Oh, Sweden, you are so helpful…

From the wearer: “A gesture of peace.”

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207 thoughts on “Oh, Sweden, you are so helpful…

  1. Judging by the tattoo’s layout, I think it’s safe to say that He wouldn’t piss on the World Trade Center if it were on fire.

  2. Shannon, would it kill you to post some plus-size prophets presiding over national tragedies occasionally? Thanks.

  3. Heh, let’s file this one under 10 things to do if you want to get killed while visting NYC.

  4. I think this is actually a scene from the Islamic version of The Fountain, called The Fireball.

    “You’ve attained eternal life — now, bring on the whores!”

  5. hehe…ahhh the irony, loving pauly right now..fucking fabulous, and the tattoo, ah it’s ok if you like that sort of thing, personally i would have added a bit more detail to the towers…but i’m sure the owner is happy with it seeing as it was sent in

  6. Because 911 is the only act who has gotten USA to really wake up and think about what the are doing all over the world as there self assigned role as “the world police”.

  7. Hey, I’m planning on getting Hitler standing on Auschwitz tattooed on my back and hopefully that tatt could be posted somewhere so I could be COOL !

  8. Where does Sweden fit in the picture?
    Is the person who has the tattoo Swedish or what?

    Anyway, always nice that Sweden get some publicity. And by that I mean besides the polar bears and stuff…

  9. Hell if I’d do that, the discussion relevant enough would be to please shoot me, someone else needs the oxygen… and the ink ;)

  10. People have to do this kind of stuff from time to time, just on principal. Auschwitz, 9/11, Haditha, Nanking, it’s all fair game. Free speech is a use-it-or-lose-it deal. Any true American should be proud that there are people willing to do this kind of thing — it’s a testament to the power and resilience of freedom.

  11. then apparently i’m not a true american. i knew people who died on September 11th (including three people who graduated from my high school)…. i’m not too keen on people joking about that. and this tattoo seems like a joke.

  12. Painted Lady: I don’t see any use in questioning your true american status but I will say that you do seem to miss the principle of free speech and jokes.

    Free speech has to allow the most hateful and hurtful speech we can possibly conceive of AND then even worse or else it is a hollow piece of BS. Even preventing cries of fire in a crowded theatre is a concession that needed serious consideration and justification – itshould still raise questions

    Jokes are often a great way of dealing with the worst life can give you. 9/11 isn’t special among tragedies just because it is personal to you, me, and many others nor should it be. Have you tried humor in dealing with it? Think of all the people who deal with childhood abuse, spousal abuse, etc through jokes. One fine example would be Christopher Titus whose stand-up encompasses his mother be severely abused and murdering his stepfather. That is a tragedy og huge magnitude and extremely personal for him but through joking about it and jokes about the topics in general he has dealt with it.

    Remember, when you hear an offensive joke that 1) censoring it will do nothing but cause further harm and 2) maybe that joke is actually part of someone else’s process of dealing with the tragedy. The wearer of this tattoo may have also lost loved ones in 9/11

  13. you have a valid point. and i totally agree with you. this tattoo just doesn’t sit well with me. also, the placement is going to give the wearer hell if he ever wants to come to the united states.

  14. Placement looks to be on the ribs below the nipple (partially visible in upper left) – I have travelled the world without ever showing this part of my body unless it was my intent. The wearer could likely come here and no one would know – they could be anyone (with a shirt on) sitting near you now.

    If the person doesn’t want to show it off, no one will know about it. They won’t have any problems (due to the tattoo) coming to or being in the US if they keep it covered

  15. Why is everyone so offended? 9/11 was an inside job. A “False Flag” operation. That is something people should get pissed off about… not a stupid fucking tattoo. (Although, I must admit, I do kind of like it. I got a thing for the wildly inappropriate.)

  16. You can’t really believe 9/11 was an inside job, come on. Like Bill Maher said, “you think George Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened? I don’t think he knew about it after.”

    Not paying as much attention as was necessary to intelligence reports is *not* the same thing as orchestrating an attack, for God’s sake.

  17. At first I thought it was Jesus and was like “huh?” Then I thought it was Muhammed and was pissed, and now I realize it’s Bin Laden and I’m kind of meh. The entire point seems to be to get people going, but hey, maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know the guy. For all I know he could’ve supported the bombing and was this a tattoo of an event he holds close to his heart. Or maybe he lost someone in 9/11 and it’s some kind of wacked-up memorial. Or maybe he’s just an asshole trying to get on people’s nerves. Either way he can put whatever he wants on his body.

    However, I don’t like this tattoo not only because of the subject matter, but because I don’t think it’s very well done. It doesn’t seem like anything special to me.

  18. Inside job? Ha ha, no. The scope of such an operation would have been huge. There is no way it would have been kept quiet.

  19. i dont really see what the issue is. i clearly think the intent of the tattoo is to be satirical. i think people often take things too personally. i understand that the subject of the tattoo is touchy for some, but i think judging from the wearer’s comment “A gesture of peace.â€? that they feel the the actions of bin laden or ‘terrorists’ groups are quite rediculous, and ironic. i mean come on, who justifies a war in the name of god. its bullshit, no benevolent god would stand for something like that. i think its merely calling into question what people believe in, and maybe not to take things so literally (especially in the case of this tattoo) or when interpreting religious texts. everything needs to be taken into context. i would like to think that people who visit this website would keep an open mind to such things, and not take things strictly at face value.

  20. Jesus christ, what an asshole. Congratulations on walking around with THAT on body for the remainder of your natural life. It’s not even sarcastic or ironic. It’s a fucking shrine to a douchebag.

    Also to colter:

    So 9/11 was an inside job, huh?

    So let’s assume “Bushco” (I can practically envisage you spitting out that silly little epithet) goes to the trouble of bringing down the WTC, devasting a city for years on end, and killing 3000 people.

    I imagine they did this to create a pretext for regime change in the Muslim world (e.g., Iraq), right?

    So they’re able to do all of this; that is, perpetrate such an immensely complicated act of enormity without any evidence leaking out–and by “evidence” I don’t mean laughable bullshit like “Loose Change” that has been easily refuted by Popular Mechanics, etc.–over the past five-plus years.

    And yet despite being able to bring down the “Twin Towers” and cover it all up, when it comes time to invade and occupy Iraq (the culmination of this plan remember), “they” can’t even plant a single WMD in Iraq?


    I mean, really?

    Also, if “they” callously killed 3000 people on 9/11 in furtherance of their evil master plan, why exactly would “they” allow the more prominent “truther” assholes (the “Loose Change” documentary guys, et al.) to live?

    Wouldn’t that risk blowing the whole conspiracy wide open?

    What’s the harm in knocking off 3 additional guys–who have such “conclusive proof” of your master conspiracy remember– when you’ve already murdered several thousand people in cold blood?

    Congratulations, you’re retarded.

