One of my inspirations

It’s no secret that I really like x-rated tattoos, assuming they’re well done and sit nicely on the body. Slave Butterfly‘s ever-growing highly explicit tattoo was one of the pieces of artwork that inspired me — I’m a huge fan of her aesthetic.

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26 thoughts on “One of my inspirations

  1. Yea, I was just going to ask about the piercings – thats one way to avoid camel toe in tight pants.

    I love the way the tatt will look quite mundane (albeit beautiful) with low slung jeans on.

  2. I’m trying to imagine how much noise she makes when she walks. It’s a funny mental… sound?

  3. well assuming she wears underwear that would sort of hold all the jewellery in place and prevent it from moving around…
    i love the tattoos. she has a great body too.

  4. I always thought her tattoos were amazing… I mean, I’d never get that design on myself or anything but I think the artwork is extremely well done. :D

  5. I LOVE slave butterfly. She’s probably the most interesting read on BME. I LOVE HER!!!! Seriously, go back to her very first diary entries and read. It’s like poetry! And yet she’s so explicit on her body. I am just extremely fascinated by her. I might even consider getting a slave butterfly tribute tattoo some day.

  6. The tattoo sits nicely on her body shape and it’s obviously well done, but personally I think it’s pretty horrible. Although I’d imagine it comes as quite the surprise to anyone who thinks she just has a butterfly tramp stamp before she takes her clothes off!

  7. I love Slave Butterfly! Where are her diaries though? She’s always the first thing I look for when the member’s area updates!

    Desert Rose project is starting to catch her up which is great!

  8. it’s not my kick but she is a fascinating person. I love how she has tattooed a second vagina on herself.

  9. yeah sure its womanly.every girl should have tattooed dicks on her forehead even.for me- stupidity.

  10. checked out her page, and it’s all hot……even though I think she used to be a dude……but that’s fine with me…..

  11. This is fantastic! I love the red going into the intimacy of her buttocks and it is like a magnet for my tongue which would love to explore there and cuddle in her anus. Also love the jewelry on the lips. This is as erotic as anything I have seen.


  12. Yes, she is the best .
    I love it….
    What she will do next?
    I’m waiting…..

    her fun

    F lover

  13. extreme intresting. I wonder how it feels to do her doggy and 69. its a turn on

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