Best Tattoo Ever… Already Beaten!

I didn’t think that the me and your mom tattoo would get one-upped any time soon in terms of winning the slap-stick crass-and-crude tattoo Olympics, but I hadn’t considered the Howie-factor (, now that he’s tattooing as well! What a hilarious gaff on Lionel’s work (see also: 1 2 3 4) and other avant-garde modern tattoo artists.

Superman Looooooooves Horses, and Horses Loooooooove Superman

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34 thoughts on “Best Tattoo Ever… Already Beaten!

  1. Heheheheh…

    One thing, is that “his” arm or is it a cape, superman stylee?
    Anyway, heheheheh

  2. Dude, howie did this? I should slap him…haha, and then hug him with naked shower hugs :] what a loser :P but at;eas the unicorn is sweet :]

  3. I think the unicotn ought to get its own bad and stab the dude in the ass with his horn!!

  4. This’ll be the photoshopped goat-fucking picture fiasco all over again.

    Well, I don’t find it offensive…Or that funny either.


  5. I feel the guy’s missing hermes’ winged boots.And it’s oddly reminiscent of a redbull commercial.And by the leg placement, the unicorn is definately backing up into that.

  6. Inspired by this video maybe?
    Unicorn Fantasy
    At least, that’s what it reminds me of. The tattoo made me laugh but I don’t think I’d want it for myself. Heh

  7. unicorns are the now what anchors and poison girls were to the early days


  8. i obviously mean “are now” not “are the now”

    i’m an idiot on more than one level lol

  9. #21.hilarious
    this guy need to marry me already = /

    Posted by Karen on May 1st, 2007 at 5:55 am

    i know Howie is not married so you should talk to him if you dont already
    and ask him

  10. Is there something more to this that I’m missing? Yeah, it’s a one-armed guy fucking a unicorn, but is there something “deeper” that makes it funny and/or clever?

  11. So there was this “music video” on fuse’s show… ugh, munchies, I think…

    I was really high.

    and it was “fucking a unicorn”

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