46 thoughts on “That’s gonna hurt in the morning

  1. And you know, I knew exactly where it was, too.

    I’d love to try… I guess the female version of that. that.

  2. ive seen a bottle rocket in someone’s ass explode so this gives me reason to think this as well will leave vary painful burns and loss of pubic hair.

  3. shannon, i would love to see an interview regarding this type of play and similar odd and extreme play like this? maybe interview a hand full of people like was done with older interviews on sXe and mods and everything you want to know about an ass piercing.

    anywho, more insight in this kind of stuff would be real cool

  4. #18, I think it’s just a sparkler but OH MY GOD no way would I let a sparkler near (nor IN) my goodies like that!

    And I’ve firsthand seen what a small explosive can do to a hand (think – hamburger) I totally wouldn’t want to think of what it could do to a penis.

  5. I just watched the trailer with it in, his cock ends up looking like Wile E Coyote after a failed attempt to blow up Roadrunner

  6. This definitly goes into the “horrifying yet absolutly hilarious” category. I mean the smoke coming out of the piercing holes is like icing on the cake.

  7. #19: Obviously you’ve never been to any of the infamous BME BBQ’s, Badur’s New Year Eve parties,etc.

    Couple years later and I still feel the effects of sparklers passing through my nostril/septum.

  8. unfortunately i never thought i’d ever say this but i have to agree with #16 on this one. i’m all for amputations and nullos and what not, but this just seems like ugh..i dunno.

  9. cock. it’s always a cock. shannon, it’s gotten to the point where avid modbloggers would wager serious money on a guess-what being a cock… even without seeing the picture before the click-through.

    variety, plz?

  10. Sometimes the comments are more fun than the pic featured! I missed the smoke coming out of his glans until I read [email protected] about it – dangerous and crrrrrazy but very cool looking!

  11. Haha, I totally missed the smoke coming out of the piercing holes until I read the comments; that totally made my day! Although, if I had a penis, I don’t think I’d be putting firecrackers up it… don’t they explode? I don’t really see how that could NOT lead to a very messy penectomy!

  12. It’s been great reading your comments. I enjoyed this firecracker experiment and will do it again, perhaps with a slightly larger firecracker. Please visit the BME video site and see the sparkler vid. this was an intense experience as the wire inserted into the uretha heated to red hot. It took approx 10 days to heal.

  13. Ruralguy, u r my hero… i only wish i had access to more firecrackers. would love to watch/help/experience that too.

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