Best tattoo ever.

Hahahaa… I mean worst tattoo ever. This is what you get for letting a buddy that’s never tattooed anyone before play with a tattoo machine!


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51 thoughts on “Best tattoo ever.

  1. this is the most hilarious thing ive seen in a long time. I think next time someone sleeps at my house im going to draw this on their forehead.

  2. This is one of the rare and wonderful occasions, when something can horrible and hilarious at the same time.

  3. The humor makes up for the poor execution – in fact, the poor execution almost adds to it, like it just enhances the high school “Neener neener neener! I fucked your MOM!!!” effect. I’m LMAO at this one.

  4. dann, i totally used to say that to people after they’d make ‘your mom’ jokes. then they’re all “oh my god, i’m so sorry”, and then you’re like “psych, bitch.”


    i love this tattoo. definitely funny.

  5. I would not like to be your buddy when your mother see’s that.
    I must admit it is really funny tho:)

  6. HAHAHA. This is definitely drawn on my desk in history class. Not exactly like so, but close enough.

  7. I work in a nursing home and I honestly can not wait for old fuckers with silly tattoos to start showing up. This dude will make my day when he’s 80.

  8. HAHAHAHA. HA. woahh my god, this might be one of the best tattoo’s i’ve ever seen.
    Everyone who thinks tattoos are gross always yells at people that they’ll regret getting them when they’re older.
    This one? Well, I’d never regret it.

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  10. if Cere had done this there would’ve been a teeny “CERE” tattooed on your mom’s ass.

    and his face would’ve been right beside the tattoo in the picture

  11. Haha, that’s awsome! And the lines don’t look bad at all for a first timer =P

  12. Why the FUCK would you do that?
    It is slightly amusing for about five seconds until you realize that is going to be on your SKIN. FOREVER.


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