Facial Saline Injection

You may remember the photos of Jerome‘s facial injections that have been featured on BME and on the cover of the ModCon book as well as on various television shows. Jerome generally does the forehead and sometimes cheek inflations, but my friend Fabien inflates his lips… On the clickthrough his face reminds me of the lips of the people in the Twightlight Zone episode “The Eye of the Beholder“…

35 thoughts on “Facial Saline Injection

  1. I think I saw him on tv the other day and thought “why have I not seen this guy on BME before..” and now I have 🙂

  2. I’m unclear why somebody would seek to imitate angioedema. This is as good a representation of what’s been called “Muppet Mouth” that people can get from a certain class of blood pressure medicines.

  3. just outta curiosity, is there a specific reason why someone would want to inject saline or is it just the normal reasons as any other modification?

    for some reason this seems different to me… i dunno why

  4. I can’t help but want to fill out the bottom for symmetry but I do find it interesting to look at nonetheless.

  5. well thats definatly difrent

    so what are the risks of saline injection any way im getting far to curious about this!!!!!!!

  6. the click through looks like jessica simpsons lips
    and they stay open just like hers.
    does that girl EVER close her lips?

  7. Haha, “Muppet mouth”, im really gonna get on my boyfriends nerves calling him that one. 🙂 thanks! lmao.

  8. i’m with moddoctor on this one. i get angioedema a lot because of allergies and it is not pleasant. i have to imagine the sensations are similar, but i could be wrong.

  9. All those poor children in Africa waiting for surgeries to cure their cleft lip and this guy reverses the surgery.

  10. #21 That’s what I thought right away…It looks like those celebrity women that get their lips pumped up!

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