Free Breast Implants (Celebratory Tattoo!)

I recently received this letter;

In late February of 07, I joined a website called, more out of humor than anything else. Free breast implants? Come on this could not be possible!

I have always wanted breast implants, but could never afford them. My first day on the site, I realized that the website is the real deal and it could work for me! How it works is women, like myself, ask men, or as the website calls them, “benefactors”, for donations to get breast implants. it took me 3 months to raise enough money for my surgery.

On june 4th 2007, I reached my goal amount, and decided to get a my free implants tattoo [by Cary at High Street Tattoo, Columbus OH] . My surgery is scheduled for September 1st 2007, and I can not wait to join the big boobie club.

The internet is a magical place 🙂


– Lindsay (iam:fancy heart)

298 thoughts on “Free Breast Implants (Celebratory Tattoo!)

  1. Sooo… whats to stop a girl who doesnt want implants from signing up, raising money and then vanishing with it?

  2. Don’t breast implants require maintenence? I think they need to be taken out after 10 years or so and replaced…it’s probably not a good idea for low income people to get implants, I doubt men will pony up the money for replacment implants.

  3. I cannot help thinking that a lot of these comments are inappropriately mean, given the overwhelmingly charming optimism of the note.

  4. ok, first off assclowns lindsay is far from “low income” second you can not join the site make a quick $6,000 only to scam them. you do not handle the money, the website sends it directly to your plastic surgeon. don’t be a hater because your jealous!

  5. It’s maddening that a community making rhetorical claims of championing open thinking about body modification can itself be so judgmental about someone’s decision to alter her body in a way that apparently makes her happy. One wonders how the reaction would be different if there were a site for well-off supporters of tattooing giving away money to people who lacked funding for the work they want. There’s a question of sexual objectification, to be sure (although a case could be made that these women are simply co-opting sexist objectification for their own needs, which is a fairly well-accepted coping mechanism of the discriminated). But there’s also the question of letting people do what they want in the pursuit of being happy with their bodies, as long as they understand the risks. Is the website troubling? Arguably. Does the girl who sent in the letter deserve to be lambasted and ridiculed for her decision? Probably not.

  6. # 14 and 15…are you serious. Charming optimism? I got free fake boobs due to a website and call it magic. Yes very charming and optimistic. 15 …how about free std treatment. Get the point?

  7. I am surprised by all the negativity.

    I say more power to her. From looking at the website everything is on the ladies terms. She does what she wants to get what she wants.

    How is this much different from any other pornish type website? Except there is a specific goal in mind, implants.
    So what if they’re boob implants… as long as she is happy.

    What with the close mindedness and ugly attitudes?

    And yes socialcoma, I am serious.

  8. Fucking awful. Truly awful and a sad indication of the worst end of society.

    Millions and millions of ordinary people unable to afford genuine healthcare and yet people still throw money at this kind of bullshit.

    What a fucked up society and a truly retarded site.

  9. No, Socialcoma, I don’t get your point. I think free STD testing, which is available (although perhaps not to the extent it should be) in most urban centers, is a beneficial social service. I don’t think that myfreeimplants is running at the expense of free std treatment, as in, I do not think that the donors of this private site made the decision to support women getting implants at the direct cost of supporting free std treatment. They do not seem to me to be inextricably linked, either financially or ideologically.

  10. I love how people can come to this site ready to defend tongue splitting, suspensions, and any kind of tattoo or piercing as a “personal choice,” and then be so ready to condemn breast implants simply because they have become so politicized. If you think the personal motives for a tattoo are really that different it’s time to take a good long look in the mirror. Wake up people: this is a body-mod website!

  11. It never ceases to amaze me that people who are spit on by the mainstream because the mainstream doesn’t “get” them are still very, very willing to attack their own given the same situation in reverse. I’m surprised most people don’t ever learn a “live and let live” type message… Or maybe it’s just that people can’t be objective so they just spend their whole lives believing that their own viewpoint, even on things as obviously subjective (and transient) as aesthetics are somehow universal truths that everyone should see as obvious?

    People have different body modification goals. Some of them include breast implants, liposuction, whatever. Do I like breast implants? Not really, personally, but I have had different cosmetic surgery. There are tons of tattoos I don’t like PERSONALLY either — big deal. The point is that this makes her happy and more power to her and I enjoyed hearing from her and I can certainly appreciate her story!

    And I think that celebrating one body modification with another is pretty neat too!!!

  12. Damn, I wish there were a site for free breast reductions, I’d be all over that.

  13. i typed a big long post but remembered this is modblog the place where everyone is a dick

    instead ill just say


    and fuck all you haters

    more power to anyone that steps up and takes the incitive to acutally do the things they want in life instead of sitting around on the internet just talking about making things better for themselves

  14. Hey i should join this site so i can get big boobs.hahaha come on pauly lets both join and start a new forum on iam. modded guys with fake titties.

  15. Giles Wallwork: you cite the “free implants” website as an indication of how backwards our society has become, but i think you fail to recognize that many “outsiders” would claim the same thing about modblog. in both cases, people are taking whatever steps they feel necessary to make themselves feel more attractive. many surgical modifications are comparable to implants, including tongue bifurcation and implants such as horns, or the skull and pacman that have been featured on this very website. just because breast implants appear to conform to some figure of a woman that is preferred by the majority of the population doesn’t mean it is any less of a modification…congratulations to fancy heart. personally, this is not a step that i would take, but if it makes her happy, then that’s all that matters 🙂

  16. I actually listened about this on the radio not too long ago. The company who started the webpage keeps the money and gives a check to the doctor, the girls don’t even touch any of the money so it’s guarenteed to get to the right person.

  17. 26: haha, yeah, me too. Only I think I still need to talk to a couple of psychologists before a surgeon would touch me. :/
    *smallest violin, just for me.*

    ANYways– the tattoo’s really cute, I hope the wearer will be that enthralled after her surgery!

  18. I love that everyone on modblog is so *open* that they’ll argue that “cutting” is just another type of modification and that people shouldn’t judge, but are just chomping at the bit to tell a woman what’s best for her.

  19. the website is a little troubling, but like hhrvt said, if there was a breast reduction site, i’d hit that.

    i just don’t understand why anyone would want huge boobs! they are a pain in the ass.

    /2 cents

  20. HEY GUYS! I don’t mind the haters, this site gets so much press positive or negative it does not matter. But I will say this, yes, there is women on this site that get all pornish and sell whatever they have for donations, BUT there are also woman that want nothing to do with that. I mean you will catch more flies with honey. MOST of the guys on this site, are really just rich bored guys who can get free porn anywhere else on the internet, they don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for it!
    BUT needless to say, it’s fun, and I am happy, and I think everyone should check it out, if nothing else for the hilarity factor 🙂

  21. AND!!! they will support breast reductions and redos! If it involves boobies, we cover it! We even have transsexuals 🙂

  22. I dont trust the internet mainly because I think its main goals are to swindle and increase my penis size by another 5 inches. Its insane to know that people take a lot of things at face vaule instead of looking deeply into it and into what they can really do with something like breast implants. Not to say she shouldnt get them, I just think that anything like this off the internet of all places that says “free” shouldnt really be taken all that seriously. And if something does happen and there are complications or something like that, whats going to happen next. “oops, it was free, your out of luck.”

  23. Nothing new to add for me, but I wanted to say that I totally love how the boobjob and the story behind it is reflected in the tattoo.
    Build fully natural with DDs on a small ribcase (70) I don’t see why someone would want big boobies, but – I also don’t see why someone would like to have a splitted tongue.

    And I don’t see the difference between both modifications. To paraphrase the über-mother of all plastic surgery, Cher: “If I want my tits on my back, I will have that, they are mine!”

  24. >>but if it makes her happy, then that’s all that matters 🙂

    No, that is not all that matters. She perpetuates the ongoing myth that to be a woman is to have breasts larger than those she was born with and further adds to the continuing media position that if you do not look a certain way you are essentially ‘less’ of a person.

    Cutting your hair or toenails are also types of body modification but it doesn’t mean they are on par with tattooing or piercing as a form of reclaiming your body against the way society says you should look.

    Breast augmentation is the opposite end of the spectrum to the modifications most on here practice, it is designed to create a ‘more’ realistic visage of what a woman is supposed to look like where other mods are specific to how the individual wants to look.

    They are not the same and should not be treated equally by any means.

  25. If many people find something attractive, then it’s not a myth that it’s attractive to most people.

    And saying that women only get breast implants because they’ve been coerced by society is extremely insulting and demeaning.

  26. Giles you are being a hypocrite…

    Basically you are saying she has to look the way you think she should look with small boobs.

    I wasn’t born with tattoos, so should I not get them?

    Lame argument.

    She already bucks the way “society” thinks she should look. Just look at her!

    She wants big boobs. It’ll make her happy. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  27. If it makes you happy and it’s not hurting someone else then why not?

    Good luck with your new boobs Fancy Heart! Tits up!

  28. hey a body mod is a body mod.
    fancyheart is a hot mod girl with or without beautiful big boobs.
    you go girl.

  29. No I am saying that breast augmentation has historically come about from a society enforced and structured belief system whereby women are led to think that their body has to be a certain way for them to be successful or complete.

    Many of the modification practices we do have established roots throughout history as a form of expressive assertion.

    Breast augmentation has developed completely in the mainstream as a way of controlling the image of women via media misrepresentation (airbrushed cover models, etc etc). Whilst many women believe they are doing this for themselves the facts remain that there is very strong sub-conscious demands placed on them to achieve a figure accepted by the mainstream. That is completely wrong and very different to what many here do.

  30. “Breast augmentation is the opposite end of the spectrum to the modifications most on here practice, it is designed to create a ‘more’ realistic visage of what a woman is supposed to look like where other mods are specific to how the individual wants to look.”


    its designed to make a person feel better about themselves and realize there “more” realistic vision of themselves

    just like tattooing or piercing or implants bring myself toward i see as my “real” true image thats what cosmetic surgery does for other people

  31. Shannon and Fancy Heart,

    Now that I’ve had a nap I realize that my comment could be taken the wrong way. Mind you, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying tits and there’s certainly nothing wrong with flashing your hooha or the like for money (hell, I’ve gotten plenty of BMEzine subs for it). I’m genuinely apologetic if my comment was taken that way.

    However, I do find it a little improbable that guys will just dump money on random girls to buy body parts. Fancy Heart, could you clear this up a bit? I’m actually curious. Did you just message guys or put up a banner on your IAM page or LiveJournal or the like, did you send nudes or bake pies or something?

  32. >>>Basically you are saying she has to look the way you think she should look with small boobs.

    NO, That is your lack of understanding of the argument.

    I am saying that boob-jobs are completely different to other forms of modification both psychologically and sociologically.

  33. Sorry Paully but you are completely wrong on this one.

    Breast enlargement has VERY strong roots (well documented) in being about the expectations of society placed on women to adhere to a particular image.

  34. altering the body is altering the body

    doesnt matter how you want to cut it, cosmetic surgery is body modification just like body builiding and piercing and tattooing

    just cause something is new doesnt mean its a world wide conspiracy to make all women hate themselves and get boob jobs to look like everyone else

    just because something doesnt fall in your little world of body art doesnt make it not

    just like any artform, its in the eye of the beholder, what is art for some isnt for others and vice versa

    but to say that she is only getting breast implants so she can fit into society be it concious or subconcious is like shannon said extremely demeaning

    it makes it sound like you are saying women are to weak minded to make the real decision for themselves

  35. No, it’s not my lack of understanding. I understand your argument. It’s my lack of giving a shit. I don’t care why breast implants were started.

    I do understand that my personal beliefs are that if something makes someone happy and it is not hurting others they should do what makes them happy.

    And I would think a community like this would understand that better than it does.

  36. i knew a woman with breast implants, and in their 9th year she became terribly ill— two years into the illness and lots of hospitalization, the *ding!* finally went off in the doctors’ minds that maybe her fake, huge tits were to blame for her toxic illness. when they were removed, she recovered very very quickly. no shit.

  37. >>it makes it sound like you are saying women are to weak minded to make the real decision for themselves

    No offence but there are some great books that go into depth showing just how strong media pressure has impacted on the increase in desire for breast augmentation.

    I guarantee you that the desire for larger breasts is not something that has happened overnight by women suddenly waking up realising they NEED bigger breasts to feel alive, it has been well researched as coming from strong media imagery and advertising. Deny it if you like but the evidence is there.

    Simply saying altering the body is altering the body is incredibly simplistic and essentially means you see toenail cutting as no different to tongue splitting !!

    Breast enlargement is a western phenomenom brought about by tapping into deep insecurities within the female image and as such should be avoided.

  38. I wonder if it would be possible for a guy to get a free boob job that way?


  39. >>>I do understand that my personal beliefs are that if something makes someone happy and it is not hurting others

    But it is hurting others, There are some shocking stories of girls as young as 8 wanting breast enlargements because they feel pressured into looking like all those pretty images on TV.

    All this does is continue that sickening belief system and further alienates women who do not conform to such imagery.

  40. Giles – Don’t kid yourself… Tattoos/piercings/etc. are also sociocultural movements that are highly influenced by group behavior.

