"My little gentleman"

Theodore and AshesOfAnIris (see also)

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37 thoughts on “"My little gentleman"

  1. This is such a great picture, really made me smile at the end of a long miserable day. Thankyou :)

  2. I must be the only person who gets grossed out when people put animals in their lobes.

  3. An animal in a healed (!) lobe is just like an animal on any other bit of skin.
    That photo makes me want a hamster… but I don’t own rodents now, they only live for a few years and I’m always heartbroken!!

  4. That is so cute! What’s there to be grossed out about? As soon as I get a lizard I am going to… oh wait I don’t have stretched lobes… nvm.. :’-(

  5. I freaking love these posts…

    might i add that I go to Cute Overload as much as I go to modblog? I love when the two mesh.

    not to say that i want kittens sporting stretched lobes

  6. This is an outrage! Shannon, you have to put an end to these photos using animals as entertainment! That hamster didn’t choose to be put through that lobe!!!!

    …Just Kidding… hehehe

  7. Now I’d like to see a hamster wiggling through a stretched septum… or somewhere else… ( am I sick?)

  8. how about we try puting people through animals next time?…it could work…i don’t know how yet, but i’m working on it…

  9. Theodore is whispering to me, he’s upset that he’s little.
    But I assured him he will grow.

    ps: you’d be hot without that shit in your face.
    i love you sean

  10. I’m starting to think I’ll be on modblog more if I put animals through my piercings….not much to do when the largest is 8ga.

    Next on modblog: worms through a frenum!

  11. That’s not a hamster is it? it’s a rat….All the comments about hamsters confused me.
    I love these posts.

  12. Aww, I love coming onto modblog and seeing pictures like this; they always make me smile.

  13. Theodore is a hamster, not a rat. Sorry to those of you who are confused. I don’t believe I could moosh a rat through my ears.

  14. #3: Nah, it kind of grosses me out also…
    I like animals. And I used to have a rat that I would hold, but when I was done I’d immediately wash my hands. I just pretend he washed when he was done and not worry about it hehe. Besides, he has a fairly sexy split tongue…

  15. “Theodore is a hamster, not a rat. Sorry to those of you who are confused. I don’t believe I could moosh a rat through my ears. ”

    That’s the weirdest looking hamster I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s a languagee difference thing…

  16. OMG that is one of the most cheesy grins I have seen in awhile.. that is gurgous.. thankyou.. it made my day seeing that..!

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