What did you get for Christmas?

Was it wrapped in a bow? Was it shaved? Tattoo by Alice (or Nat, sorry, I’m not sure) at Adrenalin Tattoos in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK (not long after this photo was taken a Christina piercing was added; I think that’s actually in the piercing update Phil and I just posted to BME).

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19 thoughts on “What did you get for Christmas?

  1. veronica: so what?
    it don’t need to be straight and all of two sides shouldn’t be the same.. tattoo is beautiful!

  2. Bows shouldn’t be exactly symmetrical anyway, ribbon rarely is. It looks more natural like this.

  3. I get my tattoos done there, the little silver dummy outside makes me happy :)

  4. *frantic effort to click through*

    …I like that bow a lot. It isn’t overly sugary-looking, if that makes any sense. Seems pretty classy to me.

  5. i like it, it’s classy, and kinda looks like a veej if you think about it. like, labia minora are the loose ends of the bow, and the knot.. you get what i mean. i like parallels like that.

  6. I clicked too… It’s a habit now.

    My boyfriend always goes on about wanted sex instead of presents, maybe I should kill two birds with one stone!

  7. OUCH. I have a butterfly on that area, but it doesn’t extend down so far. I would’ve been like OMFGHOLSHSYISTKLsejrklsjet if it had. Ow ow ow.

  8. *click… click… click*

    cute bow. hope the recipient loved the present.
    the ribbon looks really authentic, with the highlights and creases. nice job.

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