    And look at the “evolution” of breast form over not just the last few thousand years, but even in our body change as we moved from simple primates to homo sapiens, and you’ll see that breast development and permanent engorgement is definitely hard wired on some level. I don’t think it’s any less legitimate than tattoos/etc., especially today when there are more people getting tattoos and body modifications (by far) than breast implants.

  41. i dont see toe nail clipping or makeup or stretched ears or tongue splitting or implants or castration or breast implants or weight lifting as differnt

    its all for the same basic reasons and pursuits

    and honestly i think its rediculous to think that a tattoo or piercing or tounge splitting has to have some deep huge spiritual meaning

    whats wrong with thinking somethings pretty

    i think thats teh best reason ever, if it makes you happy and makes you feel pretty who the fuck is anyone to tell anyone else what they can and cannot do with there body

    and on an ending note cause i wont argue this point anymore

    why do you care, this doesnt effect you or your life, how does my friend getting bigger boobs change your life in the slightest

    if i have to guess by alot of the comments i see on modblog from you, i would say you just hate the world and are way to uptight

    ok fine society and the devil has tricked her into thinking she needs bigger boobs to look pretty and be “normal”……so

    i know her personally i know her reasons and i know this is the right choice for her, so thank you society and the devil for branwashing women into doing what they want to do with there lives

  42. Shannon – Well yes, within small tribal groups tattooing and piercing are/were very much part of being ‘in’.

    That is very different to how the resurgence of acts taken up in the west is though, our take on modification is part of being ‘out’ of society. Breast enlargement however is historically and socially about being ‘in’.

    Look at the huge difference in reaction that someone with breast enlargements would get within the media and compare that to how someone like Pauly would be received.

    Society and the media love large breasted women, it should do as it helped create them. On the other hand its reaction to most of ‘us’ is very different. We are not part of ‘its’ creation.

  43. i happen to dig my small titties and every other womans small titties.


    i think that everyone has a choice. it’s her body, she can do whatever she pleases with it. it’s none of anyone else’s beeswax. mind your own, people. and more power to her.

  44. >>why do you care, this doesnt effect you or your life, how >>does my friend getting bigger boobs change your life in >>the slightest

    As mentioned before she carries on the tradition of women looking a specific way, a way that has been moulded by our media.

    It effects me because I work, live and socialise with women who do not wish to do so and are reacted against because of it. If you don’t believe me go read some of the comments on this site whenever a woman appears with small breasts or isn’t photo-pretty.

    >>if i have to guess by alot of the comments i see on >>modblog from you, i would say you just hate the world >>and are way to uptight

    I study identity, I have strong opinions and have done extensive research on the history and politics behind how we are seen and how we see ourselves. If you like I can simply put “Corrrrrr, great tits. I’d tap that”. Alas it isn’t who I am.

  45. Dany, what is it with the tolerance in the body modification scene?

    There are so many experiences on BME where a woman states that she has modified her body to “claim it back” after a traumatic experience. What about claiming your body for yourself after many years of being unhappy, feeling insecure because of it’s shape? Seems equally legit to me.

    Eunuchs, transsexuals, heavy modifiers, voluntary amputees, we all aplaud their braveness. But a woman who wants to have breast implants is automatically a bimbo on societys remote control? Now that is one whopper of a double standard.

  46. I have wanted breast implants for most of my post-pubescent life, but not for positive reasons like those for my piercings and ink.

    I am pressured by media images and by the comments of morons, but I have a fiance (whose opinions I respect far more than those of the generic “men” or, indeed, women) who has the same beliefs as Giles Wallwork – he likes my mods because they’re “me”, but thinks that to have breast implants would be to give in to forces that make women very unhappy.

    However, I sometimes think that there’s no great cosmic force which will praise me for denying myself something that would make me happy.

    So, I see both sides of the debate. Both sides are equally valid – it’s not a debate between tolerant and intolerant people, it’s a debate where the goal of both sides is a positive one – happiness for women. There are just differing opinions about how that can be achieved best.

    On a sidenote, I have to admire Giles Wallwork for engaging with the debate more than most males would. I remember him pointing out “we live in a flawed patriarchal society desperately in need of change”… and despite everything they say, a lot of men still don’t understand why. So, whether you approve of his opinions or not, he is contributing intelligently to something “not his problem”. There are very few people willing to speak out on the side of a group not their own.

  47. 18 just because something is free does not mean that you need it.

    I wish there was more folks out there who were modifiying not for the approval of themselves or anyone else. YOU ARE FINE> you don’t have to do anything to yourself to feel good about yourself other than be a decent human being.

    i’m out

  48. then where is the line drawn

    you are making blanket statements, as far as i am reading them then, that no women should get breast implants because of your conspricy theory that they are all just brainwashed by society

    punishing one group of people because there might be a group that does have problems and only does it to fit in, i think its very unfair and rediculous

    most women are strong, they know what they want and should be able to obtain it without hearing, in my opinion, very demeaning statements about how they arent making the choice for them they are only doing it so society and men will like them better

    live and let live, to attack people that are geniunely doing what they really want to do with there body is uncalled for which is what i take offense too

    taking a postive experience and turning it into a pulpit against plastic surgery is offensive to me

  49. Giles – I think it’s rather silly that you think of any mod as a person trying to be “in” or “out”… personally, I’m just trying to be me, I don’t care if it’s “in” or “out”. I know plenty of people who got piercings and tattoos because they were trying to be “in”. Therefore should we ridicule everyone with a navel ring or nautical star tattoo?

  50. I like how the “you’re fine the way you are” argument is ignored when it lines up with our own aesthetic bias, but is shouted from the rooftops when it doesn’t line up.

    People should have the bodies they want to have. And since we don’t live in a vacuum — we live with billions of other people, all influencing us in various ways — it’s natural that there will be societal influence as well as personal influence. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as people know that they’re free to make any decision they want to for themselves.

  51. Hi there!! i do love my tattoo, so thank you for the compliments on it. NO I DID NOT put a banner anywere for this website when I was on my journey. My safety, wasy my number #1 concern above all. And I kept it kinda hush hush. But, how it works, I would message difffernt guys (there is over 9,000 guys willing to donate to boob jobs!!) and tell them about me, my day, why I want them, ect.. and everytime we would communicate, I would get a dollar credit to my goal, and they can also make a cash donation to be from anywhere of $5- $1,000 at a time. It sounds weird, but I acually made a lot of friends on this site. It’s a whole community with blogs, and news, it’s almost like a myspace for boobs!

  52. HELLO I AM RIGHT HERE GILES!!! damn, you can just ask me why I want them done, and really, it’s not important other than I WANT THEM.

  53. Mars – Those are terms used in social sciences in regards to those doing something for themselves or those doing something for other reasons (sub-conscious interpellation for example).

  54. I’m a big supporter of cosmetic surgery. Fake breasts look wicked awesome.

    After checking out the website though, that is absoloutly something I would not be comfortable taking part in. That would be way, way to hard on my dignity and self respect. It just rings way to close to prostitution for my liking.

    But with that being said, I am a supporter of legalizing prostitution and am all about people making their own decisions so long as they are not harming anyone else. All the power to the women and men who are comfortable with it. 🙂

  55. “I have strong opinions and have done extensive research on the history and politics behind how we are seen and how we see ourselves. If you like I can simply put “Corrrrrr, great tits. I’d tap that”. Alas it isn’t who I am.”

    Again, admiration. This is in no way anti-male (women would do the same were we living in a matriarchy) but most men WOULD put “corr, great tits”. Dominant social groups can be lazy and uncaring.

    Then again, Pauly’s comments are great too, as he is stressing her feelings as a person, and putting them above everything else.

    I’m actually pleased that this argument is going on. It shows how many people are decent and thoughtful.

  56. Giles – You really think the women on that site are the ones being exploited? I’d suggest it may well be the other way around, if you’re going to make the case for exploitation.

  57. Giles – That’s incredibly insulting to the women. What makes you think they’re not becoming what THEY want? The fact that they can get guys to pay for it doesn’t make their feelings illegitimate.

    Why are you treating women as if they can’t make decisions for themselves?

  58. Ive been a dancer for 6 years and my best regular bought me my breast implants. Mine were free, and i didnt have to screw him or give him sexual favors to get them. he was just a genuinly nice guy with a lot of money.

    ive been suspended, implanted, tattooed, pierced, and scalpeled. woo!

    there should be a “my implants are bigger then your implants” t shirt. in jest of course, not that there isnt a whole lot of one upping in this community.

  59. O Giles, maybe if you would have donated to me on this site, I would have told you why I want them 😉

  60. >>Why are you treating women as if they can’t make decisions for themselves?

    I’m not, I could turn the argument round and say “Why can’t you see how much our society manipulates women?”

    Don’t you accept that media and advertising portrayals of women are crass and unrealistic? Cover models airbrushed to perfection to cover up ‘reality’. Catwalk women so thin they look malnurished. Dress size averages in retail outlets nearly 4 sizes below the ACTUAL average size of women. Even the idea of ‘Barbie’ is an incredibly unobtainable figure that no woman could ever hope to attain.

    All of these are instilled into females from an early age and throughout their lives.

    I actually applaud any woman who doesn’t succumb to the pressure placed on them image wise.

  61. Giles – Sure, the media projects an image about what the average person considers attractive. They do it for men, and for women. Big deal. Fancy Heart is covered in tattoos and obviously has the strength of character to see past it all and like what she likes for herself. We’re not talking about someone with no other mods trying to remake themselves into Barbie. We’re talking about someone with tons of control over themselves that happens to want new boobs as well as all her tattoos and other mods.

    And TV is doing promo for tattoos as well — shows like Miami Ink are pushing people HARD into getting tattoos. Ask any tattoo shop and they’ll tell you that those shows are making them a ton of money.

    There are also people being pushed into religion. Into political views. Whatever. The world is a war of ideas. I would hope that people are able to grow up, see through the BS, and make a decision for themselves. I’m not about to tell people that they can’t get breast implants because they’re on TV too much, nor am I going to tell people to not get tattoos because they’re ultra-cool in 2007.

    Especially not someone who’s already shown that they’re perfectly capable of seeing past what this strawman cliche of “men” want her to look like.

  62. and for the record i love it when people without vaginas tell people with vaginas how to treat their bodys…..

  63. Shannon – Irrespective of why Fancy Heart had tattoos she still hasn’t explained why she had her breasts enlarged.

    I wonder if the reason has something to do with confidence (i.e. how we want others to see and accept us).

  64. Giles – Um… My tattoos help my confidence, and I like the image in terms of how I want others to see me and interact with me. Is that wrong?

  65. Shannon – Well yes, it is about fitting in with a way that is acceptable to others rather than getting others to accept you the way you are.

    It is about fitting in around others’ requirements rather than them fitting in with yours.

    “My confidence comes from knowing THEY are not judging me and my breast size”.

  66. Giles:

    Look. For every action and decision that one can make in a layered and complex society like ours, there are any number of influencing factors that may play a role. Media images and other like attitudes play a significant part in all of our day to day lives, what we eat, what we wear, and how we wish to present ourselves in all sorts of ways.

    The fact that you feel it necessary to summon an extreme level of moral indignation on this one solitary issue says more about you than it does about the topic at hand. *You* don’t approve of breast implants because you think they exist only to subjugate women. Awesome. But regardless of your feelings, the fact remains that breast implants are very much a part of the culture — to the point that they’ve largely evolved beyond an embodiment of male fantasies and into a very possible reality for women who are simply unsatisfied with their natural appearances.

    The fact that you refuse to give women the benefit of the doubt as far as their capability to make decisions about the way they choose to present themselves — well, that’s a much more insidious, patriarchal move than a woman making a sovereign choice to get implants for herself, and it smacks of the very type of disrespect that you claim to be against.

  67. the website seems pretty beneficial to both parties…. the guys get all of these girls vying for their attention, and the girls get free plastic surgery… not to bad of a deal if you ask me. i dont really see anyone getting taken advantage of, and if anything its empowering to the girls, seeing as how they have all the control.

    and giles… youre an idiot.

  68. Giles – We don’t live in a vacuum, and the way that others see us hugely affects our lives. If someone realizes that they can fine-tune their look in a way that will manipulate others into behaving in a way that they want, more power to them.

    Are you also opposed to haircuts?

  69. Shannon – Am only opposed to haircuts done for others, naturally.

    Body Modification should always be about creating an identity for yourselves and not doing it for others. Having a mod, any mod, purely for the acceptance of others is wrong.

  70. Giles,

    As a woman, when I hear you blather on about how we are manipulated by society so much it offends me. Not all of us are that weak minded as to fall into this category. A lot of us are more than capable of thinking for ourselves and making our own choices, free of influence.


  71. Kyle – Either contribute on an intelligent adult level or just leave the grow-ups to talk. I understand you haven’t quite followed the argument too well.

  72. Giles – But do you really think that when a person goes and gets a specific haircut they’re doing it because they have some personal/internal/spiritual/whatever drive to get that haircut? Of course not — haircut popularity is quite obviously dictated by the media…

    Again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, because we don’t live in a vacuum, and our aesthetic decisions gain much of their meaning from their sociocultural context.

  73. Giles, for alll you know, I could be a lesbian, SO STOP THINKING I am doing to it fit into some culture of the plain skins. Fake tits are hot!!!! and I can not wait to sport my own!

  74. Most lesbians have a stronger self image than heterosexual women… apparently. The media doesn’t often portray lesbian women anywhere near as often as straight women.

