31 thoughts on “Ear Spirals

  1. They are beautiful, I would totally love some like that. They do look so delicate.

  2. Love the spiral but i wanna know where she got the pink coloured surface jewerly 🙂

  3. i like the look, but i think it would even better if the spiral was flipped around.

  4. that is absolutely beautiful. who made it? i would love to get a set, only they’d have to be 1/2″guaged. . . . once again, its beautiful and unique.

  5. Terri: Any reputable shop should be able to order colored titanium disks for a surface bar if they can’t anodize them in-house.

  6. I know she works at a shop in my city and there are a couple of people at the shop that make custom jewelry. I could be wrong, but I’d guess that’s where she got them.

  7. I didnt realize I was featured until someone just sent me a message about it. Aren’t these just the best! I love them. I got the spirals from Tawapa so call them and bug them and order lots of jewelry. Oh and Terri, the ends on my surface bars are not titanium, they are actually white gold with pink faux-pal ends from Body Vision. They will custom make any ends you like.

  8. Awsome!!!!!! I would love to have a pair of those!!! I live in the wild wild west of Wyoming USA and we dont get stuff like that all the time here. I think we just got our first Ubangie! but thats about the closest to odd here. And the spiral looks really really great on you! your neck is portioned perfectly to support the spiral!

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