27 thoughts on “Scars to cover up scars!

  1. Wow! Scarification chestpieces are cool. What a lot of work to go through to cover up a small surface piercing scar, though! I love how evenly raised it is; if I could guarantee results like that I’d get a scarification in a flash.

  2. Blair’s talent amazes me. I feel lucky to have work by him. That scar is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m not ususally a fan of big raised scars.

  3. beautiful 🙂 I ve always wondered is it the cutting technique or personal healing factor that determines if a scar will raise like this?

  4. wow. if i had something like that on me i dont think i would be able to stop touching myself. i just wanna run my hands over it. its so beautiful.

  5. wooow…
    I think that this is the best scar I’ve seen so far… absolute stunning…. makes me re-think about my whole covering up scar from surgorey

  6. i have never seen a scarification piece come out to perfectly. i’m in love!

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