    Fancy Heart – I believe we are still awaiting your explanation as to why?

    Manini – Are you familiar with structured sub-conscious interpellation? It has nothing to do with being weak willed. Advertising companies and the media spend billions on creating images we can fimiliarise with and then tweak them so that we identify with those we see. It isn’t just women, it is everyone.

  75. Hehe, Fancy Heart you’re having your surgery on my birthday.

    And Giles.. a lot of what you are saying is pretty offensive to women, so your whole “oh I care about womens feelings etc.” thing is kinda backfiring.

  76. And why are you going on about the media!? I’ll bet 99% of the people reading this don’t give a crap about what the media portrays and it has no effect upon their decisions. It doesn’t mine anyway.

  77. the question to ask yourself with any mod is if mainstream opinion of it was different would you still do it? if big boobs were seen as ugly and the mainstream aesthetic was for flat chests would you want boob implants or reduction?

    if giant lobes was a massively mainstream fashion and people with unpierced lobes were the freaks would you want to stretch yours?

    some people like to go towards the mainstream aesthetic others want to push away from it as much as they can. either way they are both influenced by it.

    either way if it makes people happy i say go for it.

  78. >>if big boobs were seen as ugly and the mainstream aesthetic was for flat chests would you want boob implants or reduction?

    Extremely good point.

  79. The mainstream opinion isn’t really the same as the media portrayal though. It’s not people being pressured into ‘liking’ those things, like big boobs, it’s natural to find them attractive, as they make a woman look womanly, so a sign of fertility. It’s not media pressure.

  80. I am dissapointed in you Fancy Heart! I think it’s really a step backwards for all the women who aim to be strong and self-sufficient for you to promote using men to buy your new boobs. You are just a step up from being a prostitute in my mind…..worse even because at least those ladies are working for their money and their fake tits. If you want to pretent to be into guys so they’ll buy you things, come here to Nevada and spread your legs for money….we call them whores.

  81. Giles:

    You are not God’s gift to feminism. Quite clearly, you have an agenda and an ideal of what women should be and what they should do, which, while ostensibly the opposite of the media’s supposed attitude, ends up at the very same point as the latter. Men and women both are granted sovereignty over their bodies, and the fact that you disapprove of the path that many choose says more about your conservative, reductive views than anything else.

  82. Aren’t you going slightly off topic with the media thing.. media technically can include everything.. but it’s only pressure from the media if that person is actually pressured! Not if they have their own opinion on the matter and makes their own decision on it. Sure, it can be influenced by the media.. that’s not the same as pressure!!

  83. She already explained why she wants them. BECAUSE SHE WANTS THEM. That should be good enough.

  84. >>it’s natural to find them attractive, as they make a woman look womanly,

    DISGUSTINGLY offensive point Lucy and I feel sorry for anyone reading this who does not possess large ‘womanly’ breasts.

    It is exactly your kind of thinking that pushes other women to conform to this ‘un-natural’ fake aesthetic.

    Shame on you for such a belief.

  85. I bloody don’t! I’m just stating what is naturally generally attractive! There is a reason for it.. like men tend to find hourglass figures attractive = wide hips = easy child birth. Get my point?

  86. I just spent a 3-day weekend at Erotica-LA with a bunch of the ladies from the MyFreeImplants website (including Fancy Heart) and all them are just the nicest group you could ever meet.

    After observing everyone at the convention it is quite clear: Most guys simply don’t get it, and they never will. Time and time again the guys would come up to the girls and say “You don’t need implants, you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

    No douche bag, you don’t understand! She’s not getting implants for YOU. She’s getting them for herself. You will never understand that, so stop trying to convince her otherwise.

    Perhaps the saddest thing about this whole experience for me personally is how women are treated like second class citizens, as if they don’t have the brain power to make a decision on their own.

    It’s no different than Row v. Wade — women can’t think for themselves, so let’s help them out and do the thinking for them, and while where at it, lets try to pass legislation that prevents them for being able to think on their own in the future. Gimme a friggin break!

    This is 2007 people. Not 1807.

    Don’t hate. Congratulate.

  87. hahaha im`stayin out of this fight for a change. man atleast when i start fights i have a purpose. i dont see any point to what this guy is saying other then he cant relate. i dont think you have to jusitfy why we do what we do with our own lives. why some people buy certain products, cut hair, prepare food, collect stuff, enhance or multilate themselves. im just shocked i never heard of that site before now. i think its a cool idea. who cares if this site helps girls get boob jobs for free while there are starving kids in africa or kids in ghettos that cant read. you cant help everyone out there all at once. me askin a girl why she wants big boobs is like me askin a obese man why he chose to be that way. im sure i wont get an answer i see eye to eye with. so i dont waste time. live life, do what makes you feel happy, no matter who else might look down on you for it. whether its to fit in or to feel more comfortable with yourself. spoil yourself while you can.just be safe about it. and lyndsy….you better have this shit filmed for me to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch later

  88. Lucy – No, not at all. A variety of different men find a variety of different shapes visually attractive. There is no ‘natural’ figure that is specifically attractive over others. Apart from perhaps a ‘real’ one.

  89. Um, pronounced breasts being womanly isn’t a “fake aesthetic”… It’s biology.

    Same as height or obvious musculature being considered masculine. It’s just hardwired biology.

  90. Jordan – ” Quite clearly, you have an agenda and an ideal of what women should be”

    Not at all, that is societies agenda, I have the opposite.

  91. Thankyou! Finally someone backing me up.

    It never said it was ALL men finding that attractive, I know people find all different shapes attractive. That’s why I said ‘generally’. I personally prefer the look of smaller breasts and wish I had them myself, so you can’t go saying that my belief is that women should always have big boobs.

  92. Giles, if you don’t have an agenda, then I’m awfully fucking confused about the conversation you’ve ignited here.

    It would be one thing — and, really, more understandable — to say you just don’t find large, fake breasts attractive. Hey, to each his own, right? But you’re not doing that. Instead, you’re painting with broad strokes and admonishing able-minded, independent women for the choices they make that affect you NEVER. Like, EVER.

    Do you hold men who exercise and lift weights in order to realize a particular body image in similar contempt?

  93. “Irrespective of why Fancy Heart had tattoos she still hasn’t explained why she had her breasts enlarged.”

    Why the fuck should she have to explain it? She wants bigger boobs, she found a way to achieve that goal, she will now get the boobs she wants…SHE wants them, nobody is forcing her to get them, she is voluntarily getting them.

    It is her business, and her’s alone. A grown woman who seems like a strong, happy person. I say Congratulations, hope the surgery goes well, and enjoy your new rack Fancy Heart!

  94. Anyway for anyone wanting to read further on the psychological reasoning behind such modifications such as breast augmentation and why it differs so very very much from other forms you could do well to read.

    Body Modification – Mike Featherstone
    Mutilating the Body – Identity in Blood and Ink – Hewitt
    The Cultural Politics of Body Modification – Victoria Pitts
    Bodies under siege – Favazza
    The Body Aesthetic – Siebers

  95. Re: “There is no ‘natural’ figure that is specifically attractive over others.” -Giles

    Um… Are you actually saying that all people are of equal attractiveness naturally? Or am I reading that wrong? Because obviously some body types give people a MASSIVE advantage in life.

  96. …and short of being a genetic supremacist, I don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to achieve them artificially as well as naturally if they so desire.

  97. It only differs if you think it does. Fact is, it is some sort of modification to the body. It’s only the reasoning behind different people getting different mods that differs. Some can be good some can be bad. You can’t generalise all boob jobs to be in the ‘bad’ catergory just because it’s more mainstream and the media thinks it’s good.

  98. All people SHOULD be of equal attractiveness naturally? What kind of pseudo-Marxist bullshit is that? Why conceivable reason is there for that? Should everybody like the exact same foods because it’s unfair to prefer one taste to another? I rather enjoy being able to decide for myself what’s attractive or pleasant and what isn’t.

    Free will, baby! It’s faaaantastic!

  99. GILES, you’re my favorite. I give you mad, mad respect. you make me happy.

    My sister started working in a strip club 2 years ago for financial reasons. And from my perspective, it seems like she was coerced into the lifestyle. But when she says that she now “loves” her job, it makes me nauseous. I just can’t help but feel like she’s lying to herself so she doesn’t feel bad about having to take her clothes off to make ends meet.

  100. Hi all,

    I’m one of the owners of (hate it or love it) and I just wanted to make a comment about Lindsay. She reached her goal on our site extremely fast because she is down to earth, intelligent, sexy, and respectful of everyone. Yes, some girls on our website attract guys by posting pics and sending videos but the girls who have the most success (like Lindsay) are some of the least racy. The men respect her becuase she’s a cool ass chick and when they have some extra cash to spare, why not give it to an awesome person person who’s doing something she really wants with it?

    As some of you know Lindsay works/used to work with a non-profit for cancer victims. She’s not a gold digger…just smart enough to take advantage of another great, free service on the Internet

  101. LD, not everyone is like your sister though. Which is what Giles seems to think.

  102. I have issue with this site because it seems just another way for men to control womens bodies, just seems a bit seedy to me.
    However i have no problem with breast implants, if its what you want to do with your body then thats your right, good luck with the surgery and i hope it turns out well 🙂
    Also the tattoo is very cute

  103. Quoth the Giles:

    >>No I’m saying they SHOULD be.

    And as long as we live in the real world, are biological organisms, and rely upon sexual reproduction for the propogation of our species, that will never, ever happen.

    We don’t live in a transhumanist fantasyland of massive levels of genetic engineering done on humans and/or cloning, or one with mass numbers of cyborgs running around, though, do we?

    Also, there’s something I’m not clear on: are you stating you don’t believe that women who decide they want implants are incapable of making an informed, rational decision or merely stating you don’t think *anyone* is capable of making informed, rational decisions, and simply caves into what society is pressuring them to do? Well, except you, of course. See, I’m trying to clarify your views, so I can determine whether you’re truly misogynist, or merely an elitist asshole.

  104. Ooh, bloody ‘ell O_o

    I don’t see why Fancy Heart should be made to explain why she wants bigger boobies, same as I don’t see why I should explain why I want bigger ear lobes or why I paint my nails.

    I can’t help but feel Mr Big Ears’ statement of “No one should dictate to me what I can and can not do to my body” fits in here somewhere…

    I dig the tattoo though, it reminds me of Jessica Rabbit ^___^

  105. If it makes her confident, boost her self esteem, and gives her an improved lifestyle than it was money well spent by anyone who would donate to such a good cause.

  106. for everyone that doesn’t have fake boobs and wants to hate on people who want or have them for not loving themselves enough… stop judging. Some people who get fake boobs love themselves quite a bit. I , for one, got implants just because I could. Yes, that is the reason i got them, i’m not in some sort of denial about how i hate myself. I loved my body before and i love it now. stop, stop hatin.

  107. This always makes me laugh, people with body mods, dermal implants tattoos, pulling a big snob hissy fit over a girl getting implants.
    you are changing your body to suit your desires.

  108. I still like this argument (can anyone guess that I’m procrastinating today?) but personal insults are uncalled for. I don’t think that anyone here is “an idiot” or “misogynist”, except the one person way back who said “big boobies, little brain.”

    I dig civilised arguing, and haven’t noticed vast amounts of “omg wat a whore1111″ or “omg this/that kind of boobs is disgustin” comments, so please can we keep that up?

    All the guys here think that self-esteem in a woman is good, and that women should care for their mental health. That’s all that matters.

  109. I know I’m late to this party, but I don’t think anyone has articulated MY main issue with this whole debate. I have no problems with breast implants (I personally had mine surgically reduced, but whatever works for you is cool with me), BUT the thing that rubs me the wrong way is having someone else pay for them.

    This is an issue I have with any mods though–again, personal opinion only, but I would be extremely uncomfortable making a modification to my body that was tied to any other person. I have waited years, saving and budgeting, to make my mods happen, and in the end I think I felt a greater sense of pride because I had to earn them on my own. When I look in the mirror, I am proud that I have relied only on myself to create this body that is increasingly mine with each addition. But then again, I also have deeply rooted money issues and obsessively pay off my credit cards each month, so, take it for what it’s worth.

    Love the tattoo, by the way. :o)

  110. whatever verbs your noun! i didn’t feel like reading through comments, but hey, if a lady wants boobies and she can get them free, she should be able to get her some boobies.

  111. As the one who made the “misogynist” comment, I’d say I was off – misogynist wasn’t the correct term to use, since I don’t have any evidence, from his posting, that Giles actively hates women.

    That Giles feels them incapable of making an informed decision, though, I’ll stand by, which would make him sexist. Unless, of course, he feels *nobody* is capable of doing so, with the exception of a very select group, which *would* make him elitist. Both views can be inferred from his posts.

  112. Christ on a cracker, will you lay off the poor girl?! Yeah, the media might be enforcing this image of large breasted women as being the most attractive but who are you to say that Fancy Heart has been manipulated into thinking that she needs them? You don’t know that, and from what I can see, she wants them for herself. You know, not to impress anyone else, but because that’s what she likes. Us female-folk are capable of making decisions on our own, and we don’t need people telling us what we can and can’t do to our own bodies.

    Seriously, this is the 21st century, right? So start living in it.

  113. I don’t see how people start about haters so soon in these comments. I don’t see any so called “haters” in the first 30 comments. Most of the comments I read are quite possitive. Some aren’t, but hey… freedom of speach???

