34 thoughts on “The Game of Life Tattoo

  1. aw, I love art & soul. i’ve gotten my tattoo and last three piercings there.

    and that tattoo is gonna be great when finished, i can’t wait to see it.

  2. that’s pretty neat…never did like that game, though (my sister and i would always stop halfway through…but what’s halfway through in the game of life??), so i was happy to see “this game sucks!” at the bottom, hehe

  3. hahaha this made my day. my sister and i hated this game because our mom made us play basically every weekend when we were little.

  4. omg that’s this is the best idea for a chestpiece i’ve ever seen. nicely done as well.

  5. so am i the only one that realizes she means life sucks we all play the game of life everyday and you know what this game sucks!!!!!!!!!! very cool tat love it

  6. oooh I love it! Especially the ‘this game sucks’ part.. (b/c really, the board game Life is purely luck… and it does suck.. albeit v. entertaining…)

  7. No chris, I’m pretty sure we all got that. We just thought it was so obvious that it didn’t need to be said…

  8. Neat! I’d be tempted to wait ’til it heals, and I’d leave it as is to marker/paint in however I wanted to. Sort of like being a living, breathing coloring book.

  9. thanks! i love it too!! there are better photos (detail ones) on my diary. the one here is a little flash burned. 😀

  10. lol well if yall all relized it yall didnt make it a point but to say you hate the board game

  11. its a joke. . .its a long running joke for me with some friends that i dotn really get to see anymore, “this game sucks” was something that we said about anything that we got frustrated with and the like. its not meant to be negative, its a joke! the board game sucks, true, and at times life (actual life) sucks, everyone thinks so at some point. . . but its not a “hey i’m gonna go kill myself” thing. i love it. its funny to me, and i’m more than overjoyed to have it. i dont think of it as negative, tho i can see how it could be taken that way.

    also, its by Chad Whitson, not chat, sorry to point out the typo shannon. 😀

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