Show me your frenum piercing

People find the funniest ways to pose with piercings. What, you thought this was going to be an entry on DIY branding using an inappropriate tool or something? Don’t worry, that’s coming up tomorrow.

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32 thoughts on “Show me your frenum piercing

  1. i am thoroughly convinced people will shove anything up their asses.

    as a sidenote i want that stamper….well maybe before it was in his ass.

  2. i wonder if that was a stealth photo mission at the office or if that was his stamper…

  3. I just woke up and read “frenum” as “frenulum” so I clicked through and went “That’s not a FRENULUM pier…Oh! Heh.” Also, that’s the biggest stamper I’ve ever seen. What item requires a stamper of that size?? I want one just so I can stamp random stuff with it.

  4. *Secretary to Boss on Monday morning*

    “Mr. Bostwick…what’s all over this date stamp?”

    hehehehehe….love the modblog logo placement…again

  5. I agree completely with #22. I was going to write basically the same thing. ^_^

  6. okay.. this just goes to show that what i suspected was right.. people will but ANYTHING up there.

    I’ve spent some time working in emerg as anurse.. and some of the things we’ve had to pull out of there has been absolutely absurb… i.e. gerbil, air freshner(“cus it stinks down there..”), toy cars, t.v. remote control, shoe, various food items, not all phallic shaped…

    I could go on.. its terribly funny once you get passed the digusted shock part.

  7. I’m so glad I decided not to visit the click-through until AFTER I got home from work.
    Having that on my screen in the middle of the office would not result in a pay rise. XD

    Unless my boss is into that sort of thing. XD

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