  21. You think Osama could somehow bankroll better inkwork for his true fans.

  22. I think that freedom of speech is one of our greatest rights as Americans. Hell, I use it every damn chance I get (usually when speaking about all the problems I have with my country), but sometimes you have to know when it’s too much. Yes, humor can help many people get through and over difficult things in their lives, and yes it may be a bold and sweeping political or religious statement, but to get something like this in a permanent medium on one’s body is really what is turning most people off from this tattoo (myself included). This also poses an important question, who tattooed this? I doubt that it is an American tattoo because, red blooded or not, most Americans would not be willing to do work like this. That said, it is probably on someone from another country. And yeah, it is kind of a dull tattoo nothing special really, aside from the controversial message.

  23. WOW, Shannon I am impressed. I did not think you would post something that would cause more controversy than a JackHammer Jesus but you did.

  24. tacky, yeah, that’s the word i was looking for. and it’s not necessarily about the politics of the event, it’s about the actual people who died on September 11th and in the aftermath (in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.).

    has anyone seen the “Twin Towers handshake”? it’s so awful.

  25. HAHA!!….I love the tattoo!…..and I can’t believe it took 40 comments before someone mentioned that this tattoo doesn’t have anything to do with the truth anyway, since the US obviously pulled this off with the precision that only our government could accomplish……

    I have to assume that the people that deny that it’s even a possibility are the most brainwashed of them all. But what’s the difference, we’re all gonna die anyway…..

  26. Well whoever this is one thing is for sure, he is not a Muslim since tattoos are not allowed in Islam.

  27. Um like what if like the prophet dude is like representing a sentiment of remorse–prayers for peace and stuff–that the spiritual community-at-large, over which he presides, feels about the WTC tragedy?

    I don’t suppose even UBL considered the WTC attack a “gesture of peace.” It’s a fuckin’ jihad for Muhammad’s sakes!

  28. 55. Islam doesn’t allow a lot of things (and I make no bones about the fact I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject).

    I would think a tattoo on your ribs would be something you could hide quite well in the mosque, but you might not tell the imam you were having a pint down the pub with your mates either…

  29. hm…bin laden has nothing to do with peace…but the WTC also stands for exlpoiting humans (including death)..it`s dumb to think the capitalism is peacefull…if somebody thinks so, she/he needs to learn much about connections between our way of living an the hunger/grievances in the rest of the world.

    but i like the tat…it makes a polarising statement. ;-)

  30. Too often we lose sight of life’s little pleasures. Remeber when someone annnoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. But it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch slap the motherfucker upside the head……..

  31. Besides being that said, as tat’s and piercing and all the other stuff that we do to our bodies. We should know the muscle stucture of the body. So suffice it to say he-she deserves what is coming to him or her in this life or the next!!!!!!!!!

  32. One last thing to say before I depart. I Would Rather Live My Life As If There Is A God, and To Die, and Find Out There Isn’t. Than To Live My Life As If There Isn’t, and To Die and Find Out Ther IS.

  33. If anyone is offended-don’t leave a post. The more posts you put up about it the more interested people will be. The word Fuck wouldn’t get so much attention if it wasn’t considered by general society to be so bad and censored so often.

  34. About it causing more controversy than the Jackhammer Jesus (haha) I think the girl who sew’d chicken skin to her body and the guy picking up the dog during a suspenion caused way more controversy.

  35. Shannon should post the IP address of the bastard who sent this in so their home address can be tracked down.

  36. People always state that ‘if’ 911 was an inside job, that it would have been two big to keep quiet.

    I wonder on what historical models they make this judgment on (how many convert operations have they been in?).

    Yet, people still assume that they know the inner workings of a black operations.

    No one knows how a black operation works. Not even the people inside a black op no what’s going on.

    That is the nature of intelligence. You cut a ‘go’ program up into small sectors so that no one knows what the big picture looks like.

    911 was an inside job.

    Come get informed:



  37. i did actually think it was jesus at first glance and that got me pissed but if it’s bin laden – i’m even more disgusted. Also, if it’s bin laden why are there doves carrying olive branches when this is a christian symbol??

  38. The Treatment – I think it goes without saying that I would destroy my computers before willingly handing over private information, in pretty much any conceivable scenario! I feel that is my ethical responsibility.

  39. Seriously what kind of brain dead bastard goes around with an image of Bin Laden and the twin towers tattooed on themselves. Putting doves on it for me just adds to the insult. If it is Bin Laden I hope someone does him a nice removal job with a blowlamp!

    I agree with Shannon about protecting peoples privacy, this is the way he has earned peoples respect and they trust him.

  40. Oh yeah, lets hunt him down – and any other person who has ever had an anti-something tattoo or even a bad thought in their head.
    Get of your high horses people.

  41. My recollection of 9/11 was me being on my knees in a police van in london, handcuffed with a police boot on the back of my neck! Ironically, I had been arrested for demonstrating outside the building where they were hosting the international arms fair (DSEI). Afterwards, the whole of the country pretty much ceased what they were doing as a mark of respect for those killed and injured EXCEPT the arms fair, which continued for the rest of the week uninterrupted. They even had a posh dinner do for all the delegates (including those form the Middle East) on the friday.

    Do you really believe the powers that be give a flying fuck for anyone suffering loss? No. To them, it’s a good thing because they have an excuse to trade more arms. Osama Bin Laden, Bush, Blair, Saddam etc… all puppets on strings.

  42. I think it’s funny, It should really have Bush,Cheney, and the guy that held the lease on the twin towers sitting in a ball of fire with money swirling around the top. Did you know that the fucker that held the lease stood to make like 36 million from insurance and when he filed in court he tried to count both towers as seperate acts of terrorism so he could double the money he got. I’m sorry to all the people who lost their lives and the families who have had to go through life without their loved ones but this country is run by money hungry war criminals and I think everytime I turn on the news it cements that belief into my head even more. I can only hope the year 2012 will set some things right

  43. not going to even get involved with the politics, but i think the towers look kind of shitty. his clothes look ok, but looks like the artist just gave up on the towers or something. plus the background looks weird to me…

    i agree, i don’t really think it’s worth posting, except for the controversy it incites.

  44. Meh.

    I find this tattoo to be a juvenile cry for attention, kind of like when a five year old learns a midly naughty word (eg. poopy-head or doo-doo face) and writes it on the wall in crayon. Obviously it is designed to push buttons and get attention.

    I half-guess that the guy getting this tattoo and the artist were thinking, “this will get posted all over the internet. hehe”, when they were doing it.

    That said, it is Free Speech, and I defend their right to apply and wear this piece. And, as a practical matter, if the owner of this tattoo was in a gym locker room in the US, he would not likely get killed, or beaten, or whatever. (Before folks scream that he would, go find me a citation of crime statistics that something similar has happened, and how often.) It would certainly draw comments, and very angry comments at that. But, that’s how Free Speech works. It’s a two way street.

