Pride Day Wings

Amy Willmore at Twisted Images did this piercing project for the Pride Parade in their town of Louisville, KY.

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16 thoughts on “Pride Day Wings

  1. Very cute, actually. But… in a parade, I kinda twitch at the thought of someone running into them or grabbing them by accident. Though I guess it would hurt a lot less there than elsewhere.

  2. So cute, but like above, I’m concerned about the risks of someone grabbing onto them and… :S

    …..they are surface bars. Amy is my piercer, i watched her bending those wings into shape right after she pierced my labret @ a 4ga. its something she has done for a couple years now. i’m not sure if it is the same person wearing them or not, but i know she does them ever year for the pride parade. she would never use saftey pins, ever.

  4. Amy is an swesome piercer and totally knows what she’s doing. She would NEVER use saftey pins.

    Now I want fairy wings!

  5. Justin Route, I dont think they were referring to how the piercing was done, but more how the wings were attached to the piercing. And it does look like safety pins. Also, this is a BAD idea, even for play piercing, for such a public event.Think of contamination, and of possible trauma!

  6. i’m going to ask her how they were attatched, but i’m pretty sure there has never been a problem tearing or healing, and they have done it several times before.

  7. It’s not saftey pins!!! that is part of the wire used to form the wings, it extends out from the frame of the wings and wraps around the surface bar, just inderneath the ball. check out the ritual>playpiercing gallery for a closeup.

  8. Lily, i just got done talking with amy about this. for the past three years, this has been done on the same person, and amy and natalie both walk with him during the parade to make sure no one touches them, they carry with them gloves and antiseptics, bandages and anything else they could possibly need. once the parade ends, they go to a secure area to remove and bandage him before he takes part in the rest of the pride festivities.

    so there is no room for cross contamination, no chance of trauma, and absolutely no saftey pins. just pure gay-pride play piercing mod love.

    please trust that amy has this all under conrol, relax and enjoy the mod love !!!

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