30 thoughts on “Eleven hood rings if I’m counting right

  1. Awesome!

    I counted 14, with two (i think) tunnels down bottom.

    Awesome ladder tho, I can just imagine the time they all would have taken to mark up!

    Great work.

  2. Ya know, I just don’t like it when there are so many piercings in one area that it starts to look messy. It would be different if all of the jewelry matched. Maybe that would make it look a little cleaner. If she digs it, and it makes her happy then more power, but I think that fewer piercings with matching jewelry would be more visually appealing.

  3. tuesday,,, to each his/her own, but i’de say the jewlery has a nice flow, going from small to big i think sorta kinda matches maybe? i dunno, but anywho, very nice piercings and i’m sure she enjoys them immensly

  4. How on earth does she fit 11 on her hood alone…it’s gonna fall off with all that weight!

  5. Trisuff, jp, NakedMeagan,
    I’m agree with you, There are 13 piercing here…

    Looks G R E A T !

  6. With that many wouldn’t they kinda get in the way or some things? It seems to me like having so much in that area could get in the way of all sorts of good things. Unless the rings themselves make up for it somehow.

  7. i just have to say that it is unfair that she can have so many, when i am not “anatomically suited” to them at all! grrr!
    lucky girl 🙂

  8. with all us counting like this, it’s starting to feel like a NSFW Where’s Waldo. ^____^;;;

  9. I’d say 11 hood iercings, 2 inner labia tunnels and some shiny stuff under the rings. Cant make out what they are.

  10. That’s lovely – I don’t think they look cluttered at all. I like it when people concentrate on a small area with their piercings, and then really go for it, very “concepty”.

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