    Hmmmm, I wonder what the reaction would be if I had a satirical cartoon of Allah tattooed on my ribs and showed up in a gym locker room in say, Riyadh, Tehran, Islamabad, Ramallah or Basra? Or, it seems lately, even Copenhagen.

    One difference between the people of generally liberal, western democracies (like Canada, the US, Britain, France, Japan, Costa Rica, Spain, Denmark, South Korea, New Zealand, et al.) and the Muslim street (with admitted exceptions) is that we understand that Free Speech cuts both ways.

    The west is definitely not perfect, but generally we tolerate children with crayons. They don’t.

  45. Come to think of it, I know what the reaction would be to me with that tattoo in a gym: “Hey, Mahmoud, look at that fat guy. He acts like he goes to gyms. Who is he kidding?”


  46. I’m kind of curious as to a tattoo artist’s reaction when someone comes in and says, “I want Osama and some burnin’ fuckin’ towers on me.” I mean, an artist has the right to refuse. I wonder if this person had any trouble getting this piece of crap.

    As a sidenote, the art is fairly poor.

  47. I just don’t get it ? What does it mean ? And to be honest, the artist work is not that great: dimension, detail, line, shading…. But still, I do not get it ?

  48. To be honest this tattoo made me smile so much, in a way I love that someone would do this.

  49. You guys are so stupid. This tattoo is obviously about abortion and gay marriage!

  50. Yeah that is so crap…the plane is on the wrong angle :op

    In the end it’s just a tattoo, oops nope that’s right it’s an offense to express a POV through visual means we better grab a pitchfork and sacrifice him to our vengeful god. That will make it all better.

    While everyone is remembering the 2976 people who died in 9/11. Try not to forget the estimated 57000-64000 iraqi civilians killed due to military intervention.

  51. Oh come on dont you fuckers see it?!…
    9/11 is the only thing that kept George Bush where is for as long as he has been…. this tattoo is on HIM

  52. Oh come on dont you fuckers see it?!…
    9/11 is the only thing that kept George Bush where is for as long as he has been…. this tattoo is on HIM

  53. lol @ Rats
    So what we saying here Osman is an abortion that should have happened, thats trying to marry a couple of gay doves. Even the doves are pissed at him they seem to be flying away.

    Seriously tho, I would have been more happy had this guy had Osman tattooed on his butt hole so he could have crapped on him everyday:)

    As for the poor art work he prolly had the kid next door do it would a pin and a bottle of ink. I’m sure no reputable artist would have done this, must be a backstreet job!

  54. Nosimplehiway – I am almost 100% certain that Sweden has far more human rights/civil rights allowances than the United States. As implied in the title, this entry was submitted from Sweden, not the wildlands of Pakistan. I really don’t think this is a “pro-Muslim extremist” tattoo. I think it’s a broader statement (assuming it’s not just a button-pusher, which I’m not convinced it is).

  55. I like it…plain and simple.. I also enjoy Freedom of Speech.. Anyone who dosnt can get the fuck out of the USA…It’s assholes who find every little thign offensive that keep us from having the rights we are entitled to.. Just because YOU dont agree with it, dosnt mean it’s wrong to have. Get over it.. 9/11 Happened, People Died…you can’t change it.

  56. Comment @ 90 Kit
    I wonder if you would like it so much if you had collected one of your close relatives for burial that had died in the twin towers? Thats supposing they could be identied from all the dismemberd bodies of course.

    I take it you didnt see the 100′s of people breaking their hearts on the news just waiting for some news of their loved ones.

    Its so easy to be flip about something when we didnt suffer the heart wreching pain the relatives of the victims of the towers went through.

  57. This reminds me of a lot of modern art. The actual quality of the work is average at best but it’s the concept and the reaction of the audience that makes it art.

    The tattoo is worth something just for the reaction and debate it will cause wherever it is shown.

    But saying that I really don’t get the wearers motives. It’s either a great bit of modern art or a really stupid way for an idiot to get attention. I hope it’s the first but suspect the second

  58. when i first saw this i cringed, which is something i almost never do. yes this person has a right to free speech but shannon u must have known that his would raise tons of controversy on here. this is the first time i have ever disagreed with ur choice in postings. next time think harder about how things like this might upset people. i mean i know u have the right to post what you want but… this?

  59. i must say, the idea of having a pint with the imam made me laugh hysterically. having met him as a child, he was wonderful and i highly doubt he’d give a shit if you had this tattoo.

  60. Shannon, assuming it is not a button pusher, what broader statement do you think it is if not expressing a favorable view of Muslim extremism? And do you agree with the statement it makes?

    Comparing the civil/human rights records of two (or more) nations both of which are basically, more or less, kinda sort of, liberal, western democracies will open a Big Ole Can-O-Worms. I don’t want to be responsible for opening *that* discussion, but if you’re up for it, say the word. :-)

  61. #90 and #91… sometimes we just need to move on nothing is going to change what happend and people dont come back….. I dont see the world coming to a hault with the thousands who loose a loved one in third world countries.. 9/11 was tragic but so are the million of other shitty things that happen daily in the rest of the world…

  62. 93, you said “having met him as a child,” meaning the imam .. are you referring to osama?

    i’ve heard him referred to as sheikh, but never imam.

    and i actually thought it was muhammad at first and i was pissed as hell. but then i realized, it looked like osama.
    woops on my part.

  63. Why is freedom of speech related to be an “American” or not considering this tattoo comes from Sweden ?

    I hate when you got to talk about politics everyfuckingwhere, that’s what I was hoping wouldn’t happen on this site, I was wrong, gonna go look somewhere else again.

  64. The reactions to this are hilarious. Especially considering the comments here usually advocates a to each his own, liberal attitude.