    Personally I like small tits better than bib ones, but that ofcourse is completely besides the point. What does count is that through this website she gets to do what she wants fast.

    Personaly I would have great doubts about websites like these. Good to see that there still are genuin websites among all the frauds.

  114. I don’t think it’s ‘demeaning’ AT ALL for Giles and others to suggest that women are influenced by society to a massive extent. In fact, as someone who has suffered depression due to pressure to conform to beauty standards, I find that assertion rather offensive. I think some folk here underestimate the pressure put on women if you think it’s in any way a sign of weakness that a woman would make a decision based on societal pressures.

    That said, this is an incredibly complex topic. I’m considering posting this to a feminist forum to see what they have to say about it… if that’s alright?

  115. Giles – it seems to me you’ve done a fair amount of reading on this subject. This is a good thing, well done. Now back up your reading by interaction with actual, real people. They don’t always do, think, feel, want, what the sociology books would have you believe. As much as it doesn’t pay to not be informed about sociological trends, it’s dangerous to ascribe generalised motives to individuals without knowing the individual very well indeed.

  116. I know I’m coming in late, but there are a few things that I had to say


    1) Society and the media love large breasted women, it should do as it helped create them. um, what? I’m pretty sure evolution created large breasted women.

    2) Most lesbians have a stronger self image than heterosexual women… apparently. The media doesn’t often portray lesbian women anywhere near as often as straight women. hey, surprise, lesbians are women too. When women are portrayed in the media, they could easily be lesbians unless proven otherwise. Even if lesbians aren’t trying to attract dudes, they’re still subject to most of the same pressures, because they still have to live with men who view them as sexual objects.

    3) Even if “the media” has brainwashed women to want larger breasts, Fancy Heart still wants them because SHE will feel better with them. Should she be the sacrificial lamb who doesn’t do something SHE wants because it’s “wrong” on some level? That’s like telling an asian kid they shouldn’t play violin even if they like it because they’re going to be encouraging a stereotype.

    4) Her having breast implants doesn’t hurt “teh childrens” any more than my naturally having large breasts does.

  117. Wow, this has turned into quite a debate. I have to admit that when I first saw this I thought it was kinda fuct and sad. But then as I read through the comments I began to I understand the other side to this.

    I think it is cool that she has found people who are willing to support her in this and hope it makes her very happy. I am not trying to tell women what to do with their bodies, that is not my place. I think both Shannon and Giles make some valid points. I do see a big double standard in that many here say if you want a tattoo or to cut off your balls, more power to you; but breast implants are evil! However, I think there is an unhealthy cultural pressure for women to have a certain body type that is unrealistic for most women which makes them feel insecure. This is the evil of the mass media marketing message, “you are not acceptable the way you are, so buy are products/services to make yourself more complete”. Fear and insecurity power much of the economy. With that being said I think we don’t know enough about this woman to judge her decision, and I’m not trying to say that she is weak willed, but like Shannon said we don’t live in a vacuum, and I think are society and media do influence many women to have this done. But whatever their motivation, if I thought they would all be happy with the end result then it wouldn’t bother me, but there are so many serious risks and complications that can occur with this procedure, it does bother me. The other thing that bothers me is that people are willing to fund this, while there are so many things like stem cell research and world hunger that I feel are better uses of the money, but that is really another issue. There are far worse things that are sucking up money that could be used to heal the world.

    Of course, I admit I am biased on this issue, because I prefer smaller breast. The big ones are more prone to the downward pull of gravity, and I really don’t see the benefit in having any more than a “handful”. But that’s just me, I hope she enjoys them and does not have any problems, I truly do.

  118. >>60

    Remember that kid who did a DIY labret (I think it was a labret, or was it a ring?) by pushing a piece of chain link through his lower lip? He was what, 15?

    I wonder if the current popularity of “unorthodox” piercings influenced his decision in any way?

    I quite enjoy reading this blog, I have no modifications to speak of, my breasts aren’t that large either, and yes, I HAVE read about the history of breast modifications, I realize there are issues.

    However, from my little view of the world, which includes a college campus, I can say that over the past ten years the popularity of body modification (tattoos, piercings, stretched ears) has skyrocketed among the high-school and college aged. It’s to the point now where I’d go so far as to call it common. No one bats an eye, and it is certainly a defined subculture “look” now, like it or not. Every college town has its share of tattoo and piercing shops now.

    I imagine there are people who feel some pressure to fit a social circle, and get mods. Granted, most people are smart enough to call a piercer and avoid the chain link!

    My point being, I’m not so sure that you can say that everyone who gets piercings or tattoos is doing it to reclaim their bodies from what society says they should look like either, if you define society as their immediate environment. Suicide girls is one view of mainstream “hot” now.

    Goodness knows I’ve read posts on this site and elsewhere complaining about girls who get “the boring usual” butterfly tattoos, or the “everyone is doing it” navel rings. And yet, occasionally there will be the posts complaining that people view mods as a form of rebellion. There are complaints when people ask advice about how to “undo” a given mod, how large you can stretch ears and have it reversible, etc.

    So I don’t know if the situations are as radically different as they may have been in the past.

    That said, whatever mod you want, if it makes you happy, and it’s done in a safe way, with full thought as to all possible repercussions, have at it. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a given mod (or not wanting it). It makes the world interesting.

  119. Here’s a question for Giles:
    you claim that anyone who gets breast implants must be doing it because they are being influenced by society, whereas your mods were completely individual choices free of societal manipulations. SO, would you still have gotten the mods you have if they represented the societal ideal and were promoted by the media as the way everyone should strive to look?

    if you answer yes, then you are proving that your mods were indeed totally individual choices free of societal pressure, but then you would also have to admit that if you would have still gotten you mods simply to be true to yourself even in a world where they were considered the ideal, that there must be women out there who get breast implants solely to be true to themselves irregardless of societal norms, who would get them even if norms were reversed. You’d have to admit that it is completely possible for people to make an individual, unbiased decision to modify themselves in in a “popular” way.

    if, on the other hand, you answer no, that you would not have gotten your mods had they represented the societal ideal then you are proving that your own choice of mods are just as much dictated by society and media pressure as you claim the choices of people who get breast implants are. you state that you act out of individuality and the fact that you don’t care what people think, whereas, in reality you care just as much as anyone else. you don’t want people to think you’re trying to fit in, so you pick and chose the modifications that society looks down on, and are therefore solely reliant on societies views for your mod choices. if society sees stretched ears as abnormal and “other” then you get them, but if society sees them as an ideal of beauty which everyone should strive for then you don’t. hence, it was not your choice but society’s.

  120. That was quite a read. Phew, deep breaths now.


    Giles, first I want to congratulate you on having a strong opinion as well as the knowledge and conviction to stand by and support your position. Constructive arguments, which I consider this – for the most part – to be, requires at least TWO intelligent sides and I want to thank you for taking the time to articulate your views.

    Now, I recognize that most of what happens in our minds is going on ‘behind the scenes’ without our knowledge. As has been said; the effects of subtle and not so subtle societal influence on the unconscious mind have been studied extensively. My question is: where is the line drawn? If there are societal pressure to be a certain way that could lead a person to do something to themselves (i.e. breast implants, liposuction, bodybuilding etc.) does that automatically make it not okay? If you are a knowledgeable person who is aware of this phenomena does that make it okay to go ahead with your desires, or does it remain negative no matter what the level of considered introspection and potential ongoing societal impact?

    I don’t agree with this, but the argument could be made that something can be so damaging to society as a whole that a responsible person wouldn’t involve themselves in it no matter what their personal desires are. I do not think that this – along with most mods – fall under this umbrella. Ultimately, very few issues are simple cut and dry when examined closely, the world and in this case the mind, is just too complex.

    Personally? I think that this specific thing is just not that huge of an issue. If you want to talk about negatives influence arising from the larger culture, then there are many things that I would consider to be more troubling that should be discussed and dealt with before you get to body image, plastic surgery and large fake breasts. If you actually did manage to tackle those other things firstly then by time you actually got to the fake breasts it would no longer be an issue as it would have already been handled.

    Ill end this waaaaay too long rant by saying that while I do not know fancy heart, she seems like a healthy well adjusted person who has probably given this a some thought. If she wants free big breasts then more power to her.

  121. well i don’t have much to say other than MODS ARE MODS! no matter the they’re tattoos, piercings, botox, implants (of ANY KIND), braces, hair dye or anything else! just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to jump down her throat! just turn the fuck away from it!

    Lindsay hope your surgery goes well and the tattoo is awesome!

  122. Giles, a few points I’d like to make:

    “There are some shocking stories of girls as young as 8 wanting breast enlargements because they feel pressured into looking like all those pretty images on TV.”
    I could just as easily say, “there are shocking stories of girls as young as 8 wanting large gauge septum piercings because they feel pressured into looking like that cool singer from the Prodigy in the Firestarter video on TV.”

    “Many of the modification practices we do have established roots throughout history as a form of expressive assertion.”
    Aren’t many modification practices, in a historial sense, about belonging to a group, and so conforming to group expectations? Just because western society is a larger “group”, does this make its general aesthetic preferances less valid than those of tribal groups?

    “the media spend billions on creating images we can fimiliarise with and then tweak them so that we identify with those we see. It isn’t just women, it is everyone.”

    You’re right, it’s everyone, yourself included. And since the media includes this blog and those books you referred to, I believe that your veneration of a natural body, modified as a form of “expressive assertion”, is myth that you buy into to feel better about yourself, because it conforms to society’s view of aesthetic and cultural rebellion.

    Like Fancy Heart said, “fake tits are hot!”. What better reason is there?

  123. has anyone noticed that fashion these days has very little to do with big boobs anyway?? giles mentioned catwalk models being malnourished quite a while back and i definitely dont equate the malnourished look with big boobs… last i noticed boobs didnt seem so hot in the fashion world anymore anyway…

    that aside, im pretty much agreeing with everyone here that giles saying that all women who get boobs have been brainwashed is insulting. at the risk of sounding completely arrogant, enough people tell me im hot WITHOUT fake boobs, doesnt mean i dont want a pair to play with! in fact, most guys i tell i want fake boobs to tell me NOT to.

    fuck the haters! i want free boobies! and IM gonna be the one to enjoy them!

  124. people actually DONATED MONEY so that you could have BIGGER BREASTS?!!?!?! WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS?!?!?! why don’t people give their money to charities and organizations that can actually IMPROVE THE WORLD?!?!?!!?!? GRRRRRRRRR…

  125. Giles why are you so concerned about being in or out of the mainstream. It sounds to me you want to be so out that even being a little normal is a problem. Just be who you want and dont care were you fall. It seems like your more concerned about self image than everyone else here. Im surprised you use the internet it being so mainstream and not having any spiritual backing.

  126. Just a thought… could this person have been paid to get this tattoo, making it a great marketing ploy? This post has obviously increased traffic on their site, and even though they are giving “free” implants they are obviously making money from maintaining it. Her words seem too scripted.

    Anyway, posts like this remind me why I read modblog, I love reading the debate and commentary on society, especially on women’s bodies.

    I know people who have implants, some who did it for their husbands who want a Barbie doll wife, and others who have it because they had cancer and mastectomies. When it is done to please someone else and not yourself, to me it’s really sad.

  127. damn Giles,

    please don’t talk about women and how we are portrayed and how we feel in any respect unless you are one. No one has to give you or anyone else a reason for doing anything to their body. “Fancy Heart- tell us!!” It’s none of your business and the things you were writing were embarrasing to me, the mod community, and women in general. Go to the bathroom, look at your penis, and let this go. She wants them, she’ll love them. Just as you do your fucking plugs and the like. you don’t know what it feels like to look at kate moss or kate winslet. who are you? better off; who do you think you are?

    I hope for your sake and the medias
    that you were born with an 9 inch penis the girth of a damn coke bottle and had a six pack to boot with the crap that is spewing from your mouth.
    or we should all have that? I forget, you keep changing your mind and backtracking.
    stop. just stop. embarrasing.. honestly

  128. Hey betsy, do you have any mods? How about this:

    people actually SPEND MONEY on TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS?!!?!?! WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS?!?!?! why don’t people give their money to charities and organizations that can actually IMPROVE THE WORLD?!?!?!!?!? GRRRRRRRRR…

    Do you think that spending money on tattoos, piercings, etc., okay, but spending money on breast implants is wrong? If so, why? Why is the one okay, but the other isn’t?

  129. Well heck, I need a dental bridge. I need a benefactor but bad. Boobies would be a plus but I really need a bridge.
    Dental work just doesn’t have the same ring, does it =(

  130. i read this article wrong. i thought her free boob job WAS the tattoo work, that she just spent the money on that. hah.

    if she is getting the free implants, too, that’s even better.

  131. Okay, I’m a little late on this but…

    #26, they stated the site was created to help women raise money for surgeries of all kind (not only breast augmentation). It’s there to help women be happy with their body. So technically I am sure you can go on there and raise money for a breast reduction (although I’m not sure how many guys would donate for that cause).

    Also, you might want to look into this. Some insurance companies will help with breast reductions because having too large of breasts can cause back problems.

