Mayan Facial Scar Ritual

I got this wonderful letter from Wayde Dunn (BME/WWW);

Hey Mate…

I’ve spent the last month down in the Maya ruins of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico.. it’s such an amazing place here. I’ve been very lucky to gain trust and respect from a lot of people that work closely within the ruins here… so much so that I have been allowed to execute a couple of different rituals within the grounds of the archeological zone… and actually in the temples.

The pics that im sending you know are of some facial scarification that i did on a close friend of mine, Hazui Balam, who lives here in Palenque. The design is representing the Jaws of the Jaguar, Hazui’s mayan spirit guide.

Underneath the full moon, in front of the Temple of inscriptions (Lord Pakal’s Tomb), I cut a representation of the Jaguar’s Jaws into Hazui’s face. The next ten minutes were amazing. The blood flowed under the full moon. Hazui was peaceful. Soon, a low growl stirred from within him, which escalated into a roar as Hazui went into a trance. I watched his soul merge with that of the jaguar as he sat covered in blood in front of me screaming and roaring at the moon above the temple behind me. As he roared, for a few moments, I held his hands… The energy was amazing. He eventually quietened into an almost weeping state, and then snapped out of it. We exchanged knowing glances and just sat for a while. I could hear people whispering behind us. They didn’t even realise what they had just witnessed… They had no way of understanding the power behind what we had just done. Hazui and I talked quietly about the experience. At one point, he told me that he had something to give to me… he wanted to give to me one of his most prized possesions. He reached into his small pouch and produced a single Jaguar claw, and handed it too me. I knew how important it was too him and for him to pass it on to me was such a huge gesture of respect, love, friendship and an indication of the shared experience. Handed from one Jaguar to another. I am truly honored for being able to give this moment to Hazui, and now being in possesion of the Jaguar claw is just amazing to me. We left the ruins soon after and slept.



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41 thoughts on “Mayan Facial Scar Ritual

  1. WOW.

    Friendly archaeologists then (though of course they’re always that nice :p)

    Again… wow.

  2. Really nice story. I came across a man today that tried to convert me to christianity. He talked his heart out about Jesus and god and so forth, he talked to me for about an hour and a half and what he said was interesting… but, after reading this story i feel that his words can never be as strong as being in touch with nature like this story tells, truly inspirational.

  3. Thank you for sharing and documenting this experience. One of the most (spiritualy) intense stories ive seen on bme. I wish these types of rituals where easier to find documentation of. This really brightened up my day, thanks again. Namaste

  4. amazing. wayde’s such a nice dude too, met him a coupla times a long time ago. wayde if you remember the girl with the extremely swollen vertical labret back in broadbeach, she says HI!

    also, what’s the science behind a trance? i’ve seen many people get into one back home when i visit the temples, especially during ceremonies/rituals like coal walking and kavadi, but i’ve never fully understood it.

  5. what a very descriptive account of such an amazing moment…wish I could have been there to witness it in person.

  6. The strength of your spirit is bolstered by that around you. If you are surrounded by concrete and metal…your spirit will lack in ways that your imagination cannot compensate for. Even quietly taking in the sight of a squirrel bounding across a wire will lighten your inner self. One must reconnect with Gaea in her infinite forms on a regular basis; and these 2 people have experienced one of the most powerful forms of communion. Some people search their whole lives for an experience like this…

  7. I saw that guy spin some sweet flames at Panchon a few weeks ago. nice work. nice scars

  8. wow!….i meet that fellow when myself and my friend blake stayed at panchan last july…

    he was a amazing guy.

  9. Awesome. I wonder if the wild mushrooms had anything to do with it but, I love the story. :)

  10. holy world, not sure how i ended up here but im grateful i did. that letter was pure magic. just awesome!

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