Garuda Mask Collaboration Scarification

I wasn’t going to post today, but I got this amazing collaboration scarification (seriously, click that if you’re wondering why “collaboration” is emphasized) photo from Ron Garza ( and Wayde Dunn ( and had to share it (who tour regularly; check their sites for schedules). The cutting (here’s a closeup) is on Justin and is based on a photo of a Garuda mask that Ron took in Indonesia, which he and Wayde redrew for scarification.

L-R: Ron, Justin, Wayde.

48 thoughts on “Garuda Mask Collaboration Scarification

  1. WAYDE you sexy beast congrats on the mod blog! You are a brilliant artist and deserve all the recognition you can get! Kepp cetting..and Ill keep loving your work

    PS my heart has started to sink. Looks nicer each day it settles

  2. Fucking Ouch. Awesome work, probably one of the biggest scarifcations I’ve seen.

  3. now, normally i don’t like scarification, but i swear im looking at it in a new light. the detail is amazing and the size and placement is perfect. its really is so truly beautiful.

  4. I saw this and though “tattoo or scarification?” I’m glad it’s a scar, I can’t even imagine how gorgeous it’ll heal.

    And on another note, I’m in love with Wayde’s plugs. Jade?

  5. That is AMAZING! Really detailed, really beautiful. However, I can’t help but wonder how much of that detail will be lost when it heals :\

  6. That is by far the best scarification I have EVER seen. *drool* It’s beautiful.

  7. oh- really nice made- but i think it’s one of the cases in whitch people overrate the possibilities of cuttings/ scars- this wont look half the nice when it’s healed- why not tattooins something like that?

  8. gee whiz thats some art work.
    *bravo* artists
    hope it heals real good for you.

  9. Like everyone else, I’ll be really curious to see how that looks in a year. I love the look of it fresh, though!

  10. It looks brilliant now, but surely most of the fine detail and definition will be lost after it’s healed? Although I’m sure it would feel great to run your hands over it…

  11. I cannot wait to see what this will be like when it heals. I imagine it will look very lovely. 🙂 As for some people who asked about the scarring itself, everyone’s method of healing is different. It may look brilliant, but some of the detail may be lost. Let’s just see how it goes along.

  12. this is beautiful. really makes me want to get a scarification done. some kind of cutting. gorgeous fellers.

  13. this was the first scarification piece i’ve ever seen in real life whoosteen, and also the best i’ve seen period. 🙂

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