35 thoughts on “Lost Boys

  1. i love how when he makes that face his piercings align and make a nice little line right across his face

  2. I think it just says “lost boy” And the hook is just to fill up the piece, not an S or a ?. But hey, who knows?

  3. nat would be right

    its says LOST BOY then the last one is the lost boy symbol

    brody is right into peter pan and such

    we watched hook at my house the last time he was in town haha

  4. he looks like the guy that played in the movie “the new guy” i think is what it was called…but ya, nice tattoo. I like when people have fun with what they get on their body 😀

  5. wow cool to see someone from louisiana on here
    from what i hear southern sting does really good work
    im planning on getting a tattoo done over there
    looks good

  6. love this picture, love the tatoos. everything is just lovely!
    very cute boy also.

    love from sweden

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