18 thoughts on “Full Back Cross Scar

  1. Wow, great. I love it. Especially how the scars have the color of bubble gum 🙂

    Thanks Shannon for posting also an after pic.

  2. This makes me want a scarification done SO bad, more so than ever.
    Anyone know a place in western pa or anywhere in oh where this could be done?? 🙂

  3. healed up quite nicely.
    I like the fresh, healing and (almost) healed photos.

    it really is bubblegum pink isn’t it? 😀

  4. These are the kinds of scars I like! I’m not a fan of keloids, and I really like how evenly it’s healing. Would love to see a picture a few months down the road!

  5. Heh, I like the first picture best, but not really practical with a white tshirt!! 😉

    Looks good healed, allthough I’m not much fan of crosses or other religious symbols…

  6. Is the last pic completely healed then? After two and a half weeks? Or does it take longer?
    *is ignorant* It’s really nice though. I love the first pic. And its really good to see pics of how it heals. 🙂

  7. It looks so cool, I should know, its on my back, thanks for comments. Hehehe I dont like religious icons really, but, i reckon the romans were on to something..lol

  8. As an afterthought guys 7 years on. (to all who posted to this.) Its healed kinda hidden. Its not seen when my skin is white. Only when tanned on a beach (like NJ USA does it stand out like a sore thumb.) I now live in NJ and OMG do I like going down the Jersey Shore topless n tanned. I see alot of New Yorkers with body art n stuff.

    I seen only 1 that is a tattoo (on a back) that looks better than mine (the (a) constillation of stars) that matches up to hirogliphics of egyption art.
    It looked amazing on this dudes back.

    We were like ‘yeah nice dude’.


    (btw my bad spelling) 😉

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