35 thoughts on “Septum Mustache Tusks

  1. lol, me too. got my septum redone a few weeks back so il be tryin this out for a few laughs

  2. Paperclips work well too; they’re small, malleable, and readily available. Funny pics, I think I’m gonna submit some!

  3. Ahh, for some reason, the pipe cleaners make me shudder. :X Something about the texture going through a piercing, yuck! But the first one is adorable.

  4. ditto on the pipecleaner through a piercing nyssa, but – BAHAHA none the less. i am amused.

  5. Just to let ya know, it wasn’t through the piercing itself, it was through our jewelry…

  6. Is it bad that I had the biggest reaction to the first guy’s eyebrows? Much cuter than the mustache, and the mustache is quite cute!

  7. Haha, why have I not thought of this before! That’s it, I’m getting my septum pierced!

  8. hehe! i put a hairpin in my septum and threaded fake dreadlocks onto either side for a moustache party last year, similar idea. i so have to try pipecleaners but!

    septum creativity for the win!!!

  9. Whenever I see someone I know, she says “Put whiskers in those!” and points to my cheek piercings.

  10. haha! I was going to post the pic i took of shadowbringer a few years ago but he beat me to it!

  11. haha, i cant wait another year and a half to finally get my septum, im definetly going to do this! 😀

  12. i work at hot topic and we just got these in 14g and i’m pretty stoked on it. if only we had 2g though. a fat mustache would be sweeeeet!

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