  132. It’s annoying that every time a woman wants to get some big ol’ titties stupid fucking ‘feminists’ jump in and say they’re setting a bad example for women everywhere because they’re bending to society’s beliefs and blah blah blah…

    Why can’t women just be allowed to do what they want because it makes them happy? Unless a girl specifically says that she got her boob job because society or ‘the media’ told her so, then you can’t be sure that’s the reason and you’re just being a bastard for judging her based upon your assumptions.

    Women getting breast implants or augmentations or whatever can do that just as much as women can stretch their ears and get genital piercings and scarification. Those modifications ARE all very similar in that it’s changing one’s body to conform to whatever idea of beauty one subscribes to, whether it’s purely aesthetic or spiritual or what have you; you can’t know a woman’s reasons for doing something unless she tells you.

  133. Damn Giles has ruined my whole week.

    I only enjoy poptarts because the media tells me everyone loves poptarts. MALES sell poptarts. I would be a much stronger woman if I chose not to eat those popta – oh that was the toaster I gotta go…

  134. Giles – Thanks. As a rad-feminist, I don’t find your argument offensive at all. Anyone prepared to question prevailing cultural expectations that are damaging to women is a-ok with me, as long as you’re not claiming to speak with authority for all women, which I didn’t see you doing anywhere.

    Notice that his initial comment wasn’t about the individual woman at all, but the site and the societal expectations that fuel it.

    Everyone can go on about individual choice politics as much as they like, but it means bugger-all whilst some choices remain socially acceptable and represented positively in the media (boob implants), and others not (being hairy, or choosing not to define personhood or identity through sexual attractiveness and availability at all, for example).

    And if you think women don’t face consequences for having the “wrong” boobs, check out the recent abc news article on “Cleavage: The Owner’s Manual”. “You don’t have to be flat-chested to be taken seriously,” she added. “You just have to be proportionate. For women who are small busted, that may mean a little padding. For well-endowed women, that may mean a minimizer.” Yup. Stuff your bra or squish the girls, ladies, or you won’t be taken seriously in the workplace. Goddamn, I never knew my breasts were so threatening and/or distracting! Poor men, awww.

    And saying that only large breasts are sexually attractive is a pretty limited perspective. There are plenty of examples, both historical and current, of breasts of all shapes and sizes being attractive.

  135. “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”


    i say if its what you want go for it, and good for you for following it through. the above quote fits this topic nicely


    SOME OF YOU MAKE ME SICK IF I WANT TO GET AT TATTOO OF SOMETHING PEOPLE ARE LIKE SWEET, IF SHE GETS BOOBS YOU ARE LIKE OMGWTFPWNDHAXXOR FLIPPING OUT. in my mind not b/c of theproduct but the means. now if shes ok to live with that decision i dont think anyone else but her should care.

    ok theres my input

  136. I read through this whole fucking thing.

    Giles. If you really think that women getting breast implants are only doing so so that they fit into the mainstream of society, then you are a fool.

    Body modification, whether it be piercings, tattoos, body building, castration, out-of-the-norm haircuts/mustaches/beards, cosmetic surgery of any kind, amputations, ANY form of body modification WHATSOEVER, is just that. And 99% of people do it for aesthetic reasons. NOT because society subconsciously wants, or needs them to. Nay. They do it because it makes them happy.

    Tell me. WHY do you want your lobes stretched? Because you were so moved by African tribes? No. You did it because it looked nice to you. That is why she is getting breast implants. PERIOD. Tell me something else. If someone came up to you and asked you (and KEPT on asking you) why your lobes are stretched, what can you reply with besides “they look nice”?

    SHE wants HER boobs the way SHE wants. Do you think that you could ask “why?” to someone who did a DIY castration and expect an answer that even made a little bit of sense to you? They did it because thats how THEY see THEM and nothing else. Seriously. The fact that this is on a blog for body modification where everyone is okay with everything as long as it makes the person happy doesn’t help your argument, especially since you have mods yourself. I could understand if you didn’t have any mods and stumbled across this site via an accidental Google search or something, but you seem to be an active member of BME.

    The fact that guys donate to help pay for it is fantastic. Money is money is money, no matter where, or whom, it comes from. And I haven’t checked out the site, but what if WOMEN can donate to other women? Then what? Half your argument would be blown to shit.

    If something makes her happy, by all means let her do it. What if it was a sex-change? Would you think that is “fucking awful” as well? What makes breast implants any different from any other type of body modification?

    Now that isn’t to say that I don’t understand your side as well. While I do think that some girls and women, particularly younger ones, are very influenced by society and celebrities, that doesn’t mean ALL are. Sure, it may be hard for a 13 year old overweight girl to feel pretty in this world because of all the “perfect” models out there, and that MAY be because of all her favorite celebrities having, what to her, is the perfect figure. And yes, she MAY want breast implants to fix herself, and YES she may do it only because she wants to look like her idol, BUT THAT MAKES HER HAPPY.

    While I do think it’s dumb for someone to get something to look like someone else, not a lot of people do that and this girl is one that DOESN’T, SHE’S doing it because it makes her happy and nothing else.

    And you know what? MAYBE a 5 year old who chops off all her hair because Britney Spears did it and she wants to be just like her, but that 5 year old isn’t yet old enough to make her own decisions yet. However this girl is old enough to realize that shes doing it for her and NO ONE else.

    Giles. You are a tool.

  137. A little late on this, just got off of work and read through all the posts. I am just stunned that a fake pair of tits, a BODY MODIFICATION, has sparked so much negativity on a Body Modification website.

    Giles: Your posts are batently misogynistic, I can’t beleive you are actually saying these things and trying to defend saying them. To say the only reason a woman would get her tits bigger is because she was brainwashed by the media, is basically saying that a woman can’t think for herself. For thousands of years humans have been modifying their bodies, enhancing parts of their bodies that attract the opposite sex. For example: Lip disks, neck stretching, lobe stretching, eyebrow waxing, and the list goes on. Just because the technology to make a huge set of tits came after the TV doesn’t mean that women are brainwashed to do it. Actually, I bet any money a few women were getting bigger tits and then it got televised and then more popular to do, just as tattooing has in the past few years. I agree there ARE probably women out there that have low self esteem (which I agree can be partly influenced by SOME media) that do get bigger tits to fit some sort of “perfect” mold. However, to generalize all women getting implants as brainwashed is just plain silly buddy.

    Also, who made you the judge of what is and what isn’t a body modification.

    Furthermore, I think you are the only one here who has asked her why, as if it is any of your fucking business anyway.

  138. lindsay, don’t listen to these people. the people in your life who love you no matter what are the only ones you need to worry about. you make yourself happy and fuck the rest of the world if they don’t like it.

  139. In response to the person that thought I got this tattoo to get more publicity to their website, that is just crazy talk! I wanted this tattoo to remind me of my journey, and to not take life to seriously! I mean, common on now, I just earned free breast implants from the internet! AND, I knew it would be a cute tattoo, and it is xoxox

  140. 112. Most lesbians have a stronger self image than heterosexual women… apparently.

    I am extremely offended by this comment! How can you not see that this is terribly demeaning to straight women, lumping us all in some category of sex-driven, male-pleasing slaves to the media? Just because the stereotyped image of a lesbian is that she wears no makeup, “manly clothes”, and unkempt/unstyled hair does not mean that by simply putting less effort into her appearance she has a better self image! Nearly half of my female friends are lesbians, and they all experiance the same worries and image-related depressions that I, a straight woman who (gasp!) does enjoy feeling attractive in my own personal view, AS WELL AS FEELING ATTRACTIVE TO MEN. This is obviously a discussion where the self-righteous opinions on both sides are too strong to make any sort of headway on the other- I wouldn’t expect a fundamentally conservative person who feels that body modification is immoral to be at all swayed by a modded individual explaining their spiritual and person justifications, and vice versa. I just want to point out, Giles, that I am far more hurt by your comments and careless assumptions (yes, careless, because while discussing our apparent weaknesses and lack of willpower, you have entirely neglected the FEELINGS of these women that you are trying oh so hard to protect) than I have ever been by the media’s portrayal of beauty.

    As well, to clarify my early comment about gold digging, I want to make it plain that I was referring to the site in general, and in no way have any issue regarding breast augmentation or any form of plastic surgery- I myself have several procedures planned for next year. My qualm with the website is that I believe that one should work for such a luxury (and yes, while every person should have the opportunity to changes the things that make them unhappy with themselves, it remains a luxury), and truly earn it; if you have to make sacrifices to do so, that’s part of life. I don’t feel that preying on lonely, rich men is the way to go about it, but I’m not going to further demean Fancy Heart by suggesting so. I’m sure she is a wonderful person, and I’m glad that she has the chance to modify her body the way she sees fit, regardless of my own feelings.

    And the tattoo is lovely.

  141. * that I, a straight woman who (gasp!) does enjoy feeling attractive in my own personal view, AS WELL AS FEELING ATTRACTIVE TO MEN, face.

  142. Wow this has been busy.
    Firstly most of the points requested have been addressed already, if not by me then certainly by others.
    Secondly many thanks for those who took the time to write intelligent responses and refrained from immature name calling.
    Thirdly you DO NOT have to have a vagina to write about women and their issues. So I am more than within my right to address issues of how women are portrayed in society, more so than most women.
    Fourthly the arguments I have put forward are well documented elsewhere and have there foundations in fact.

    Also take note that many people are influenced to some degree by subliminal media manipulation, one of the worst elements of it is that it makes us believe we are making choices for ourself, hence Angel heart not truly giving much of an explanation as to why she wants them, only that she does.

    Well done to those who took the time to send abusive personal messages to my IAM page, clearly you are a credit to your species.

    Finally as regards claim of misogyny well frankly that is just laughable, you see only someone who loves women for their true beauty would hold arguments such as mine.

  143. Thirdly you DO NOT have to have a vagina to write about women and their issues. So I am more than within my right to address issues of how women are portrayed in society, more so than most women.

    i cant believe you just said that…

    and for the record, you got her name wrong

  144. hmm i shoulda used quotation marks, i hope everyone realises that the first part of that was a quote from giles *blush*

  145. My fiancee is a stripper, has been for about 4 years.
    She is schedulded for implant surgery on Aug. 3.
    She has wantd them since before she was even a stripper, and has spent the last year or so saving what she could after paying for living expenses and everything else to get them.

    We stumbled on my free implants in our research, and as people say, if you want something, there is always a way to get it.
    Don’t belittle the site, it’s just a way certain people are going about getting what they want. They each have thier individual reasons for doing it, and the ends justify the means to these poeple.

    Some people work hard for what they want, others find the easy way out, but in the end if it makes both parties happy, who are we to judge?

  146. “Also take note that many people are influenced to some degree by subliminal media manipulation, one of the worst elements of it is that it makes us believe we are making choices for ourself, hence Angel heart not truly giving much of an explanation as to why she wants them, only that she does.”

    Giles, do you seriously believe that you’re one of only very very few people intelligent enough to REALLY know what they REALLY think?

    Do you seriously believe that most everyone around you — including every who disagrees with you about this — is an idiot that’s been brainwashed and only THINK they know why they’re doing something?

    Do you seriously believe that YOU know what all of these supposedly-brainwashed people REALLY think, when they only THINK they know what they think?

  147. ‘Well done to those who took the time to send abusive personal messages to my IAM page, clearly you are a credit to your species.’ – Giles Wallwork

    What species do you exactly define yourself as? Modified or not I thought everyone that was capable of typing here was human.

    Fancy Heart – Congratulations on your new tattoo and boobies.

  148. >>Do you seriously believe that YOU know what all of these supposedly-brainwashed people REALLY think, when they only THINK they know what they think?

    Good god no. There are many many enlightened people on BME who are perfectly aware of how society manipulates and shapes our decisions, I learnt from others. Namely people like Chomsky.

    What I do have in my favour though is acknowledging it and refuting it, same as many others. Once you understand just how much of our ‘free will’ is shaped for us then you can go about resisiting. Plato’s cave theory helps understand this.

    Whether you like it or not women are under incredible pressure to conform to images of beauty and sexiness that are enforced by the media, that is a fact. It doesn’t make them weak willed in any way at all, it does however make them an unfortunate victim of a society obsessed with appearance.

    Resisting that pressure to conform and acknowledging it is one step towards true freedom.

    There is no misogyny involved whatsoever. The ‘bad’ element here is not women but rather the pressure forced upon them from a patricarchal society obsessed with an ideal of beauty.

  149. i aam, offering free breast overview ratings and feelations plz im me with a photo and a current address and il be there as soon as possiable .ps. I will even pay u 5 dollhairs if u let me kiss while i do all this .Thx im sorta lonley and i truly do appracaite it.^_+

  150. Okay, so what if deep down on a subconscious level we are all slaves to societies pressures? Does that have to be a bad thing?

    Do you drive a car? What model car? Do you choose Coke over Pepsi? Burger King over McDonalds? Nike or Adidas? Are you honestly telling me society doesn’t play a role in your day to day decision making process? Hogwash!

    We are all obviously influenced by the world around us, we have to be. Its how animals evolve and adapt to their surroundings. It’s programmed into our DNA.

    It’s just that wo/mankind has evolved so much that we now have new influences affecting our decisions than the ones we used to have. It’s no longer about choosing to run or fight a predator. Now it’s about choosing getting implants or tattoos (or in this case both) or not getting them.

    Only time will tell what the end result of our decisions will be. So until that time, I can’t see how anyone can possibly pass judgment since the facts are not yet known.

