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  1. Ok, but how was it created ? I’d like too a BME credit card !!! Shannon, do you have more informations ?

  2. that method looks too complicated, don’t some companies allow you to upload your own images and they produce the cards?

  3. Swedbank offers this to costumers in sweden (for free i think). I was thinking about getting the same thing soon. You just upload some picture and you’ll get in a few days.

  4. Hah, that’s so cool! I was just staring at the photo thinking, “that looks and awful lot like a Swedbank card”, but because I haven’t been home in Sweden in months I had no idea they offered this service… awesome! Will get one myself asap.

  5. Only downside to the Swedbank card is that it’s not fully customizeable. First of all about 25% of the card is covered with their not so hot logo and secondly they have a whole bunch of more or less bogus rules of what you can’t have on your card. For instance, nothing obscene, though they don’t stipulate what exactly they consider obscene.

    Though, I’m still in the process of getting one, all things considered it’s worth the about $15 it costs. It sure as hell beats the green clown vomit of a card design they used previously.

  6. RE: Sheldo: I’m almost certain those are just visible veins from what i would assume to be weight lifting. Think of them as natural implants for free :p

    And yeah, cool credit card.

  7. It seems a fair few Australian banks are doing this too. The majority, if not all actually, now that I think about it, have family photos. Whereas I’m stuck glaring at my fluro yellow card thinking, “I’d give anything for this to have Sailor Moon/Hugh Laurie as House/lesbian porn on it!”.

    Just for something different… 😀

  8. Even “Handelsbanken” in sweden offer this service and i mailed the SEB in sweden and they replied that they will provide this service in a near future.

    well ill be first in line on the SEB version of this…

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