Ooops, your nipple is showing

That means Molly Muffin, pierced at Skin Graffix in Belleville, Ontario, won’t be able to post this on Naked Wars (the site all about full nudity, minus the full nudity)!

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31 thoughts on “Ooops, your nipple is showing

  1. I like how the her body is framed by the guitar.

    Also, the facial expressions of some of the people on Naked Wars are absolutely priceless.

  2. Mabye you should go see if you need vision corection there giles.The first thing I spotted was the marilyn peirceing and how can you possably miss the peirced nipple.Or were you attempting to make a clever jab at Shannon?

  3. She’s gorgeous, as is her guitar.

    Oh, and Giles, first thing I noticed was her stretched ear, then her pierced nipple…

  4. awww jeeeeeez shannon…where do you keep diggin’ these photos up? *blush*

    everyone come to bmefest tomorrow. that is a direct order from a modbloggee.

  5. p.s in response to the comments about my guitar, that is a custom carving done by my very best friend. both the guitar and pick guard are carved. ca c’est fantastique, non?

  6. Why “oops, your nipple is showing”? Isn’t that how every woman (and man) looks like?

  7. I lurve MollyMoo.

    She has two breasts by the way, and they’re both kinda nice (I guess).

    By posting this she has 29 comments and I have 28.


  8. 1) that’s hot :)

    2) I’m originally from Belleville. Nice to see someone else who knows the area.

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