His Own Brand of Mayhem

Project Mayhem (I assume) strike branding by Paulo on his good friend Adriano..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Caos Body Art, Barra Bonita, Brazil.

21 thoughts on “His Own Brand of Mayhem

  1. That turned out way better in the end then I thought it was going to from all his spasms. I’m impressed. I think it looks really cool.

    Props to Paulo for his good aim.

  2. This really, really squicks me out, I think it’s just the way he keeps jumping, he’s obviously in pain.

    I have a lower back tattoo and it SUCKED, I can’t imagine how much this would hurt.

    And the video keeps cutting out when he gets to the Y so I don’t actually get to see the finished result, damn!

    My first guess on the music was Korn. Rather like them/adored them when I was 15 and 16.

  3. Wow, he sure does squirm a lot. What a trooper. That must be awful painful. That’s why I’m afraid of branding, although if I do get anything other than tatoos / piercings, branding will be it. (2nding the electrocautery pen bit, though, that looks painful!)

  4. I just watched it with no sound, and it totally reminds me of a 1950′s educational film. I really like the look of the finished piece – the lettering somehow looks “just right.”

  5. No pain no pretty cool brand on your back. I’m sorry its horrible of me but I giggled a bit at his squirming. Kudos to him for not running out of their screaming though

  6. ouch….korn is pretty good in concert saw them last april playing with mudvayne and 10 years

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