32 thoughts on “Is this too explicit for a non-blurred picture?

  1. I don’t think it’s too explicit to be non-blurred. But I spent last night wincing my way through the free samples from the pay section.

  2. obviously not, i mean hey, its got sponge bob.what could possibly need to be blurred if its got sponge bob? ;P

  3. i’m surprised anyone took the time to notice spongebob. s’definitely not what i was lookin’ at.

  4. I didn’t notice spongebob either… I don’t think it’s too explicit. What is the blood from? That is totally hot by the way…I really like the gloves also, not just because it’s the clean thing to do, but gloves are pretty hot.

  5. the blood is from a failed inverse navel piercing attempt. i found it quite odd that i bled so much, actually. i don’t usually bleed. there’s another shot in one of my mod-trackers.

  6. so i think the closest spongebob is the funniest thing ever, his are direted in the best way possible, and the heart just sums up what every one is thinking

  7. I was wondering where all the blood was coming from, until #16… One more time now, “Ooohhhh… Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”

  8. Definately not too explicit! Mmmm hipbones, blood, latex gloves, hot piercing…perfect picture!

  9. Actually, in all honesty I don’t think anything should be blurred out unless people specifically ask for it. Amazing picture though.

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