32 thoughts on “Misbehaving on the Bed of Nails

  1. Just make abed of nails… make sure all the nails are the same length tho… thats where you’ll have your problem…

    is that really a bed of nails? I dont think i see points on the nails?

  2. No it’s a real bed of nails… With 4inches polished nails. There is 2049 nails on this one! 73 pounds of nails. And they are sharp. One of my friend pierce is back on it when 2 people stood on him.

  3. Hey where are my eyes???? Protecting my identity just because I’m smoking tobacco… In what kind of close minded world are we living in?

  4. The “dog”‘s identity is secret because in fact Max’s dog isn’t a dog, it’s a rat with a genetic disease… The poor thing have anxiety because of that, and don’t want his face on the web…

  5. lol at the dog. now I really want to lay on a bed of nails and smoke out of a hookah.. but weed instead of flavored tobacco, or a mix of both to spice things up ^^;

  6. A mix is the best! You can’t smoke weed only in a hooka with charcoal, it’s just not wet enough, it burns too fast. What I usually do is mixing some pot with the tobacco, something like 0.5g to 1g of pot, and it’s perfect! You don’t have to put so much in it, the amount that would be needed to get 1 or 2 persons high while smoking in a pipe can put 4 or 5 people high in a hookah, if the mix is well done and the weed burns at the same speed than the tobacco… Have a good smoke!

  7. Mm..I love me some sheesha. Just smoked some the other nite in fact. To bad I don’t have any Doha. Pretty funny how the dogs eyes are blacked out..:]

  8. hahahaha… rat with a genetic disease.. that’s hilarious gab. well max. you did it. looks great.

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