  151. Giles, if Fancyheart was have implants put anywhere else on her body, would you be questioning her motives?

    I see breast implants as no different from any other implants. Either way, you’re putting something into your body. Why should the fact that they’re going on your chest make any difference?

    Fancyheart, I love the tattoo!

  152. I drink neither Pepsi or Coke, I don’t drive, do not eat McDonalds or Burger King and do not wear Nike etc. So no those particular companies play NO part in shaping my daily life. Neither do they play a part in many people’s lives. No less in part to their human rights violations across the globe, again it is awareness of their practices that helps shape others’ views of them. Awareness that the companies pay millions to keep secret and obscure from general view.

  153. I think Giles has already said all that I would want to say on the topic, so I’ll just point out that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has condemned the website as “frightening and potentially dangerous”.

  154. I know a girl that can enlarge penisses without surgery, simply by putting her lips on it.

  155. So much negative energy from a community that promotes body mods, astounds me. Having recently had plastic surgery myself, though not breast implants, I understand that this is a choice an individual makes for themself, and was not that different than choices I have made when being tattooed.

    I think this particular comment amused me the most: “Millions and millions of ordinary people unable to afford genuine healthcare and yet people still throw money at this kind of bullshit.” Is this person suggesting we all take the money we would normally spend on body modification, or any other unnecessary pleasure in our lives, and give it all to health care? I, personally, give a great deal of free health care every year. So, I am not going to allow anybody to make me feel guilty if I choose to modify my body with plastic surgery.

  156. wow, this is some argument.
    On Friday I’m getting a free tattoo, my friend is a practising tattoo artist and I like to be his canvas.
    I don’t see how that is any different to getting free breast implants. If she personally knew the person paying for the implants, would that make any difference?!
    Basically, we all like things for free. If those things we like are implants or tattoos or piercings or anything, if there is a chance of getting them free, we will go for it.
    So stop getting on your moral high horse and stop being jealous just cause she’s getting something that she wants for free!!

  157. I believed this was a very open minded community.
    It is simply body modification, and nothing else. The reasons behind her choice should be none but her own and it should not warrant judgement.
    We are nothing but close minded, picky, social scum to suggest she should not modify her body as she likes

  158. good point 210, as i said earlier i think people are upset by the means in which she got them, and if it was her next door neighboor who has a surgeon and offered to do it for free and still got the tattoo but the back story was different i believe many of the people here would not have a platform to base their argument on. and others well, it would seem they think we live in a perfect world where every one has the same social values, and should look the same and (which by the way giles was a really bad argument), as was we are brain washed by the media, frankly i do not watch tv, i know many people who do not own a tv, a friend of mine she had a mole on her face and went to the plastic surgeon to get it removed- so i ask you giles did the media do this to her (even though she does not own a tv) or was it her that wanted to achieve a look that is diifferent from what she has. is this a disgrace to all women giles?

    btw i think it is a cool tattoo that in many years you will be like “Hey i remember when”.

  159. in all reality soem of u peopel are as stupid as most of my spelluing misteaks. implants can end up having a massive negitaive side effect on the body .

  160. First I’d like to say that nothing Giles has said has offended me and yes, I am a women. I also would like someone to point out where Giles said that all women behave the way he has described. I didn’t see in any of his posts him saying that all women who get implants get them because of societal pressures. I did not see one utterance that ALL women act as he has described. If he did, I’d really like it pointed out.

    Second I’d like to see some figures of how many women obtain breast implants vs breast reductions from the website. I think that would be interesting. And not just well 100 got implants and 10 got reductions, but ratios to how many are trying for each. Percentages for implants received vs reductions received. I would wager a guess that the percentage or reductions received is a tad bit lower than the implants.

    Third I’d like to say that almost everyone who isn’t society’s predetermined “perfect shape” has probably felt the pressures to change the way the look at one point or another. I know personally I’ve felt the pressure to loose weight in part due to the fact I can’t fit in my old clothes and in part due to the media. Not just the mainstream media, but from modblog even. So, I do agree partly with what Giles has been saying. I also have known two girls who are semi/close friends who want implants for the sole reason because they feel that guys will like them more. They are also the only girls I personally know that what implants.

    Fourth I see that website as a charity. I agree with everyone who said its pretty ridiculous that people are paying for others breast implants while people go starving, are being ravaged by cancers, and any other worthwhile charity goes without funds. I see it as a charitable donation and if you see breast implants as a better charity than say helping fund a cure for AIDS or breast cancer then I think your view of the world is a little fucked.

  161. guys…i think the funniest/most ridiculous thing here is the Fancy_Heart keeps reiterating the hilarity of the site! stop taking everything so seriously–if even the girl at the center of this debate can laugh at the website that you are all debating, so, too, should you–it is pretty funny–and wish Fancy_Heart congratulations and good luck with her new chest!

  162. Emmmluk – Many thanks for

    a) taking the time to read my posts properly and

    b) understanding the real argument so much better than many people.

  163. I feel kind of bad for the men donating.

    Must suck knowing that a girl only wants to talk to you because she wants your money.

    Then again, I now know how my boyfriend feels.

    Ha, JOKE.

  164. The only problem that I have with women wanting me for my $ … isa when it runs out..giles ur so stupid all ucare about is others reading and arproving urview point thats sad no one reads mine and if they did i no 4a facvt taht theyd hate me even more.but besides that i made a jellowie mode to look like a set of dellisouso rasberry boobies in honor of this thread… much tastsier than silocone …\__+__+__/

  165. Anyway, serious post now… Fair enough if she wants breast implants… I’d love a nose job just because I’m unhappy with the shape of my nose. So I can see where she’s coming from. In this day and age, if you don’t like something, fix it.

    Giles, I admire your clear and calculated arguments… however that manipulation can go both ways… just look at the girls out there (literally) dying to be Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. We are all socialised to recognise what society sees as beautiful, e.g. most would agree that Angelina Jolie is good looking. However, it is up to us how we define that vision of beauty. Being deviant from the mainstream (liking tongue splitting and suspension, perhaps) is probably just as bad as sticking to it. We all conform to SOMETHING in some way or another… whether it be getting breat implants like a lot of women nowadays, or tongue splitting like so many people associated (or not) with bmezine, modblog, or any other modification community.

    The fact is, compared to the number of people getting breast implants, there are only a handful of people getting what we as a group know as “modifications” such as scarification and tongue splitting. Perhaps as the mod community grows, women will be percieved as “beautiful” if they are covered in tattoos and piercings, and so, will strive to do that. The fact that most of us who post here already think that they are beautiful only seems incomparable because of how wider society currently views modification.

    And fancy heart… I’m glad you’ve taken a step to make you feel more comfortable in your body… however I can’t help feel that you’d have appreciated and enjoyed them far more if you’d worked hard to earn them, a bit like the 16 year old who slaves away hour after hour in some shitty job to buy himself a car instead of daddy buying him one straight off. He really feels like he’s achieved something once he’s earned enough money to buy it.

  166. When the men donate the money, isn’t that their personal choice too?
    They are only spending money on what they want to. Everyone does that, well everyone reading this anyway, we do not need the internet to survive, but we pay money for it anyway.. isn’t that the same thing?

  167. I suppose it’s their personal choice, but to me they just seem like poor lonely guys who have to pay people to talk to them! Perhaps that’s not the case.

  168. I don’t know if she got her payout from the site yet but I did a little research on that site and found out that a lot of girls had been taken for their money. Not saying that he isn’t legit but there is a large population of girls who lost out big time, never got any money and their pics won’t be removed from the site.

    Do a quick google search for myfreeimplants “scam” and you can find a lot..

    Anyone who reads this who has been scammed, signed up to the site and is having second doubts, here is some of the hard to find info that all the other girls have been searching for at no Charge..

    The sites owner is Jason Grunstra
    He resides in L.A
    His online resume with all his personal contact info:

    His myspace page

    Again. I’m not saying that he is not running a real company. There is just a large population of woman who did not receive what the website claims


  169. Hanargh, it’s funny you should say this, where, if I would have paid for them myself, I would have had to take out a credit line form the Plastic Surgeons office, putting myself in major debit, causing so much stress on myself and my future, I can’t see the “woo hoo I did this myself” factor in that. I have tried to save for implants MANY MANY MANY times, and it just would never work out. Where, gave me something to earn (yes it is earning still, there are over 1,400 hotties to compete with that all want implants), in 3 months time, making friends, sharing stories, and really, just have fun for the sake of boobies, I am going to be so proud of my new set, you can’t even imagine- hense, my new tattoo 🙂

  170. Hey – more power to you, if that’s your route, take it. I couldn’t go the charity-case way myself. I hate even being in debt to a mate, never mind taking a big hand out from strangers.

    Oh – and although its no business of mine – I personally don’t like fake tits… I hope your op goes well though and they look good at the end of it ‘cos there’s a hell of a lot of people who’s fakes look tragically bad. Models and actresses included…

  171. giles u still havent answered my question in post 212 you just say most people here dont understand the real argument, yet you dont answer question directed to you…

  172. Sorry Smash, I have tried to read ll the responses but do have a life outside of here.

    >>a friend of mine she had a mole on her face and went to the plastic surgeon to get it removed- so i ask you giles did the media do this to her (even though she does not own a tv) or was it her that wanted to achieve a look that is diifferent from what she has. is this a disgrace to all women giles?

    Not all women at all. Moles however are a very different situation as I’m sure you realise. Did she do it for aesthetic reasons (looks?) or was there a health implication?

    Removing a mole to make her look ‘acceptable’ would certainly fall into a similar category as breast augmentation as it about not accepting the look she has and favouring one which is generally seen as more acceptable within our unforgiving society.

    Tv or no tv am sure she interacts with people who are directly influenced by a sociatal perception of beauty which would not fail to influence her.

    Have you ever told her that true beauty has nothing to do with outward appearance? Have you ever told her that she had no reason to remove her mole?

  173. But maybe she just wanted to remove her mole. Just like you just wanted to stretch your ears, or lip. If she had no reason to remove her mole, then surely you have no reason to do anything you do?

  174. If it’s what she wants, I don’t see the issue. It doesn’t matter why she wants them, it’s not like she needs to prove to random people on the internet why she should have big fake tits. I think she was generous for even telling us why, since it’s nobodies business but hers. Based on the comments, she sounds like a great woman.

    I’d like bigger boobs, but they’d look strange on my small frame so I’m just trying to come to terms with my meager 34B boobs. I understand where she’s coming from and more power to her for getting them for free from men willing to contribute to her cause. She’s getting breast implants the same reason why I just got my tragus pierced – personal aesthetic. I like how I look with piercings and tattoos, she likes how she’ll look with implants. I see absolutely no difference.

    Kudos to Shannon and Pauly for having great points and arguments.

  175. Lucy please try to understand that every action you make has implications regardless of who you are.

    Nobody removes a mole, stretches their lobes, gets fake breasts etc for no reason at all, whether they know the reasons behind their actions is a different thing.

    Psychologists, philosophers and sociologists have spent thousands of years looking at human behaviour and how it effects others. Every action has a reaction regardless of how small.

    For some getting a mole removed means nothing, for others it is a growing sign of female dissatisfaction with their looks and the body they were born with. Maybe for you it means nothing but for me (and several others here) it is a small part of a move toward a society obsessed with facile appearances. A society that alienates those who do not fit into the ideal, a society that welcomes breast enlargements but isolates facial implants.

  176. I can’t believe people on here are actually bitching about this. I read it, laughed, and was going to post a comment saying something like “haha props to you for raising the money!” if she wants breast implants, then she should get them. i dont know why its so skeevy to some people.

    reading through some of the comments i had to check to make sure i was at the right site. weird.

  177. I’m not a fan of fake boobs at all, but I do support the point of view that people have the right to do whatever they want to their bodies.

    What creeps me out more here is the website itself. I don’t think you can say one side is more exploitative than the other…the women are exploiting these guys to get free implants, and the guys are exploiting the girls to get their rocks off by seeing them with bigger boobs, and at a psychological level, they probably get a thrill at knowing that they themselves are responsible for a woman having altered her body to a state that they personally find more desirable. It’s mutual exploitation. Which I agree with Giles, kind of is a sad commentary on the state of society. But, it’s one that happens every day. Even if you go to work to collect a paycheck, that’s mutual exploitation as well. It’s pretty hard to escape it.

    But I wonder, if there were a site called “,” where if I couldn’t afford tattoo sleeves, I just signed up and solicited the money from people with a tattoo fetish who were willing to pay to see me become more inked, if people would have a problem with that. Would they think it was fine, or would they tell me to earn the money myself to get my own modifications instead? I’m willing to bet a number of people would have problems with my joining a site to get my tattoos for free. But why? If we’re going to compare breast implants to all other mods, there shouldn’t be a difference, right?

    There’s just a lot of weird underlying stuff here that doesn’t really sit quite right with me. I also find the tattoo kind of unsettling, just because it promotes the site, and the site and its concept, while hey, if people want free implants, and people get off by paying for them, more power to both sides I suppose, still seems kind of disturbing to me.

