PZYKO… A night with Sicko

Sicko vs. Marc

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27 thoughts on “PZYKO… A night with Sicko

  1. This should interesting when it’s healed with the black tattooing in the background! I would love to see some follow up pics once it’s healed!

  2. 7#
    Yeah, “PZKYO… A night with Sicko” :P and it says PZYKO on his arm ;)
    Miss spell Shannon!

  3. Those cuts seem to differ in depth.
    the upper curve of the “o” seems deeper than the rest.
    I hope it will heal to a smooth scar without those bluish purple keloids.
    best wishes.

  4. Oh the top of the “o”! I don’t think I should be able to see that far into his arm…

    Scars over blackwork look amazing though when they’re healed, and the way this looks now, i’d like to see it when it’s healed.

  5. ow ow ow
    For some reason that one makes my toes curl. Mebbe it’s the high contrast red meat against black skin…

    #13-I agree. That’s quite a divot there on the “O.” Scoopy!

  6. I always wondered what happened if you did flesh removal over very large prominent veins…

    now i know!


  7. Wow, it looks so gorgeous like this. I love the fresh look of skin removal, and it looks amazing on the black. If only there was a way to keep it looking like that!

  8. Heh, reminds me of a cutting I got while a TV crew was filming. The scalpel went deep and fat started coming out of my arm. Turned their stomachs, it was so good.

  9. I love the scarification on top of a tattoo! Is it possible to tattoo over a scarification?

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