Stitched Up

Max Brand (check him out at All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, Ga.) pierces a now-not-so-secret crush of mine, *Stitch*, with fifty six nifty needles.

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24 thoughts on “Stitched Up

  1. im possitive ive seen her at ozzfest in bonnar springs and i had the biggest crush on her i felt her tummy buahaha

  2. I know almost nothing (by which I mean I know the name) about play piercings, but is it normal, to just push through with your finger on the other side? I mean I know he knows what he is doing, and I imagine corking or tubing that many needles would be a pain, but isn’t that an accidental prick waiting to happen?

  3. Not that anyone cares, but I fucked up my website…now you can all add me on myspace. Of course I won’t accept because I’m both virtually and realistically antisocial.

  4. well….I’ve done about 27 large play piercing sessions….totaling in about 1350 needles…..and I haven’t pricked myself yet….

    The needles are so thin and sharp that there is no resistance when you push them through the skin (even scar tissue), so they are very easy to navigate through the skin, and they don’t “pop” out the other side.

    Hope that helps a little. I’m always happy to answer any questions….

    Thanks for all the rad comments!!…..I have another cool one coming up soon….

  5. She’s has a kinda pretty face in a Ani Difranco meets Bjork morphed sort of way. The hands just freak the hell outta me. I’d be afraid that during sex or just while bored I would lean over and start knawing/chomping on that teething ring.

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