  178. giles, I still don’t see why being influenced by society is unique, and somehow wrong. All societies have expectations about how people should look, for various reasons. What makes this example so much worse than any others? And how do you know that your opinions are really yours, and you haven’t been influenced by all those psychologists, philosophers and sociologists? I’m sure that if you and I were friends, and all our other friends agreed with you, but I wanted implants, I’d feel a pressure to keep my body “natural.” Would that be acceptable to you? The way people feel about their bodies, and the things that influence them subconciously and conciously are so complicated that I think it’s simplistic to just say “women are pressured without realising it. That’s bad.”

    Personally, I’ve never met a man who likes fake tits. They all say, “that’s so gross, they don’t feel natural, they look wierd, don’t get implants.” Like their opinion matters!

  179. Giles said:

    >>Thirdly you DO NOT have to have a vagina to write about women and their issues. So I am more than within my right to address issues of how women are portrayed in society, more so than most women.

    Since, evidently, women need to devote their lives to studying the issues that affect them directly to, in your opinion, actually comment them, I’ll ask you to kindly never, ever speak about politics, the computer industry, space exploration, astronomy, automotive engineering or, for that matter, most areas of science, religion, or, for that matter, anything else.

    After all, if you haven’t chosen to study any of these areas as the primary focus of your life, how can you believe you have the right to comment on them?

    (And, yes, in case you missed it, that was sarcasm.)

    Noisy asked:

    >>Giles, do you seriously believe that you’re one of only very very few people intelligent enough to REALLY know what they REALLY think?

    Yes, he seriously does. It’s quite obvious from his posts. That’s precisely what he believes. He’s clearly elitist, specifically he’s an academic elitist, who believes that, unless you’ve engaged in scholarship regarding a specific issue, you can’t have anything worthwhile to say about an issue.

  180. My only thought was that I just dont want to see her get scammed, especially now that she has that tat.

    I hope that the website keeps their word, and that she has a good doctor.

  181. BAAPS only condemned the website because they don’t fully understand it. They ASSUME we are a medical company, which is absurd. We are simply an alternative to expensive and costly financing solutions that would put you into dept.

  182. Nothing starts a good flame war like titties!!

    Grats to Ms. Fancy, the tattoo is cheeky and funny and if somebody gave me money for implants I’d do the same thing.

  183. Hmm,free titty implants…how about free breast reduction surgery because that’s what I want?

  184. ty giles and for the record i have nothing against you, i just jumped in b/c it looked like a hot topic.

  185. I think I would have waited until I actually got the free boobs before I got the tattoo.

  186. #

    Most lesbians have a stronger self image than heterosexual women… apparently. The media doesn’t often portray lesbian women anywhere near as often as straight women.

    Posted by Giles Wallwork on June 26th, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    Are you seriously even trying to open that $hit up now you want to add sterotyping to your long list of offences you jerk.

  187. “Blahh Blahh BLahhh”Posted by Giles Wallwork
    Ur so fucking stupid its pathetic …

  188. Quite a lot of men learn the basics of feminism and wield them like a stick against women. It’s bizarre. And gross.

  189. giles – i understand your argument, and while i do hear you, i must disagree in some of your points. i agree when you say that people shouldn’t do something for acceptance. however, i must disagree when you say someone wanting breast implants is doing it just to fit in. you’ve studied, you’ve read books, but have you really asked a real woman on their opinion. it sounds like you’re saying that all women can’t make choices because they want to, but because they have to do it for others. i’m not speaking for all women, which, you and i CAN’T do, when i say that my decisions are for myself and i can stand by them.

  190. For those who haven’t quite understood the arguments here (Kyle, Bradly, Jordyn, Hatamot27T etc etc).

    Sigmund Freud observed that recipients of criticism often respond badly sometimes even confusing the issues deliberately in an effort to understand them. It is a perfectly understandable defence mechanism so whilst your mails on the topic are of little use, they are at least forgivable.


  191. Ophelia – “it sounds like you’re saying that all women can’t make choices because they want to, but because they have to do it for others.”

    Not at all and this is the point I have made time and time again often with misinterpretaion. Not once have I claimed that ALL women make their choices based on the whim of others. What I have said is that there is constant, consistent and overwhelming influence from society and the media and advertising to make the choices they want.

    The demands placed on women to conform to a stereotypical image are enormous and one of the most successful things the media has done is make women believe they NEED breast enlargements, make up, hair care etc and that their decisions to do buy into this image are their own.

  192. the media has done is make women believe they NEED breast enlargements, make up, hair care etc and that their decisions to do buy into this image are their own.Posted by Giles
    ur just so fuckin stupid ur view point falls into bitch how the fuck can u keep telling me that im fucking up ur selfesteeme It’s called ur fucking SELF-esteeme besdies that fact that ur mom got the herpes she gave me off a toilet seat after sitting on it after ur uncle jake

  193. [b]What I have said is that there is constant, consistent and overwhelming influence from society and the media and advertising to make the choices they want.[/b]

    I agree with that. But I do think that all the ideas that the media put pressure on are things that have come about naturally anyway, the media didn’t invent any of it, it’s just the general population’s opinion. After all, the media is just loads of people.. not some big un-human force.

    Like has been said before, it’s biology.

    And about your reasoning thing.. why can’t that person have the same reasons as you for modifying her body by removing a mole? If you are saying it’s not possible for her to have a reason other that media pressure or whatever, then how is it possible for you to have a reason to modify your body other than pressure and influence?

  194. >>And about your reasoning thing.. why can’t that person have the same reasons as you for modifying her body by removing a mole?

    My mods are not designed to make me more confident or more appealling to others, they are purely there to show my connectedness to certain cultural beliefs and to distance myself from mainstream aesthetic values. They are neither fashion accessories or gimicks to boost any psychological disfunction.

    That said, I do like the look of them 😀

  195. Giles= Elitist fuckin snob with nothing better to do then sit at home reading books rather then living in the real world.
    I’m not sure who is blowing smoke up your ass Giles but quite frankly all your comments on this make you look like a fuckin tosser.

    Congratulations to fancy heart and thank god to everyone who has stood up to Giles’s bullshit.

  196. hm, ok, well I have no right to bash your reasons, so I won’t. But you should do the same.

  197. But the ideal standard of beauty has changed dramatically historically, and throughout different cultures. Beauty standards have always been a class issue: traits associated with the wealthy are considered beautiful. Only the rich can afford plastic surgery, after all. I have a hard time accepting that the current beauty standards are determined by biology because they are, by nature, classist and racist.

    In my opinion, the very notion this site gives that women with small (or medium-sized…) breasts are a charity case is awful and enforces the idea that women are defective by nature. It’s a bit hard to believe that every single woman pictured on that site is persuing the current ideal body type (notice they’re all thin and attractive to begin with) out of genuine body dysmorphia…

  198. As a final note regarding this issue I just want to thank those who have sent supportive mails to my IAM and those who (understandably) don’t wish to contribute here due to the barrage of abuse that often follows.

    Especially worrying are those females who wrote to me who do have negative body image issues and understand the pressure to conform.

    It is sad that a list dedicated to one of the great artistic expressions of the self has become home to abusive idiots such as Rex, Kyle, Bradly, Jordyn and Noisy. It never used to be so bad.

    Peace out.

  199. y’know what? i say kudos. if implants make her feel good, isn’t that what bodmods are all about? as a post above says, love the life you love.

  200. Always kind of interesting to see how, in an argument, “enlightened” or “intelligent” really just means that the person agrees with you. And everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot, right?
    So many people on all sides of the argument can be so narrowminded.
    Yeah, I’m female. And yes, I’ve noticed how society manipulates me. But the thing is, I can think for myself. I have this thing called a brain, yes? So I see society pressuring me to be thin, and I ignore it. And now I’m exercising and eating healthier because I would like to not gasp for breath after running a half a block. I see the media pressuring me to look a certain way, act a certain way, and yeah, sometimes I go along with what society wants, because it just happens to coincide with what I want and who I am. And the rest of the time, when society’s desires and my own are at odds, I go with what I want still.
    So she got breast implants. She wanted breast implants and she got them. And it doesn’t matter who else may have tried to pressure her into it or out of it. It doesn’t matter if other people like them or not, because they’re her damn boobies and she should be able to do whatever the hell she wants with them.

  201. I think, through Freud’s reasoning (which Giles should comprehend as he used it himself), Giles’ mother likely had small tits, and while breastfeeding he likely got attached to them. Now he uses, subconsciously, feminism to support a belief that women shouldn’t get implants because it subjugates them; in all reality, Giles just likes small boobs and is trying to mold the world into an aesthetic he prefers.


  202. to say ALL women that get boob jobs are women that just want to mould themselves into what mainstream society wants them to be is so off.

    i believe the following would be more accurate…SOME women choose to augment their breasts due to social pressures while others choose to augment their breasts for personal reasons which have nothing to do with how others will react.

    the same could be said for virtually any other body modification…for example, SOME people choose to get tattoos because it’s the COOL thing to do while others choose to get tattoos for personal reasons which have nothing to do with how others react.

    i’m just an average 24 year old woman and i would TOTALLY get a breast enhancement if i could afford one! if i had the opportunity to have someone else pay for it?! hot damn, i’d be all over it. why? not because i feel inadequate (i’m a big girl with already ample breasts) but because i LIKE nice large perky breasts…whether natural or “fake”.

    giles…get off your high horse.

  203. just a quick question for giles, as well..

    i left the IAM community a few years ago (ya know, because there were so many people quick to stand on their soap box to spew their beliefs and pass judgement on others…), therefore i am unable to access your photo gallery…

    but i was just wondering…why did you choose the glasses you chose? was it because they were the only frames offered to you? perhaps it was because you felt a deep rooted desire for and strong connection to them? or could it possibly be because they’re a trendy popular choice amongst today’s young adults?

  204. Hmmm im not really happy that gialse warlick has decided to make this whole thread about themselves ..Thats just wrong I on the other hand would like to take this time to thank my sponsers(jack and Jill) for without them i would hae never made it up the hill .;My suggestion to the women hair if u are indeed feeling the pressure to conforn turn the valve of influnce down,unplug ur tv,cut off the cable stop reading the glamour based magizines and switch to the all new prozac enhanced trident sugarless bubble gum just chew on one pice a day for at least 5 minutes and u no longer have to brush ur teeth and it will elivate ur mood at the same time(side effedts maybe be as follows real or imagined mental realated illnesses and lock jaw)+__*(

  205. Giles writes:
    “Whether you like it or not women are under incredible pressure to conform to images of beauty and sexiness that are enforced by the media, that is a fact. It doesn’t make them weak willed in any way at all, it does however make them an unfortunate victim of a society obsessed with appearance.”

    Okay. I’m willing to buy that.

    But in the year 2007, can you really claim that the other body modifications celebrated on this site haven’t the similar pressures? I mean, face it, stretched lobes and “out there” piercings are answering to a certain aesthetic now, a certain cool “look.” Everyone and their cousin is stretching their lobes now, you can’t see how for many people it’s the very same commodification of rebellion that’s been going on forever? It’s been “cool” to be “against societal norms” for a very long time.

  206. Giles,

    Freud also wrote a great deal about penis envy. I think perhaps if he had met you he may have written about breast envy.


  207. #113 And Giles.. a lot of what you are saying is pretty offensive to women, so your whole “oh I care about womens feelings etc.” thing is kinda backfiring.
    Posted by Lucy on June 26th, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    #114 Lucy – not really, sorry.
    Posted by Giles Wallwork on June 26th, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    Solid response, Giles. How dare you say you are not offending women and this is not back firing if so many women on here are expressing how they are absoloutely revolted by you and your comments? How dare you deny Lucy’s feelings? By disregarding and denying women’s expressions, you have clearly demonstrated your conformity to how society deems men should treat women.

    My advice to you: Open your ears and listen to women rather than attempt to speak for them. You are doing a LOT more harm than you believe you’re doing good.

  208. Akibare – In 2007 yes you are right many people do body modifications as a fashion statement, it wasn’t always the way though.

    Mimi – “why did you choose the glasses you chose? “. Simple, I chose them because they were given to me by a friend.

    Kyle – “you are quite the judge of character Giles” You are free to prove me wrong Kyle.

  209. This is really quite interesting. I asked if you really does believe yourself to be some sort of super-genius — seeing things the rest of us somehow cannot — in the only message I address to you, and I suddenly find myself to be labeled an abusive idiot. In what way was my asking those questions abusive, Giles? I think they were entirely reasonable. One could certain suspect, from the “believe” followed by the “the facts remain” in post #49 that you do indeed believe that people are wrong when they say they know why they do something.

    Pressure to conform is everywhere. Mainstream society at large exerts pressure, but so to do many — perhaps even most — sub- and countercultures. Saying that one MUST resist the mainstream is itself exerting pressure. I’d be a rich man indeed if I had a penny for every “am I {insert subculture name here} enough to not be rejected by my {insert subculture name here} friends?” questions, discussions, arguments, or general angst that I’ve seen/read/overheard. This includes discussions along the lines of, “if someone only has a pierced navel, are they bodmod enough?” which, I assure you, I have seen.

