36 thoughts on ““And Jesus Wept”

  1. I like how the outer circle is a more pinkish tone compared to the star, gives it a cool effect, also those two top ridges look pretty awesome

  2. Generally I love this.
    What method was used? I’m going to assume electrocautery, judging by the puffiness and all the fine lines.
    The one thing I really don’t like is how the top section of the circle is open and the rest of it is solid. I love the sketchiness of the start, it’s just such a pity that’ll become less obvious in time.

  3. Love it… though I hate to see people using “666″

    It’s NOT the devils number… so technically, it means you randomly have a repeat of the number “6″ tattooed permanently on you.


  4. “Technically” the pentagram isn’t a sign of the devil either, however it is widely recognized as such, just like “666.”

    Either way, it works.

    And this is fuckin’ amazing.

  5. I wonder… Is it much more difficult to shave with raised scars in an area? I don’t have any raised that much so I wouldn’t know.

  6. seeya,hope your correct in your beliefs versus mine.
    like the bumpersticker says:”you better be right”
    eternity is a lonnnnnng time

  7. This is scalpel method. Circle is skin removal. Yes its hard to shave. Tattoo by Jamy at marked for life in Warren, MI. Scar by Josh Anderson at State of Mind in monroe, MI. So Josh kinda made Modblog twice today, congrats dude.

  8. Normally scarification isn’t my thing, but I freaking love this.
    It suits the theme *perfectly*. Rock on.

  9. 666? well, I always laugh at the whole idea of Satanism, because if you believe in Satan that generally means you accept his opposite and the whole myth of god/jesus as well since the devil is just another character in the bible(an interesting work of fiction). but whatever, enjoy Santa Claus, the easter bunny and harry potter tattoos too…you crazy kids!BUT, why does it look like its underwater? the whole design seems rather wavy like it was sort of rushed through with no stencil first? Freehanded? blindfolded? Is the top supposed to be two separate lines while the other arcs all appear solid? hmmmmm?

  10. starspring- most satanists dont believe in the christian concept of satan. satan is symbolic of deifying oneself and desires over all others.

  11. hedonisticvanity-I don’t believe in any concept of satan-its still a fictional character/symbol. Your rationale about deifying oneself could be argued over in the same way “what is god” can be. and I’m still finding it funny. To me there is no difference between this and the comedy central logo. or the Nike logo. believe in whatever gets you through the night(just do it!)but don’t expect anyone/everyone to take you seriously because YOU believe it.

    Maybe I SHOULD get the easter bunny tattooed on me-but with horns so I will have the satanbunny instead. now THERE’S a modblog entry waiting to happen!

  12. starspring – yes, a character can be fictional, but no a symbol cannot be. A symbol, whether created thousands of years ago or right now on a piece of paper with a ball-point pen, is always real. what it represents may not be, but the symbol itself is a reality.

    there’s not such a big leap of logic between religion and superstition, and thus i think you’ll find you’re just like any other christian or satanist, everyone is superstitious in some way.

  13. You’re right, I should not have joined the two terms semantically. So I will clarify my statement. As a character he’s fictional-feral and sexy though he may be to some-and it follows that anything outside of that(belief, totemism, whatever) is up to the individual. A symbol is arbitrary-up for any personal connotation/interpretation one chooses to make(peace sign, swastika, cruciform, pentagram, even the swoosh) but while they may have general recognition-the peace sign for example-they may also have any other number of conflicting connotations(the german swastika vs the native american swastika) as well.

    Your second paragraph says it better than either of my posts can. Religion and superstition are two sides of the very same thin dime. thanks for pointing out my mistake.

    Still, I think a satanbunny would be a funny tattoo. “its got FANGS!”

  14. I think this is awesome.

    I also think Satan is awesome. And I’m not one of those satanists who worships myself, I worship the ark Lord himself. and yes, I believe in god too.

    at any rate, I totally dig this piece

  15. This is sick….U devil worshiper……dont worry God will seek all u people…if i should call u dat….u will go to hell where u belong……

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