it. Im the one on the left. Hey boys!!!!

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