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  1. Nifty…I’m currently working on something sorta like this, except mine are parallel, and as of right now I only have 2. (Haha, so not really like this at all.) The helix-lobe is cool.

  2. Is it just me, or do the top 2 bars look totally shoddily done?

    Both of the holes that are closest to the head look like crap- I mean, one is like barely holding on, and the other has that massive keloid /blister / tumor abomination coming off of it.

    And as far as the helix to lobe bar, isn’t the way that’s in the helix really non-viable for long term wear and tear?

    Not to say that there aren’t some cool ideas here, but I mean, maybe a little forethought would help??

  3. That just looks like a white haired older person with red ears to me. They don’t look too recent and I don’t see anything in the writing that would indicate that. My gramps has red ears just like this. But who knows. I think it’s totally cool to see a um… ahem… ‘white hair’ with piercings like this.

  4. What’s going on with the top hole of the ‘regularly’ placed scaffold? It looks like it’s pierced on the surface..

  5. wow…sleeping with just one industrial is difficult enough (at times), so i have to give some props to someone willing to put up with this!
    interesting idea, but yes…the bars for the industrials look both poorly placed (one looks too shallow) and too short to accomodate swelling/god knows what’s growing there.

  6. #2- I don’t know about this guy, but that’s the way my industrials healed…those keloid growth things would show up soon after I got it done, and then they’d go away. My other ear piercings have done this too…maybe it’s new-ish?
    And I just noticed this, but the curved helix to lobe bar…it doesn’t even look like the bottom part is through the lobe at all…I liked it before but now I’m slightly confused.

  7. Trickydick (and Lucy) – Only the very front one looks shallow to me, and because it’s the “top” placement in terms of how high the bar has to sit, I think it’s probably within reason. That was my guess, because the rest are nice and deep.

  8. Sara, I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that problem can be avoided by piercing cartilage with needles that are a size larger than the jewelry. I guess that guy will know for next time, but I mean, if I was going to attract that much attention to my ear, I’d want that bump gone in a hurry. And as far as the Helix to lobe bar, it looks like the lobe side has a slave bead that connects to an orbital through the lobe.

    Shannon- that bar doesn’t even look like it goes through cartilage- it looks like it’s just through the skin. Doesn’t that make it a higher risk for rejection?

  9. Thanks TrickyDick. It doesn’t much matter, because they disappear rather quickly, but for future reference I’ll keep that in mind and mention it to my piercer. And now that you’ve explained the lobe part it makes much more sense. 🙂

  10. i like the look of a double industrial. and this one is very different, but i like it. it looks a little irritated and slightly angry though…

  11. man, i can barely sleep with a couple of helix piercings. i bet he’d have to get used to sleeping on his face, unless he’s got facial piercings… and that would really suck.

  12. Is that a slave ring tragus to inner conch to transverse lobe? Does the conch portion just go through the conch or vertically down through the lobe (if that makes any sense)? It looks very interesting (and painful) either way.

  13. I quite like the idea of this, but I think it’s a bit much, the helix to lobe one I really like. It just looks a bit cluttered.

  14. Lumps on industrial piercings are commonly caused by the angles being not quite perfect. But there are plenty of other reasons for bumps on piercings =)

  15. from what I’m seeing with the two industrials is that the person didn’t have a suitable helix ridge.

    First off the one with the scar tissue is that way because its obvious the barbell in it is too short and needs a couple mm’s extra in length to reduce pressure being applied.

    As for the other one its clearly through the skin and not the cartilage…Which was probably done that way based on the one industrial that’s there, so that they could make it “fit”.

    Personally I think it’d have been more suitable if a custom bent barbell was utilized where the parts of the barbell that go through the ridge are straight but when it comes to be in contact with the other industrial, its rounded a bit to give it some buffer zone between the two barbells.

    It’s really hard to say but I’m wondering if the forward helix portion is even suitable for this…As it clearly has less of a defined ridge as the outer helix portions, based on the shadows that I’m seeing.

  16. The Industrial which isn’t too deep wasn’t done by me, it had pushed out to this point & stopped (and is still in the same spot to this day, 12 months later). The lump on the other industrial subsided quickly and is now perfect.

    The tragus is a slave barbell to vertical transverse lobe to horizontal transverse lobe.

    The lobe is an orbital slave barbell to front helix.

    This particular customer has the exact same project on both ears, he absolutely loves it, it’s what he wanted and while it’s not for everyone it’s his personal choice.

    Every one of these piercings had healed but the verticle transverse lobe and lobe orbitals have recently been removed to simplify the look.

    His ears are always this red because he works outdoors.

  17. Taking into account the size of Canberra, I’m finding it weird that I’ve never heard of ‘tattoo culture’.

  18. hey, hugh.. i love it, especially the helix-lobe.. feel free to do one on my ear 🙂 say hi to all please, and i’ll come harass you soon!!

  19. yeah thats a bit too many for me, but i do like the two up the top
    i think ill stear clear of the helix all togther,
    other than that, well done, looks pretty sweet

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