Green monster vision


22 thoughts on “Green monster vision

  1. Oh look! The Hulk’s first -born daughter is a looker! Who knew!? Seriously, I like this picture. I alway seem to notice pics with different lighting. Makes things more surreal I guess.

  2. Hm. One can go with Hulk or Orions from the original Star Trek series. I’ll take the nubile alien option myself :)

  3. OH my god its my sister!!!! Nice pussy rose…and i mean your tattoo.

    Man i love u

  4. My eyes are green cuz I eat a lot of vegetables! It don’t have nothing to do with your new friend. This girl is gorgeous!

  5. Hey! that’s my girlfriend…. Don’t you boys go getting too many ideas- I have a 12 Gauge and a Shovel ;)

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