Angel Wings Surface Piercing

This wild surface piercing project was done by Sean Dowdell and Burni at Club Tattoo in Tempe, AZ — photo by Sean Hartgrove.

Edit: These are microdermals, and are three months old and healing well in this photo.

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40 thoughts on “Angel Wings Surface Piercing

  1. There are 27 balls on each side, so unless a bar is going across her spine, which it doesn’t appear, their must be atleast two microdermals.
    I’m guessing they are all microdermals though.

  2. its a shame the bottom bit doesnt match up to the other side…but its still gorgeous.

  3. Isn’t anyone bothered by the fact there is absolutely no symmetry and it seems like the artist just did no real planning on this. It looks like he just drew the wings on and then got out of time or something and began working on the microdermals, without measuring it all out…

    This bothers me so much I can’t enjoy the beauty of this…

    Good picture though.

  4. I asked a piercer if this was possible at all about a year and a half ago. His reply at that time was definately not, but with microdermals now I hope it works out for her.

  5. I think it looks sweet,symmetry or not………
    Just hope no-one pats her on the back anytime too soon…:)

    Is anyone else thinking of that guy in the James Bond movie with the diamonds in his face though ????

  6. thats is fucking phenominal. as for symatry, im usually pretty anal about things lining up but if you think about what the microderms are supposed to represent.. they not usually symetrical either, so.. ;D !

  7. I’m very impressed, even if its not perfect, our bodies aren’t anyway. I would think that if we had wings, they wouldn’t be perfect anyway.

    Lovin the awesome anchor projects that are popping up. Keep up the unique work guys.

  8. Can’t help but think that it’s going to be tough to sleep on. Oh, and perform other on-the-back acts. :) Pretty pattern tho!

  9. are you fuckinig retarded, cant you tell the girls back is twisted? its symetrical, she is just turned.

  10. hey guys, these are microdermals not a surface piercing that I did. and the guy above me is correct, the wings are perfectly symmetrical, they were all measured out evenly. It looks a little off in the photo because of the way the girl is positioned, nothing else…..and the pics were taken 3 mos. after I did it and it is perfectly healed, If you have any questions hit me up at [email protected]
    don’t be a hater

  11. WOW!
    It works so well with her body too! Maybe I’m just obsessed with shoulderblades, but the top part of the wings accent hers perfectly! WOW!

  12. Well, it’s not *exactly* symmetrical – 29 on left, 27 on right, looks like she’s lost two somewhere along the way – but it’s still a beautiful piece :)

  13. is it just me, or is no one else thinking how much that could’ve potentially costed? meh.

    it’s super nice though.

  14. looks really beautiful, i love it! just got my hips done and i cant wait till they fully heal to get more done.

  15. That is awesome. I hope it’s not just a temp thing and heals well. It really does look super impressive.

  16. How comfortable would that be to wear a bra? If you did, wouldn’t the irritation cause them to reject?

    (Coming from a gal that doesn’t have the option to go bra-less.)

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