18 thoughts on “Infinity Brand Follow-up

  1. No more microdermals =(

    Even though it’s not even, this is still a pretty brand.

  2. When I first saw the fresh picture, I was worried that she would lose some mobility of her neck. Glad to see that isn’t the case.

  3. I really like the fact that it ISN’T a perfect infinite scar. It makes me think that nothing last forever… :3


  4. #1, microdermal is still there 😛

    Very nice, looks like it will be even better when it’s settled paler…

  5. I’m glad her neck is’nt locked into place from that, it’s too bad though that the upper portion did’nt scar as evenly as the bottom but it still looks really cool

  6. i think this brand looks like complete shit.

    my intentions are not to offend the owner or any admirers. i just think that scar is very poorly done especially since it is so big and on one of the most naturally beautiful areas on a female (the neck and shoulders)

  7. It just looks ugly to me. There’s imperfections, and then there’s imperfections.

  8. People seem to forget one has very little control over the way the body heals when it comes to branding, unlike say- scarification.
    Personally, I love it. I think it being imperfect is simply beautiful. I’m very much a fan of a-symmetric mods because I feel they complimet the human form a lot more.

  9. I like that it isn’t completely “perfect”…personally I enjoy imperfections and I myself don’t see the fact that it isn’t healed in what people would see as a perfect way as a downside. I think it suits her.

  10. I am glad that people do whatever to make themselves complete, I am even a fan of a lot of branding/scarif. But this looks like it was an accident, like something hot fell on her and knocked her over. Just not much detail I guess, which is what I am used to seeing on here. It makes me happy to know she is happy with it though. 🙂

  11. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments! The brand did not scar evenly, and we knew this would happen, now that it’s healed, I’ll go back over it again, lightly, and see if it’s even from there. I will post pics.

  12. i love it the way it is but of course how she wants to go about it is up to her. imperfections are already a part of us and those are what truly add to our beauty

  13. I’m torn on this one…on one hand, I think it would have looked great precise and even, but on the other I sort of like the irony and the choppiness. Either way, i LOVE the placement.

  14. Unfortunately, it was one of my favorite mods when it wasn’t healed and I’ll wait to see how to comes out with more work on it ’cause right now I think it looks more like she had an accident that slashed her (the neck part) than the infinity symbol 🙁

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