    RE: 87. Thats not what Im saying at all…

  66. I never cease to be amazed by the amount of historical and cultural ignorance, racism, and idiocy lurking underneath the surface of the supposedly subversive bodymod community. #91 Are you fucking kidding me?!? Yes, lots of innocent people died in 9-11 and that is a tragedy, but it would never have happened if OUR GOVERNMENT had not been enacting oppressive and oftentimes flatout genocidal policies in the middle east for decades. Our tax dollars pay for the weapons that have been killing innocent civilians in the middle east since LONG BEFORE 9-11. These people are fucking pissed. They are going to fight back with whatever means necessary even if they lose their own lives, because they have no hope left, and its going to keep happening until and unless we allow them to live out their lives with some sort of fucking autonomy. The hijackers didn’t try to blow up a shopping mall. Hello? They didn’t aim for YOUR HOUSE; they targeted the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House. IF you don’t know what the World Trade Center represents politically and to people of other countries oppressed by the policies of the US transnational corporation that is our government, that will make no fucking sense to you.
    Who I really feel badly for are arabs and muslims in this country having to face illogical racist violence post 9-11, as well as arabs and muslims abroad whose innocent children and families are being killed in this useless war deemed ILLEGAL by standards of international law – as it has not a motherfucking thing to do with defense, but rather establishing control over the middle east region by our imperialist money hungry corporate whore government. God Bless Bechtel. This war also has to do with establishing control over us (duh!) so that we allow our own government to actually wiretap our conversations and detain us without due process of the law. Is that seriously what you want???
    All of you who think it’s totally radical and edgy to cut your goddamn appendages off and offend middle america with your oh-so-meaningful facial tat, but yet believe in the repression and censorship of artistic political discourse and debate, and revoking the first amendment freedom of speech…if you don’t wake up soon, you just might end up getting the fully fascist state that you claim above is your pierced wet dream.
    Meanwhile, those of us who actually understand politics as well as international and civil law have to keep fighting to protect you dumbasses, your rights to freedom of expression (which includes hacking away at all your naughty bits), and the luxury of the lifestyle you have in this country to spend all your free time obsessing over bodymodification rather than trying to keep your kids from starving, or worrying about your grandma getting shot in the head by the military like people in other countries subjected to the policies of the US that our taxdollars fund, but I guess you wouldn’t even know any of that if you never fucking read anything other than MOdblog and Tattoo magazine…
    Fucking hell.

  67. I think a lot of people are missing the point about free speech. One of the advantages of living in a country that recognizes freedom of expression is that it allows people to more easily find assholes like this. I mean sure, this tat is hidden on his chest, but do you really think that the dork that had this done wouldn’t be flashing it in bars at the first possible opportunity, just to try and get lonely fat chicks to touch his wrinkly penis? Personally I’d love to run into this guy on a Saturday night after about five shots of Wild Turkey; I don’t care how many Ace of Base-listening motherfuckers he has with him.

  68. “I knew it was way too non-white looking to be Jesus”

    I’m no expert, but wasn’t Jesus a jew? And thus, not white?

  69. jesus was a jew, from palestine.
    lol definitely not white.

    that’s just something silly christians made up in order to make ‘white’ the better race or w.e. :)

  70. Sorry the links didn’t work, here they are again…
    Part I
    Part II
    And before everyone gets angry…no not everyone in NYC feels this way, but I can assure you many do. And I can’t vouch that everything in this film is factual. It’s just a launch point to get your own information.

  71. “your body is your own to do with as you please” – My 92 year old grandmother told me that. I think this tattoo is only offensive if you choose to take offence. Its actually no more offensive to me than a very very ugly person, and trust me, ugliness offends my poor virgin retina. I am interested in why certain folks are ready to hunt down this poor swede and smack the poo out of him. Was he behind 9/11 then? jeez louise. Who the heck are any of us to say wether or not someone should or should not have a tattoo of whatever the hell he likes! le sigh. And no, to be honest I truly dont think people who have lost friends or relatives in 9/11 should have any say in this blokes body modification wether or not its “right” is for him alone to say. I dont judge people on what I think their tattoos mean, I ask of their opinions to do that.

    ( please recognise – I love ugly people – honest – I lend them masks and everything)

  72. Nosimplehiway – You ask, “do I agree with the statement it makes?”

    Well, I’d like you to clarify the statement you believe it is making, because there really are a very wide range of possibilities!!!

    As to comparing rights between Western nations, there are meaningful differences from nation to nation, and those laws have several times endangered both BME (hosting, etc.) and its staff (prosecution under various obscenity-related laws) in Western nations including both Germany and the United States… In fact, because of this type of thing, many adult companies have moved out of the United States. So there is an element of relevance when we’re discussing what many people would find to be an obscene tattoo.

    Anyway, on to the “statement”, for example, a Swedish person could be making a political statement on the absurdity of the 9/11 event and what preceded and followed it, the media response, the government posturing, the needless death and waste, and so on — an absurd tattoo for an absurd piece of history that will hopefully end with some sort of peace. That said, the statement’s going to not only be lost on most Americans, but represent something offensive or even obscene.

    There really are a zillion possible explanations, but I think jumping to the conclusion that this is somehow a pro-Muslim tattoo is absolutely ridiculous. Anti-American Empire (which is a very common sentiment in other Western nations), quite likely, but I really would be VERY surprised if this tattoo was expressing Muslim extremist sentiments!

  73. Mr. WIll – I’ve been having the same debate (whether it’s a serious statement or whether it’s a “joke” tattoo). It was submitted anonymously, so other than revealing their country I am respecting that.

  74. “but I really would be VERY surprised if this tattoo was expressing Muslim extremist sentiments!”

    What else more exactly would you need ?? Big letters that say “AMEN TO 9-11 IT WAS GREAT !” ?

  75. I’m not sure I get it either, but the first thing I think of is that it’s obviously satire, it is making fun of the “religion of peace” label for Islam as people do on the internet every day constantly. That’s what the doves are for.

    Look at any of the commentary sites, always people post headlines of some bombing or other, or the situation in Iraq, and put a tongue in cheek “hahaha, religion of peace!” on it.

    As for the terrorist attacks of 9-11, war happens, it’s not a unique thing. But IF someone was in favor of the attacks and making a friendly memorial of them, I don’t think they would call the attacks a peace offering, they would say it was a just war strike on the US, or some similar sort of message.

    So, I conclude satire on “religion of peace.” I’d wager the wearer is the sort who might use the word “Islamofascist” and would not expect any trouble visiting the US at all.

    But most of all, I too think the guy on top of the towers has far too small of hands.

  76. I love number 105, TatGoddess.

    And for all the people getting riled up about this one, isn’t this what this site is for? To see all the freaky shit people do to their bodies to express themselves? Toe removal, vaginal ashtrays and butt plug cokes are OK but this isn’t? I don’t have one single mod and I am checking this site every day for the shock value. (Yes I need a life!)

    They hate the US in the middle east, our presence in Iraq now is only making things worse, just breeding more terrorists. And George Bush is too retarded to plan 9/11, please. Didn’t you see the footage of him while he sat in a Sarasota, FL classroom on 9/11 when they told him what happened? He was a deer in the headlights, absolutely frozen, clueless. He is only in the white house because of his dad and his $$$.

  77. It’s particularly funny to read comments from people who see this as some kind of Islamic extremist tattoo. That’s the last interpretation I would take, since Islam forbids tattoos. Perhaps that reaction says more about a person’s preconceived biases (only an Islamic extremist would have this type of tattoo, etc.) than what the tattoo is about.

  78. one of the more fun tattoos i’ve seen in a while.
    if a tattoo of a helicopter sending missiles into irac would be posted here, not much americans that would complain i guess…
    your government are pretty evil on some peoples eyes, and it was just a mather of time before a thing like 2 planes were flying into those buildings. live with it.