    As I said, pressure to conform is everywhere. Advertising, for instance. They way you talk about Madison Ave. and the media spending billions — that’s beyond obvious. I very, very vaguely recall a short article I once read on advertising. It was written at a sixth-grade level, so I read it at some point in elementary school. Mention of things like the Follow The Herd technique, saying that bazillions of people want to buy Brand X so you’ll want to buy it to avoid feeling left out. Or hiring personalities to shill for whatever, so you’ll buy it because you like them. (A number of ad techniques are merely slicked-up reworkings of elementary-school-playground popularity games, after all.) That this happens really isn’t as big a surprise to everyone as you seem to think it is, given the somewhat breathless way you repeat it as if you’re telling us something we don’t already know. After reading that article in elementary school I could see it everywhere. Sometimes I buy the popular thing, sometimes I buy the unpopular thing — that’s called, buying what I want to buy. True freedom in buying decisions, you might say. I don’t shy away from something because others might think I’m too mainstream, or not mainstream enough, if I indulge in it.

    Anyway, onward.

    The way that you mentioned, several times, that Fancy Heart hadn’t explained why she wanted breast implants, aroused my suspicions. It made me suspect that you were waiting to hear her reason(s), so you could judge it/them as proper or not. (After seeing the way you used the words “should” and “wrong” in post #104, well…) Then you use the word “forgivable” in message #249. This only reinforces my suspicions that you fancy yourself as worthy to judge.

    As for quoting Freud in post #249, I would recommend that people read Richard Webster’s “Why Freud Was Wrong” and Dr. Frederick Crews’ “The Memory Wars: Freud’s Legacy in Dispute.” Only after reading such works, in addition to the works of Freud’s supporters, can people really make up their minds as to whether or not Freud is someone to respect.

    What you say about distancing yourself from mainstream aesthetics (post #253) reminds me of something. Years ago, on a listserv dedicated to a subculture that received (still receives, reallY) scorn and abuse from the mainstream, one individual was particulary strident in his hatred of/contempt for anything mainstream. On more than one occasion he literally said that he watches what the mainstream does, and then he does the opposite. He either could not, or WOULD not, understand that this meant he wasn’t thinking for himself, he was still following (albeit in a retrograde way) mainstream society. I wonder if perhaps you’re so intent upon distancing yourself from the mainstream, that you’re thinking for yourself, as little as he was. I maintained, and still maintain, that the true freethinker is one who picks up things (ideas, music, aesthetics, behaviors, etc) according to his own opinion of them, regardless of whether or not mainstream society agrees or disagrees with any of them.

    That’s sufficient, I think. But in closing I think I’ll revisit your insult.

    Labelling me an abusive idiot for posing those questions… Argumentum ad hominem betrays an inner doubt in one’s argument, and/or in one’s ability to press one’s case, dear boy. (And by engaging in ad hominems you’ve relinquished all right to complain that others have slung them at you. Throwing that insult really said much about you, and nothing about me.)

    Ah well. You’ll no doubt write off this message as more idiotic abuse. Or would you call it abusive idiocy?

    That’s okay. Feel free to call me all the nasty names you want, and insult my intelligence to whatever degree tickles your fancy. It doesn’t bother me.

  210. Wow…what little research some people do. Have you ever heard of due diligence? It’s what we intelligent folk do before opening our uneducated, ignorant mouths. I really enjoy how the BAAPS hast been sited in this thread. I have debated there surgeons on the BBC for weeks and they’ve all ran off with there tails between there legs. Why? Because they didn’t do there research. They looked at MFI at face value without talking to female members, male members, doctors we’ve worked with, founders, etc. You cannot thoroughly summarize a community website and it’s practices by spending a few minutes scanning the site. It’s idiotic. The

    Let me give you some facts from someone who’s been with MFI since day one.

    -The website has paid for every single woman to get her surgery (there is no scam…any competing website can make something up)
    -The website is completely medically safe and requires all women get a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon before receiving funding (yes the BAAPS was wrong)
    -MFI will fund over $500,000 for women to get breast augmentations in 2007
    -It does not sell its soul to banner ads or 3rd party service provides to stalk its members
    -It is a not for profit company (i.e. the founders do this as charity and have taken zero salaries)
    -We are a community website just like BME! We just happen to support body modification in a different fashion. How you can hate on us…I’ll never know!

    Lastly, Lindsay I’ll see you in the ATL when you get your free boobs from MFI…


  211. Wow – this is some hot stuff! I can’t believe I actually read all that…

    Very interesting, and enlightening, from all the different angles. My two cents would be to support Giles. I don’t necessarily agree with his opinions, but his conviction in his (many!) argument(s) is commendable. One thing I would say is that Giles would save his fingers a lot of wear and tear if he referenced what he was saying. I’d be intrigued to know where the lesbian women body image study came from, for example.

    And congratulations to Fancy Heart on a cute tat, and on her new rack!

  212. Nikkibunny – Cheers for the comments. Am happy to provide sourced evidence but this ModBlog entry is looking more and more like a dissertation for me. My poor little fingers are nubs !!!

  213. Since people from the site keep commenting on here I’d still really be interested in seeing data comparing reductions vs implants.

  214. Giles,

    I am curious … What cultural beliefs are you connecting with? Your mods being fashion accessories are in the eye of the beholder as well. Not an attack on you but alot of your posts come off like how you see things is the only way that matter. You seem to want to make blanket statements over what mods are ok to have and what aren’t. Your statements about women only choosing to get breast implants because of the media etc makes it sound like noone can make rational decisions on their own. I mean sure some women get them because they were pressured to a certain image by the media, or by their boyfriends/girlfriends. At the same time alot of women choose to get implants for her own personal reasons. Look how many people get spur of the moment tattoos and piercings without thinking them over or by pressure from someone. Why does it feel like you are not condemning those same people for making rash decisions on the mods they choose to get for their body. How would you judge me and the mods I want done on my body? I am skinny by most defintions of the word yet I wear a corset to create a more hourglassed figure. I wax every bit of hair off my body except for the hair on my head. I want breasts implants to add a little more shape to myself. I have one tattoo on my arm and I have another planned for my back. I don’t do these mods to become more sexy in the eyes of men , infact I could care less about what men thought of my looks. I do these things because it is what makes me happy and how I want myself to look. If fancy heart chooses to get breast implants because she likes fake breasts, why is a simple reason like that not acceptable?

  215. i tried to read all the comments but i couldn’t quite make it through some of the lack of insight and some of the misogyny displayed by everyone. but i am wondering why no one has picked up on the glaring, inherent, undeniable sexism of this site: it is women (and transwomen) getting the boob jobs, and MEN supplying the money. that really stood out to me.

  216. Giles – with regard to your post #249 “For those who haven’t quite understood the arguments here (Kyle, Bradly, Jordyn, Hatamot27T etc etc).”

    The post from Hatamot27T I assume you are referring to is #237 – You feel that this person has missed the point of your argument. I myself ask then that you please clarify what you meant when you said “I am more than within my right to address issues of how women are portrayed in society, more so than most women.”

    Obviously you are within your rights to address these issues, as we all are, but what exactly makes you MORE SO THAN MOST WOMEN? What makes anyone MORE within their rights than anyone else? If you aren’t referring to the study you have done, making you more within your rights (as you feel you are more informed), then what do you mean?

    I don’t need anyone to speak or decide for me as a person, let alone becasue I’m a woman. I speak for me, and I don’t speak for others.

  217. thank god for giles. breast implants are quite different than the mods featured on this site (for the most part). Breast implants are done FOR OTHERS because women have internalized the idea that their physical appearance is all they have to measure their worth by, and YES this is backed up scientifically – this topic was used as an example in my anthro class of how we internalize social pressures until we cannot distinguish these desires from our own. it isn’t about making yourself how you see yourself, it is about making yourself more of what a woman “should” be. it is also very dangerous to a woman’s health. 🙁

  218. Anyone wanting to discuss this further can post comments on my Iam page where I have posted two articles up.

    1) Pressure to be perky: Society leads college women to get breast augmentations By: Catherine Callister


    2) Negative Body Image in Society

  219. You may also wish to read

    “Unachievable Standards – An Analysis of the Female Gender Role and Body Dissatisfaction
    Melissa Mason”

    Which is a rather fine piece on what has been discussed here.

  220. Shannon you really need to stop posting women on Modblog. Clearly we’re too fat/skinny/hairy/ugly/pretty/dumb/smart/typical Shannon fantasy/can’t think for ourselves/think for ourselves too much/too slutty/too many lame star tattoos/have foreheads that are too big/hips too bony and hell knows what else.

  221. A word to the wise – In my studuies I have discovered that an alarmingly high rate of women with breast implants commit suicide. If your self esteem and self body image is that poor you need psychological help – having some silicone shoved in you won’t make it go away! Also they look fake, rigid and horrible! Eew! I’d much rather see a natural A cup than a fake EE – small breasts are, in my opinion, the most beautiful.

  222. so I am sitting here reading all of the posts on breast implants and the website. And I wanted to add a comment that some of us while making good money on a steady incme would welcome a breast implant to better our bodies for ourselfs and no one else…I mean I would love to fill out my bikini the way I have always dreamed…not double E’s but a sufficiant full C would be ideal for me…so if I wanted to become part of this website where you dont HAVE to post nude pictures of yourself but the men seem to want to help you then where exactly is the crime in all of this??? It seems to me that this is all consentual and if someone doesnt want to dump all of their savings at once or add another financing bill onto their cresit report then how much different is it from getting the surgery financed through a company except you are getting it financed through individuals…and the most they want out of you is a friendly, non sexual conversation???

  223. Honestly I agree with Giles on this entire ordeal.

    What these ladies on this site are doing is nothing worse than prostitution.

    It’s pathetic.

    The person who sent in the submission sounds like a fraud anyway. Too botty for my taste. I think it’s fake. -shrug-

  224. There are crucial differences between the kind of body modification which is generally celebrated on this blog, and getting standard breast implants.

    The difference is that with tattoos, piercings, subdermals, ear reshaping, or whatever, you are meant to notice the modification as modification. These modifications generally increase the distance between the modified body and the ‘perfect’, ‘normal’ body which is pushed on us by the media. In other words, these modifications open up a space for difference, resistance and change.

    Breast implants, on the other hand, in the vast majority of cases are intended to make the body resemble more closely the ‘ideal’ female body that we are confronted with every day. Instead of diversifying the kinds of beauty we can appreciate, they close it down. By modifying yourself to conform more closely to a culturally hegemonic ideal, you are reinforcing the power of that ideal. This cycle then perpetuates itself as it makes the next generation of women feel more insecure about their own bodies in turn.

    There are valid reasons for distinguishing between the body modification generally featured on this blog (and on bme generally), and breast implants. One is associated with resistance, heterogeneity, and difference; the other with conformity, homogeneity, and the status quo. It is legitimate to make this distinction, and disingenuous to pretend that there’s no difference at all between having your body sucked and pumped to resemble an enforced ideal, and changing your body to try to reflect your own sense of aesthetics.

    Maybe some tattoos have become a bit too common and reflect their own sort of conformity, but that doesn’t detract from the general point. Furthermore, the very different cultural histories of tattooing/piercing/suspension/etc. and breast implants/liposuction should also be taken into account.

    Finally, as a separate point, the letter featured on the blog post reads exactly like a typical pyramid scheme / scam letter. “I thought it must be too good to be true… but then I thought what have I got to lose?… and lo and behold, it turned out to be amazing and I’m just telling you about it because I want to share the GREAT NEWS!”

  225. I know this comment comes really late but as a mfi girl I just had to say that not all the girls there want huge boobs, we all have different reason’s for wanting implants, mine is that I had breast cancer at the age of 18, now I don’t really have boobs big enough to even fit in a training bra, I don’t want DD’s I just want to feel normal again, and no my insurence would not cover it because it’s cosmetic surgery, so don’t judge someone like me or her because you don’t know our situation, hope you are enjoying the new breasts girl and I hope to have mine soon

  226. i never thought id say this, but i heart giles intensely after reading (some of) this…if only for his UNCANNY ability to finangle panties into knots.

    having been born with the genes to provide a rack of near-otherworldly quality…i do not relate at all to these women. not even a little. ‘but…alyssa, you have big titties…you MUST understand why we want them TOO!’ nope. hunching for hours over an intense mmorpg has taught me that being able to draw the male eye DIRECTLY to my torso within seconds is not worth the back pain.

  227. i am a bit late to this convo i’m sure, but as someone who will be getting breast augmentation ASAP i feel the need to say this much…
    out of ALL the people i have told about my plans for breast implants, i’d say nine in ten men are against it. some of my closest male freinds have replied with basic disgust that i would ‘do that to myself’ or tell me i am ‘fine the way i am’
    so i can say honestly that i am doing this for none other than me. i don’t watch telivision, and rarely the news, the closest thing to ‘media’ that i encounter is the net (by the way boys, big is only in on the porn sights, popular media is all about moderation, including breast size) and then it is mostly this site.
    i want larger breasts simply because i think they will look good on me, give a better sence of proportion to my body, and despite the resistance i am facing from most of the people close to me, it will make me happy.
    a man should never claim to be a womans freind, and then tell her what is best for her. in doing so, your the same as the media telling her big breasts are best for her, how can people be so blind to themselves?

  228. Seriously,

    Any guy willing to donate money for boobs some other guy gets to play with is the lowest form of a CHUMP. The only good thing I can see coming out of this is a guy realizing what a loser he is and changing his life.

  229. you want big boobs…. I have been trying to get rid of mine. no one ever looks at my face….. … . . .. …

  230. ppl r very rude and inconsiderate. I was brought up with the motto “if u don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. congratulations on ur implants!

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