25 thoughts on “Tattooed Rainbow Ear Feather

  1. it’s got a great level of detail for an ear tattoo, this is some very nice work.

  2. I L.O.V.E ear tattoos….and i dont know why. maybe because you dont quite expect it, but when someone pulls back their hair or turns their head they suddenly have a decorated ear! i like suprises=]

  3. I think it looks like shit, poorly done and what kinda idiot would tattoo their ear

  4. This is very unique.. Not sure how long after getting it done this picture was taken but the ink seems very distinct, no spreading.

  5. I don’t think this is a tattoo; you can clearly see the artist is still wearing gloves, and no just-done tattoo looks like that. I think it’s been painted on (and nicely done).

  6. I just saw this picture in an ad on Facebook. It was on the sidebar, advertising military recruiters…. Not sure this was an approved use for this photo?

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