Neck Song Titles

While is is possible that Shai has a “Quiet Mind” and an “Ugly Side” in general, I’m rolling with the assumption that these are Blue October fan tattoos, done by Solomon at Octous Inc in Tacoma, WA.

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17 thoughts on “Neck Song Titles

  1. My hair was blue/purple/red at the time of the photos, the flash captured it well. My neck tats were inspired by Blue October, and have personal meaning as well. I’m a schizophrenic, and part of me learning to live with that is accepting myself as a whole: the good, the bad, and the ugly side. A quiet mind is what i strive to achieve. That goal won’t be reached until I embrace my Ugly Side as well as the rest of me.

  2. Umm if you look at her pictures, you can see the blue is dye.. but the picture subject is kinda distracting.. I can’t help but think they’re awfully prominent, the tattoos.. I don’t get the reference at all. oh well.

  3. Blue October is such a recently hip band. I don’t think this is a good idea in the long run, but as long as it means a lot to you.

  4. I’m not into the band, but I like that they have real personal meaning, and aren’t just a fan tattoo.

  5. quote ‘Blue October is such a recently hip band. I don’t think this is a good idea in the long run, but as long as it means a lot to you.’

    They are from my hometown in Texas, so not a recent infatuation for me. Been a fan since the beginning. The lead singer is a schizophrenic as well, been an inspiration to me since ’98. You don’t see many of us schizos actually make something of themselves.

  6. Good for you Shai! I really like tattoos with personal meaning, particularly those that give you strength. Congrats on battling your demons, I know that I need help battling mine…

  7. thats amazing, I love that it has such a personal meaning to you and that you are embracing your mental illness like this. I’m booked in next week to get a similarly personal tattoo, and I only hope I’m as happy with it as you are with this. ink therapy for the win!

  8. shai, i love the tattoos so much more after reading your reasoning behind them. they’re lovely :)

  9. I also really like the meaning behind the lyrics for the person who got tattooed. Congratulations! =]

  10. >>You don’t see many of us schizos actually make something of themselves.

    I blame this firmly on external prejudices rather than our own abilities.

    I ‘came out’ as schizophrenic to my last workplace and found that suddenly people who would chat happily to me one day were rather cold and aloof the next. Tabloid reports of “maniac schizophrenic killers” didn’t help matter either.

    I decided to play Devil’s Advocate with my current workplace to see how they’d react and so far all good.

    Sadly some people still think we all believe we are Elvis or other such nonsensical ideas.

    HUGE respect for Shai.

  11. I applaud your bravery Shai and Giles Wallwork. Maybe one day the stigma won’t be there. I’m aspiring to be a counselor in two years to help fight that battle.

  12. Yeesh. Blue October may be a recently “mainstream” and “hip” band, but they’re hardly new. Watching the 2004 concert video is my own form of therapy and inspiration.

    Personally I’m kinda amused that you didn’t get “A quiet mind” done, since that’s what Justin has on (the back of) his neck.
    And dammit, I really miss my blue hair now.

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