Brand New Bag

Grey brands his scrotum with the three best letters in the alphabet – Adults only!


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Here’s what I used to brand my squishies (available from, they’re about the size of a dime and you can heat them really quickly with an ordinary cigarette lighter. It’s really not healed/visible yet, but I’m going to leave it a few months and try again. I enjoyed doing it and would love it to look really good!”

20 thoughts on “Brand New Bag

  1. hmm neat, hope it turns out for you.
    I need to find an interesting symbol to brand my sweetie with (at his request).

    (nice choice of music in the vid there Roo).

  2. It’s the part where the iron actually sort of sinks into the scrotum that really squicks me out.

  3. what’s strange to me is that he’s holding the metal with his bare hands, I’d think if it’s hot enough to leave a good brand, he shouldn’t be able to do that. IMO the scarring will be barely noticable when it’s fully healed.

  4. Thank you for the idea, wow that turned me on, me and my slave boy are thinking to try an inner thigh one sometime in the future now. Maybe those won’t spread as much. Just made this Dominas day, boy!

  5. Is one of the reasons he hasn’t had much scarring so far because he used a cigarette lighter rather than a torch? A cig lighter would be fine for branding ‘play,’ but I don’t think it gets to a high enough temperature to actually deliver much of a brand. Maybe?

  6. GL I have both inner thighs scarified.One strike branded, the other cut w/some peeling.The higher you go, more spreading occurs. Less muscle, more fat. I would say bad idea if you’re wanting to leave something behind that will be readable. If you just want to torture your boy then by all means go ahead, it is kinda fun! Roo does have balls!

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