  79. JenO33 – Look, the claim is so silly that I’m not going to bother to embarrass your knowledge of different cultures, but this is seriously not a “pro-Muslim extremism” tattoo, and I’d say it’s probably just as likely to cause offense to the average Muslim as to the average New Yorker.

  80. It’s definitely a critique of Islam rather than America (not that an overzealous border guard will care…) This tattoo is about demonstrating the absurdity of people claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion. The fact that the subject is Swedish supports this — Europeans are generally feel much more strongly about the dangers of Islamic radicalism, since Europe has a very serious Islamic radical presence (America, by contrast, usually only has to worry about Islamic radicals from other countries). Theo Van Gogh anyone? The Danish Muhammed cartoons? Europeans ain’t big fans of Islam these days.

  81. Shannon, you said yourself you received this picture anonymously, therefore you don’t have much explanation on it but you made one yourself (the best one you could conclude from it) but no one else can ?
    I was to believe that “hatred” either racial or sexual was a violation of terms here isn’t it ? How would you believe that this would not cause any “hatred” either way ? But I would give you a point though, I’ve seen you also post a picture of a guy with a nazi “SS” on the back of the head so I guess you do post all kinds of difference bod mod. For the person above, I would be extremely pissed to see a tattoo making fun of the Iraqi people too. Very much so.
    My knowledge of different cultures is what I’ve learned growing up on the other side of the ocean and then coming here to the USA. I am very thankful for the chance I’ve had to live in many different places.
    I expected BME to be one of the rare places where political and religious hatred would not be tolerated. That is why I cancelled my account but I still believe that in matter of body modification (which I thought was the main subject here) this is one of the best place online most definitely and I am grateful for that. Regards, Jos33.

  82. Bena, that’s ridiculous — a tattoo of Americans bombing Iraq would be received pretty poorly here (though perhaps this is not the best forum for thoughtful commentary, political or otherwise).

    I think it’s worth noting that most Americans *do not support the Bush government*. This is a pretty convenient fact for the anti-America contingent to ignore when dishing out useless insults and “I-told-you-so” comments.

  83. I think it got the point…
    The more this piece bothers people the more I want to high five the dude who got it done….. As someone said above it is only offensive when you decide to take it so…

  84. #125
    In my opinion people in Sweden do not fear Islamic radicalism. It seems very unlikely that terrorist from another country would attack, and the “radical Islamic presence” isn’t really that present.

  85. this tattoo, like most things religious can be interpreted differently by virtually everyone who see’s it. that i think is the truly interesting part of this tattoo. everyone is right in their opinion of this tattoo, and submitting it anonymously was a brilliant manouvre regardless of how cowardly anyone thinks it is.

  86. veronica, no, no, the imam is the religious leader of ismaili muslims, who believe that the religious leader is a descendant of ali, muhammad’s nephew. he is a very tolerant man, well spoken and the chairman of many charities. i am a former ismaili and can honestly say that though i do not believe is the teachings of the quran, i am proud of what hazir imam (google hazir imam and prince aga khan for more info) has accomplished for the needy. in this day and age, i’ve been called many hurtful names, paki, terrorist, and others, just because of some asshole extremists. i can honestly say that no muslim i have ever met has been happy about 9/11, not even my dad, who isn’t much of a fan of america in general. the bombings were a tragedy, and nobody who loves allah can say they support the bombings. that is not what islam is all about.

  87. JenO33 – In regards to your comments:

    1. My point was — as I stated — that there are many possible explanations behind this tattoo, not that the scenario I proposed was the actual and only one.

    2. My second point was that suggesting this is a “pro-Islamic extremism” tattoo is silly.

    3. In my opinion deleting your account because you refuse to accept #2 or #1, is extremely silly.

    All in all, silly.

  88. Jordan,
    You wrote >>I think it’s worth noting that most Americans *do not support the Bush government*.

  89. …and I find this an ignorant statement to start with. I believe that the american people who are not blessed citizens of the 50 “United States” do not support Bush, but as for the people in the “United States”? What you simply call “America” voted and Bush was elected not only once, but twice.

    There is no “fact” other than his election and re-election.

    I honestly feel sorry for the people who are against the current government for whatever reason, but you have the presient you voted for and therefor the one you deserve.

  90. Well, dubious election results aside, the Bush administration has systematically lied to the American people for years. There are more reasons to vote for a candidate than his or her position on the war, and some people may have been hoping against hope that there was some truth behind the promises.

    And elections aside, polling indicates that support for Bush and the war is incredibly low among Americans. People may have voted poorly before, but at least they seem to be getting it right now.

  91. The polls regarding Bush’s dismal popularity among all Americans, even Republicans, are dramatically in support of what Jordan is stating, and have been for a long time.

  92. Bush didn’t get voted in the first time. Al Gore won. And a lot of us refuse to throw our vote in with a system that doesn’t give a fuck. i.e. Electoral College. I love America, the land. The government can kiss my hairy white/native ass. And I live in the 50 states.

  93. As stated earlier, I think the tattoo is in incredibly poor taste. (Were it witty, I’d at least respect the intention. This just looks like a shrine to OBL.)

    That said, I have no problem with people acting like douchebags so long as it doesn’t infringe another’s rights.

    BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, could we please stop referring to it as “freedom of speech”! It’s freedom of expression or the right of one to exercise his free will. A tattoo isn’t speech. I also doubt it would even qualify as “symbolic speech”, as political protests do.

    Additionally, if the wearer of this tattoo is in fact from Sweden, he or she might want to watch out. Sweden, like much of hyper-sensitive and politically correct Europe, prosecutes acts of speech that the state deems have aggrieved ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual minorities. Were any single Muslim individual to claim the tattoo is “anti-Islamic/Muslim”, the wearer could end up in court.

    We Americans may have a stupid president–though I would caution whining about Bush as the “worst evah” until you’ve checked Lincoln’s record on suspending habeus corpus, and entering into an war not declared or sanctioned by the legislative body–and we may be involved in a stupid war, but at least we have the right to say whatever we want. Like much of Europe, my place of residence, Canada, lacks this absolute right.

    It might not be nice to say “nigger” or “faggot”, or to claim that Islam or Christianity are horrible religions, but I think it’s a right to which one should be entitled.

    The ultimate test of one’s belief in the right of free speech is not whether you countenance speech you agree with; the ultimate test is whether you permit speech that you most certainly do not agree with.

  94. Shannon, there are some things that I refuse to stand behind for the poor excuse of “freedom of speech”. I won’t by respect for the victims. I’m here for the body modification art. I just saw that heart cartilage ear piece and NOW that’s what I’m talking about loving to come here for.

