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  1. #2…can u call it man on man tho… its just a one man show tonight 😛

    but yeh…more man on man [=

  2. I love being an instigator. My Autofellatio forum is the best!!! And now maybe more of you guys will have the balls to POST!!!!
    Love ya, oncemore!!!!!!

  3. i feel like I’m the only one grossed out by this self fellatio.. the idea of him eating his own cum just grosses me out in ways im having trouble verbalizing.

  4. Well he’s very flexible but it doesn’t look like self-fellatio so much as a handjob to me? His tongue barely reaches his piercing in that first pic.

  5. the whole cliche of “guys wouldn’t need women if we were able to suck our own dicks” is such a load of shit, imho. Even if I could, there’d be no way I’d wanna suck my own dick. That’s just gross.

  6. I do not agree with people who have problems with their own bodily functions. Especially the fun ones.

  7. i’ve done that! except i’m not flexible enough to get my mouth even close to my cock. a boy can dream though, right?

  8. and for some reason it cut off my message… Let’s try this again.
    Simply put Love it!
    Sides we need more love for the female BME viewers as it is :p

  9. guys eating their own come is hot. when they refuse, it’s like saying “my come is good enough for YOUR mouth, but not mine.” that’s the degrading part.

  10. #24 I dunno. I don’t care to taste my own breastmilk yet I feed it to my babies. Is that therefore degrading to my babies?

    I also have NO problem with the taste of my husband’s cum but I’m not into tasting my own.

  11. 27: not unless breastfeeding is a sexual act to you.

    i think everyone should try their own at some point. you don’t have to like it, you just have to be willing to go through what your partner goes through. if you & your husband agree that neither of you want to, there’s no problem. neither of you are dating me. 😀

  12. homosexual, but i guess if he is happy then power to him, just not something that turns my crank

  13. #30 – I agree… If a guy is going to expect a woman to guzzle his cum, the least they can do is have a little taste too…

    Not that I am going to be sucking my own any time soon.

    I’m simply not flexible enough…

  14. I”m just glad to see another guy with a foreskin who’s gone for the PA. There seems precious little information out there for such things, and it’s about the only thing putting me off getting one myself; in that, I’ve no idea how it’ll look, or how it will heal with a foreskin. This just shows that it’ll look good, and that (presumably) it’ll heal fine!

    And #25, no, it’s not gay. It’s just human nature to taste things. 😀

  15. Wow! I absolutely adore this photo! Not only would I like to see more photography of this sort, but I think it would be the only type of pornography I’d agree to pay for. There are so many websites catering to men and women who enjoy the naked, pierced female body these days. I love the female body as much as the male body, but I have never seen a website dedicated to showing off the naked, pierced male body in this way. (If anybody knows of anything, send me a IAM message though!) Especially one that seems to be so comfortable with his sexuality, which I think is the sexiest part of these two pictures, overall. Thank you Shannon!

  16. I knew Guy was going to make ModBlog one of these days!
    Good on ya, mate.

  17. Giles: yes, I know he has a piercing, but who on this site has never seen a PA before? What he’s doing is infinitely more comment-worthy!

    For those who want to see more of this sort of thing, SGAK has pretty impressive photos on his page of him doing something similar (I hope he won’t mind me posting the link to his page, but damn I loved those photos the first time I saw them!)

  18. So…can he reach?
    Also, it probably helps that his penis reaches his belly button anyway, but still, I’m impressed, and completely turned on.

  19. I could do this… and did quite often ages 12 to 14. I would never swallow my own though, I cant stand the way it taste- and yeah im gay.

  20. hey, I’m here, and I had no idea this was!

    Cheers Shannon…does this make me famous?

    oh, and by the way, I’m completely straight…does masturbation and self gratification make me gay? Someone’s a bit blinkered.

  21. mat c, healing a PA while being intact is not a problem just get pierced with a circular barbell. You can fit your foreskin between the gap in the ring. It worked for me.

  22. guys giving themself head is completely possible, i know from expirience but its hard to get that stretched, you have to do it in the possition he’d showing to my knowlage and you cant fit it all in, half at most… maybe it helps that im 7.5 inches… but idk. im suprised to find girls thinking its hot.

  23. >>Giles: yes, I know he has a piercing, but who on this site has never seen a PA before? What he’s doing is infinitely more comment-worthy!

    Very interesting point of view. i.e disregard the piercing concentrate on something more interesting with nothing to do with body modification….


  24. how the hell are foreskins scary?
    it’s skin. on the fore part of a penis.
    it belongs there and it makes an awesome penis puppet.
    with circumsized guys you can’t do the penis puppet.

  25. #59 – this is bod mod.. hes stretching his body for his pleasure…

    as i said all the way up the top…
    I Like This [=

    oh and p.s….i like foreskin [=

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