Eldaarwen‘s piercing, a “micro-ring” surface piercing under her eye, was done at Buzz in Charleroi. I think it’s fairly new in this photo, but I have a friend that’s had a similar piercing for many years now, so it’s definitely a technique that can heal with positive long term results.

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45 thoughts on “Micro-Piercing

  1. Ho yes, subtle, safe and effective. Love it.

    Wouldn’t mind one of these myself to be honest although with a tiny surface bar giving the effect of two silver tears.

  2. I never would have expected something like that to heal, but if it’s been done before I’m sure it can be done again.
    Good luck to her definately, very cute.
    I’d like to hear about the procedure for a piercing like this!

  3. It sort of makes sense, being such a small (and shallow) piercing that the fistula would heal quite quickly.

    Saying that, one hard hit during the healing (and potentially post-healed too) could make it migrate out quite quickly.

    My personal preference would be on a bling anchor as it would be much more flush against the tissue and give a very similar effect, however the thought of a micro-ring is just too cute to resist.

    Keep us updated shannon, I wanna see healed pics!

  4. This is actually a very very common piercing in France. While I was living there I saw girls with them almost every day and every piercing shop offered them. They heal well and it’s not very risky at this point.

  5. Every time I see something like this, I think “But how would that hold up in a moshpit?” Then of course I realize not everybody gets beat up for fun.

    Pretty piercing, pretty girl, lovely smile. I like the nosering a lot as well.

  6. Man, I could just rip that right out of there… Cute, but I would paranoid all the time about things brushing or hitting my face.

  7. Hahah Marc, thats the FIRST thing i think of when I look at piercings. That would get ripped out instantly.

    But you’re right, not everyone gets the shit kicked out of them willingly :-P

    I actually went into a pit about a week after getting my nose pierced and i got so nervous the ring would get pulled. Now I have a labret but it feels a bit safer to me because it’s tucked under my lip.

    Good luck with that it looks realy cute, would love to see more of these. How does getting that piercing work? I feel like its so tiny the piercer would go nuts!

  8. Okay people, read my comment. You all seem to be doubting this piercing a lot, but seriously, it’s quite common in france. google “micro piercing” and you will find tons of pictures of it.

  9. #14 and #16 – me too! And the thing is that I only think about it when it applies to me… for instance, I never think that a nipple ring might be a bad idea, because, duh, girls have bras… :)

    And that is damn cute. I love the way the colour matches her eye colour. It’s too micro for me, I think, but on her it looks gorgeous.

  10. Nicholas: I googled, but found nothing. I have been to France many times but I have never seen those. Could you point us in the right direction? I want to see more of those, probably on myself.

  11. here is a good website. It’s in french, but you don’t need to know french to check out the pictures:

    it has tons of pictures of different micro piercings, including the most popular, that eye area. Also, if you go to google.fr and type in “micro piercing” you will find a whole bunch more pages of this odd technique.

  12. I don’t see how it would be viable long term, but I guess not everybody heals the same way. It looks interesting though.

  13. Hey again Nicholas. Thanks for the link. I still can´t find any good sites about it, even if I use the french google, but I passed the idea to my piercer and asked what he thinks. I can´t believe I have never seen this before… I thought I had seen it all.

  14. Hi everybody,

    My english is not fluent, but I saw my links on your website so I wll give you some more informations about micro-piercing!

    Firstable, micro-piercing is protected and deposited in France by Laurent Pressanda. He make himself its rings, so you can’t find and buy them to someone else.

    Laurent come once a month in my shop in Switzerland, that’s why I know this way of piercing.


  15. I can actually see how this would heal quite well… the area of skin it passes through is tiny, and as it explains on that French website the jewellery is only 0.6mm thick (in their procedure, at least – this may be different). Seems to me like – provided it wasn’t disturbed during healing – something with such a tiny fistula might have quite a good chance of healing.

    But then I’m not a piercer, nor do I have one of these piercings, so really I’m just talking out of my arse! :-p

  16. oh wow. this is absolutely gorgeous. adding this to my list of desired piercings when I’m out of retail.

  17. Man…when are we going to see this imported to the USA? This picture and the ones on Mario’s website look beautiful. It looks tons better than the other picture of the woman with the huge anti-eyebrow ring that was posted a while ago.

  18. i’ve looked everywhere in the uk to have this done, but i have to go to toulouse in france to get it done 35 euros. i love it!

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