  95. JenO33: Freedom of speech exists precisely to protect speech that some may not appreciate — it’s all or nothing.

  96. Jordan, recently in my po sci class we got to talk about ‘freedom of speech”.. and it led to talking at the time about the “tyranny of the majority” situation during the pre-civil war in the US.. it’s not because you have the right to it and that most people would agree to it, that it is right.
    You are very right to say that it is all or nothing.
    I do not say that this person doesn’t have the “right” to get tattooed whatever they want on themselves, I’m saying that I’m not coming here to talk about political and/or religious views (and that’s a personal view, not really significant really except to me). We all know it’s such a no-win situation subject among public situations.
    If you don’t believe that, try to talk about politics during family dinners and people are supposed to even “like” each other then..

  97. hmmm, this is quite a bizarre tattoo indeed. It seems to be a portrayal of the say “one man’s terrorist is anothers freedom fighter.

  98. then dont talk about it

    thats the point of being a free individual

    if you dont like something you can chose not to look at it

    just cause you dont want to have a political debate doesnt mean other people feel the same way

    i barely post on modblog cause personally i think everyone is to uptight and closed minded anymore and are just looking for excused to bitch

    much like this entry, and the jackhammer jesus, and well the list goes on

    no one is forcing anyone to look to this or praticipate in the discussion

    all you have to do is just not come to this entry

  99. Such a tempest in a teapot! Poor Shannon, only posted an interesting tattoo photo but got lambasted.

    All I saw when I looked at the photo was a F-ugly tattoo that I figured the wearer was going to regret sooner rather than later.

    Freedom of speech, freedom of expression – whatever you want to call it – is the cornerstone, the heart & soul of body modification. When I judge what I see on ModBlog I do it inside my head, unless it is so beautiful or compelling as to warrant my comment. Otherwise I maintain the philosophy I like to apply to any other use of any other medium – if I don’t like it, I pass it by and move on.

    Honestly, kids, to each their own.

  100. The piece is artistically (if you can call it that) and aesthetically, garbage. The linework is shitty, the hands look like they were fried somewhere within the towers and the facial structure makes up almost one third of the upper torso. (As if it didn’t already stand out enough.) Get over the political bullshit already. I don’t think it was intended to be a derogatory or defamatory piece. The fact that it’s so poorly done and makes my eyes bleed is another story…what?

  101. I think the ultimate expression of free speech would be if this tattooed person would enter the tattoo contest at the Roseland NYC tattoo convention in May. Unfortunatly, I dont think he will win

  102. yikes at the chick that’s leaving because she doesn’t want to talk politics–as if anyone’s forcing her to.

    but really. politics come into most facets of our daily lives, even if it’s not glaringly obvious. why get so angry that people actually want to discuss it..?

  103. It was probably hard to find a top-tier artist that was willing to do the job. That’s always the flip-side of freedom-of-expression — no one is obliged to listen, or to provide you with a medium, or to assist you in expressing yourself in any way. Some of us feel obliged to support contraversial and offensive speech on principal, but that’s the beauty of choice, no?

  104. jordan:
    eh.. say what?

    “Bena, that’s ridiculous — a tattoo of Americans bombing Iraq would be received pretty poorly here (though perhaps this is not the best forum for thoughtful commentary, political or otherwise)”

    correct me if i’m wrong, but most of the comments here has a political statement, but most of them against the tattoo.

    hard to find a good artist in sweden willing to do a tattoo like that? no problem at all.
    people here don’t have the same ‘moral’ as people have in the states.

    but most people don’t want to wait 6 months to get a tattoo, so they go to artist that can get them inked the same week.

  105. Everyone is so uptight about it, it’s ridiculous, like 9-11 is an event that has to be kept sacred and holy and death to those who poke any fun at it.
    In a few years time, people will be passing off 9-11 jokes, just as they do now about the german concentration camps back in the day.
    It’s inevitable.
    Sure, it wasn’t a nice event, but neither were other tragedies on the planet. Just because you might be connected to it doesn’t make you some untouchable being that all must tiptoe around because of the event. Grow up, get over it, it’s over. Worry more about the liklihood of all manhattan island developing mesothelioma from all the asbestos released into the air. AIDs in africa will kill and make millions of small children suffer over more time that the few hours of 9-11. Isn’t this a greater tragedy? And the fact that the people are given out of date condoms, they still aren’t knowledgable on the disease and still rape little girls in hope to be cured.

    There are many more tragedies out there than 9-11, get your head out of your asses.

    Humour= Tragedy+Time

    end rant

  106. Let the rioting begin!!!….oh, that’s right…civilized people don’t riot over a cartoon…or a tattoo.

    This tattoo stinks.

  107. #133 – Ya, Shannon will only delete your account if you point out the fact that Rachel doesn’t have any pics showcasing her mods, or links to her experiences on her IAM page. Good thing that’s not a silly reason… ;P

  108. this is fun….. nothing like a small fry blog entry on a really shitty tattoo to get people saying how they feel. reading this is a nice little enthnographic study. but yea. horrible tattoo.


  109. Sure, he has the right to tattoo it to him, and say the shit he wants, but I and anyone else have the right to kick his teeth in for it. It’s a two way street fools, or do you hippies think it’s infringing on his rights to express himself? I don’t think it should be against the law to ink that shit on you, but I also don’t think someone should get tried for assualting him.

    Let people say and do what they want, but if they do shit like that they don’t deserve to be protected from retaliation. Lets say he moves to NYC tommorrow and someone sees the tat and stomps his head. Who’ll he call? The cops of course, who most likely had a buddy die that day. Why should they protect his ass?

    Instead of whining about the right to free speech, go take some boxing classes. Damn hippies.

  110. by your standards then… the police shouldnt even have responded to the wtc then…. because that was just the middle east “kicking our teeth in” for our middle east poilcy. they should just have let it fall then?

  111. Mitch – I’m pretty sure that Rachel can’t post a picture of herself without it showing her mods, what with two full sleeves, big neck tattoos, visible piercings, and more! In any case, trying to get one of the people running BME kicked off BME is silly and tends to be an action that backfires…

    If I’m trying to get things done and someone needlessly insists on being a fly, sometimes they get swatted ;-P

  112. I love how people here are saying “Oh well, freedom of speech,” “9/11 was an inside job,” “In a few years, every one will be making 9/11 jokes.” If this was a tattoo of a redneck in camouflage gear on top of a pile of dead pigs, dogs, dear, rabbits, cow, etc, people would be riled the fuck up.

  113. i don’t think the people on here who don’t like the tattoo mean that they are great patriots or supporters of the Bush administration…. i, for one, am appalled at the things Bush has done (and not done).

    and who makes Holocaust jokes? ick.

  114. Shannon – I wasn’t trying to get her kicked off, I was just asking a question and got booted myself! I think you over-reacted to a simple inquisition. And If you’re counting pics where you can tell there’s a tattoo, or piercing, and THAT’S IT, then yeah I guess you’re right. I meant pics showcasing the mods, not “Oh there’s a pic of someone and their mod just happens to be kind of half way visable.” But, yeah, I guess I would kind of like people who have extreme mods like a eye implant or such, to, you know, maybe post it on their IAM page. There’s no place to see that stuff except here.

  115. To # 91 : I never said that i didnt have peopel close to me die in 9/11, did i? You just assumed it because i dont have my head up my ass about it. I completely agree with # 152… humor=tragety + Time. And I’m not just this way with 9/11 ..oh no.. Call me a bad person but AIDs, The Holocost, P.O.W Camps …They’r all on my list of jokes and thigns to make fun of.. Mine you, My mom died from AIDs less then a year ago, I have family and friends who had ties to concentration camps..as in they were in them, and My GreatGreat (i dont know how many greats) Grandfather was a P.O.W Liek i said before.. Get over it U.S.A a shitty thing happened.. Suck it up like you do with everything else and get over it. The only reason it’s still so damn offensive to poke fun at it it simply because of “how” it happened.. And how it was a defamtion of us as a country. The individual families im sure still have pain, but they dont hole up in their houses and never come out and cry all day about their loved ones..and if they do, Too bad they weren’t the ones who got killed..cause im sure their friends and families woulnd’t have wanted them to do that. So there.. I Might be a bad person, but i dont give a flyin fuck, GET OVER IT U.S.A!

  116. and with that said, BTW I do, on the other hand, beleive that you can beat the snot outta someone for something like that if you were really that offended by it… But thats just general my belief through everything, not specifically this scenario.

  117. Even with all the ethical, religious, political and humorous points made…one thing is certain:

    The inkwork itself sucks.

    If someone is going to get a controversial tattoo to make a statement, I’d think at LEAST get it done as art.
    This ranks about as great as the “100% WOOD” SS piece
    and can be classified as shit posing as art.

  118. Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed about this picture was how much Jesus kinda looked like Keanu Reeves?

  119. man…. the number of people who keep thinking this is jesus is strange to me.

    here i thought jesus and osama were rather everpresent in the media.

    i guess maybe its only around my part of town then?

  120. Post #157… why would the police stand around and do nothing when they are Americans? Where’s your fucking logic? If the NYPD had been pentrated by the taliban who had somehow established a significant number in the ranks, ok, I understand them not doing shit, but that’s the case. Or wait… did loose change actually point out the NYPD IS run by the taliban?

    Damn all you hippies, I’m going to get a job at a slaughter house tommorrow in spite of all you defending this tattoo!

  121. Comment @ 163
    If you have had part of the sadness you claim, I think maybe its given you psychological problems as you can laugh and make jokes about such things.
    I feel sorry for you.
    By the way I’m not American nor do I have my have my head up my ass. What I actually have is respect and caring for others.
    Try it yourself one day!

  122. Comment @ 166
    OMG woman you compare the totally gorgeous Keanu Reeves to Osman Bin Laden, may I suggest a trip to the opticians may well be in order for you!

  123. Psychological problems? No.. maybe just a sense of humor and understanding that bad thigns happen and you can’t spend your whole life caught up in sadness. Actualy i think if you hang on every bad thing that happens to you, then you problem will end up with phsycological problems. Phew, good thing that dosnt apply to me! I have no problem respecting and caring for others, and if you actually knew me you would understand that my line of work, and the person i am definatly gives to caring and respecting others..but you dont, so it’s no fault of yours. Sometimes peopel do need a bit of a kick in the ass to get over things.. it happens…but this really isnt about me is it?

  124. RE: #160

    I know some hilarious holocaust jokes told to me by practicing Jews – which isn’t really surprising since every remotely funny black joke I ever heard was told by a black person.

    There is a time and a plce as the saying goes, and sometimes a joke is horribly out of place but that doesn’t make unfunny just inappropriate – and inappropriate is a matter of opinion, and opinions VARY!

  125. Post #156 the treatment.
    you have shit for brains man. you clearly are the biggest bigot on the planet. just because someone looks a certain way or does something you dont like, you feel that jusitifies the right for you to beat them, and get away with it? youre fucked. your intolerance disgusts me. youre logic is absolutely fucking twisted you psycho.

  126. Empress, based off of all your comments on modblog entries, including this one…
    You’re clearly retarded and a huge hypocrite.

    174. I agree.

    161. Fucking hilarious link, nice. There’s a good 9/11 joke.

    Shannon, it’s such a wonder that you seem to be the only person who is calm, clear-minded, rational, not obnoxiously defensive, and still intelligent… all while posting Modblog entries and replying to the people who comment them. You get a pat on the back for not sucking, :)

  127. ok i’m your alot of u are getting worked up over nothing its a tattoo yes is it offfensive yes but as many people have said your body is ur own property do with it what u want. this tattoo is something that this person felt he or she wanted on the body and it obviousley makes this said person happy to have it so stop with all this political crap its a tattoo he/she is not telling u , you have to look at it there just putting it on the blog and if you enjoy look at it if not don’t bother.

    p.s. i personally don’t like it but i give this person a thumbs up for having the balls (mediforically speaking) to have something of this nature put on there bodies

  128. God dammit.

    This has to be nothing but ironic humor. UBL wouldn’t have considered the WTC attacks an “act of peace.” They were of course declared an act of war (jihad).

    Therefore, why would anyone standing by UBL would consider the WTC attacks an act of peace?

    Scrolling through here, it seems Lizardman is the only one who has caught onto this…

  129. Can’t we All get Along Rodeny King just before the riot’s? Guess not I’ll be back to pick up the pieces funny how that work’s? Try listening to NUMB by LINKIN PARK and see if that fits the shoe you all are wearing, peace out and ahve a great life or what is left of it The Grim Reaper is waiting for your disembodied souls

  130. Just trying to calm the natives down before the invasion. Oop it already happened look in th mirror, Your body is a temple why abuse it as well as your minds?

  131. Comment @ 175
    Thank you for making me laugh, I would answer you but I do not entertain fools in the main !
    Have a nice day :)

  132. “Freedom of speech is not the freedom for the thought you love, its for the thought you hate the most”
    -Larry Flynt

    Personaly i dislike this tattoo but maybe i fail to understand its meaning.

  133. In poor taste or not. Done in poor quality or not. This guy has managed to piss off hundreds of people on all sides with different opinions. For that I love it! The comments are getting more wild and people I never met are calling me “retarded” for stating my opinion. I love this. Thank you. And thank you to the lovely people who dont know me yet felt it necessary to insult me. You guys are amazing.

  134. Didn’t I see this as a redneck target on the same site that had redneck yachts and stuff?

  135. ok, so thinking about this more, i applaud this person’s audacity, but i want to know their motive.

    however, audacious does not necessarily equal awesomeness.

  136. ok, so thinking about this more, i applaud this person’s audacity, but i want to know their motive.

    however, audacious does not necessarily equal awesome.

  137. Am I the only person who thinks it looks absolutely NOTHING like Osama? If it weren’t for the towers, it would just be some random guy with deformed hands.

  138. >>191
    I think what we all can agree on is the hands are too small!

    A unifying moment…

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  140. from a brother of 343 of those we lost, i’ll hospitalize his ass if i ever see that tattoo in person.

  141. Ha! Free speech is awesome. I guess i’ll use some of my own. Muslims stink like rotten deli meat and their women are ugly.

  142. “free speech is nice and all, but i absolutely hate this tattoo.

    Posted by painted lady on March 2nd, 2007 at 11:56 pm”

    I totally agree. and it did make me cringe…

  143. Reading the various interpretations posted here, this tattoo would make a great projective test… I myself tend to read it as a sarcastic and somewhat childish “religion of peace, anyone?” statement , but it’s ambiguous… I also have a doubt whether the guy is really supposed to be OBL; I don’t find it looks much like him…

  144. Such kind of pictures -´tattoed or not – are only pervert and a sign of total political confusion and moral decay and comingness, -
    and esspecially to loudespeaker # 105., with your cynic, pseudo-social and history-revisionistic howl.
    – Sweden,you´ve been so helpful” – because of the CARPETKNIVES of 9/11-murders?
    - Am I wrong, when this is the link to the – oh-ah-I-like-it- SSWASTIKA-man (-applause givers)?!

    - And 3000 death “people are fucking pissed” ?!,-because “we did more and worse(?!) “there”, and “they didn´t want to h i t YOUR h o u s e” ?!
    – Saying this and at the same time giving “WARNING” of “fascist state” in the US is not only the tricky,
    traditional anti(west)imperialistic and left-totalitarian propaganda. – In this combination it is f a s c i s t(icallay) i t s e l f !
    This method of few here writing -and much others over the interNet – breathes the strained poisonous information-shredder puzzle smog of the ruthless-paraniod INITIATION LITERATURE of Hitler and his arab and iran friends 1920, the teachers or mental fathers of BinLaden, Arafat, Saddam H. and all the protagonists of international (political) muslimbrotherhood.
    that now reflect much Bush-bashers

    Is it so difficult to contradict fascist “free speech” here ? Or did YOU think, a FASCIST has to speak and show like HITLER or Mussolini or an US-General xou don´t like? And what is, if those weare piercings and tattos too ?!.

    - So, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT – THE NAZI-FASCIST CHARACTER OF 9/11 rspl. THE MODERN DJIHAD MOVEMENT and its INFECTION with NAZISM / its core, the european antijewisch WORLDCONSPIRACY-projection and -hate and
    – AGAINST “free speach”, old jewisch existance ALSO since 1921 in JERUSALEM, Kairo or Baghdad and against west (at that time british ) civilization influence, co-operation for AUSCHWITZ and a muslim-SS-division . . . – if, than
    You could search at website MATTHIAS KÜNTZEL; I think he has something in English, – about the IRAN-Nazi/german -connection too.

    - There should be a single US-institute something knowing about this facts – some months ago I found one, writing about the GERMAN soldiers CEMETERY in BAGHDAD. – How, would YOU think, did it come to there ?!
    - It would better for you to know about – and not to be unprotected exposed to left-/”antiimperial.” propaganda, that recruits with Bush-bashing and anti-war and leads to one antidemocratic axis
    with fascists like Chaves, terror- and and calmly islamists, iran-mullahs and perhaps even white aryan and possibly east-european orthodox-christ world-conspiracy believers

    Such smudgily tendencies, inclusive modernized antisemitism against the jew among the states, ISRAEL,
    now reflect much Bush-bashing leaded people as “critical opposition” or a “better america” – a catastrophically developement and victory for antirepublican and islamoNazist powers all over the world.

    - I posses a 1936 Nazi “social-critics” brochure about “evil” british-”jewish” influence in 3rd world . – Its everytime the same antiimperial and we-are-the-victims-of-big-plot -song (how they catch the peoples with) !

    FREEDOM in republican democracy has a basic problem – and in case of crisis and fight with fundamental enemies it becomes extremely acute : How much tolerance /”freedom” of speach and of other kinds should remain preserved for thouse hearts and minds
    that hate not only, but for them who poison others and than organize that and them . . .

    I think, since 9/11 – actually since 1993 and the Oklahoma too – it is to late, to leave alone responsibility for security
    by the authorities and otherwise as being free doing nothing, – and except to howl about “big brother”, if society has no or few better tools, to find o u t in t i m e, who and when the next civilian plan will be abused as big or “dirty” bomb. . .
    - and who prays to do such things for “defending Islam” or for an other kind of freedom, that basically hat not the rights of individuals to be free, free but n o t to do things agaist the (traditional only jewish-christian) requirement of the life holyness and dear requirement.

    So that is, what the notfascist McCarthy worked out – half effectivly, half dangerous for democracy, but not deadly for wrong or innocent victims . . .
    If YOU want a better developement in future, stop hate politics Bush-bashing and learn to c r i t i s i z e . . . especially hiding islamist totalitarian and antisemit tendencies and double bottom european (german-french) friedndship or pro-arab politics …

    Here to an old (ex-)”commy” and piercer since 1969 …
    Email me for questions : [email protected] (or [email protected] -try it)

  145. wow.

    Drama, Drama, Drama.

    I know that freedom of speech works both ways, but just because you CAN critisize someone about something they said/did that you don’t agree with, doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD be a bitch about it. But you have the right, so if you feel that burning desire, then go right ahead I guess. At least try to let people be who they want to be without letting them have it.

  146. The great thing about this is that devout muslims are opposed to icons/religious imagery (and indeed, some are even opposed to any artificial images). So, lest ye think ye be honoring Osama with that tattoo. . . .

  147. re: Keanu, and the elephant in the room

    I know that he’s supposed to be The Devil(tm) right now, but that doesn’t mean OBL isn’t also distinctly hot. I think he’s at least as attractive as Keanu freaking Reeves, & he looks like he’s got brains, too.

    That’s right, ladies. I said it. Osama is a sexbomb.

    That said, I’m so glad that ink isn’t on me.. it’s really, really ugly. But as so many others here, I’d defend his (I’m guessing, based on nipple circumference that this tat-bearer is a gent) right to wear it like crazy. I guess that makes me a damn hippie.. there are worse things to be. Like Ann Coulter.. fuck her. :)

  148. looks much more like al zarqawi than bin laden. and jesus?

    i hear a lot of talk about how awful this person must be to get this tattoo but how do you feel about the person who tattooed this individual?

  149. what’s the big deal about getting a keanu reeves tattoo? i mean, he DID play a surfing bank robber or something like that. i’m pretty sure he has a sizeable following in the world of jihad anyways…

  150. a nice strong ‘BLESSED ARE THE MEEK’ in olde english script would really give this peice its ‘je ne ce qua’ dont you think?

  151. lol the artwork is so shit cos no real artist would do it.
    this is nowhere near as offensive as ‘jesus fucking christ’

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