71 thoughts on “Hello from Trinidad, W.I.

  1. It’s the lighting, you guys.

    the same light that gives her such an ethereal look is also making the piercing look a bit odd.

  2. “yeah that monroe deff looks like a mole. maybe the light just isnt hitting it right?”

    Thats what a monroe (marylin monroe!?!?) is supossed to do, imitate a beauty mar/mole!

  3. I would have to agree that the choice of jewelry sort of makes it look like a big pimple.

    But, with different jewelry, I’d also have to agree that this does look very nice.

  4. did anyone actually look at this and think “damn, that girl has a huge zit.”? It might kinda look like one, but no one’s really gonna mistake it for a pimple.

    And either way, she is incredibly beautiful. Odd-shaped collarbone, though.

  5. oh my god people, her piercing looks like a piercing, not a zit. Are you all idiots? Who has a zit that looks like a shiny ball? Zits don’t look like shiny balls. If her boobs were showing you’d all be writing “HOT HAWT HOTTTT” but for some reason people have more trouble appreciating a beautiful face than a pair of tits.

  6. Re: “the piercing looks like a zit/mole”

    I’m not convinced people are that stupid to actually think that… I think that just goes to show how desperate people are to find something — anything — rude to say about a picture.

  7. I think the monroe piercing stands out like dogs balls because she’d probably look a hell of a lot hotter without it IMHO. She’s still a stunner though.

  8. this here is my fravorite trini girl………my ultimate dream girl……… i tell her everyday that she’s my dream girl !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love this photo. SOOoo beautiful its like she popped out of a Pierre et Giles composition. Stunning beauty, with or without piercings. the facial piercing looks like pearl or shell to me.

  10. re: “the piercing looks like a zit/mole”

    well since it is considered a BEAUTY SPOT piercing which stems from the various names of Madonna, Monroe,etc because that’s where they had beauty spots…and the fact beauty spots are occasionally moles

    However your statement of it being a nasty pimple is quite malicious.

    Personally I would have possibly placed it differently, but that’s just me.

    But as for the girl in the picture…LORD AH MERCY…..SHABBA!


  11. I would not have thought it resembled a zit until someone mentioned it. She absolutely stunning in anycase. I adore her eyes and I have a friend who has similar collarbones, except his stick out wayy more than they should.

  12. Wow, she’s so beautiful!
    I think maybe her collarbones look like that because of how she’s sitting/standing. There’s nothing wrong with them in any case.

  13. “orgasmic fantasy? that looks like a massive pimple on her lip. mmmm pus is HOT!”

    If you drink milk you are drinking pus from a cow…:| so unless you’re vegetarian then I guess you must enjoy pus lol. 🙂

    I think that her piercing looks really good. Her face is really pretty and it suits her so shup about it. 🙂

  14. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. The jewelry she’s wearing looks odd; not like a pimple, just different, and I love it. Personally, when I look at this picture, I think “flawless”.

  15. sent you mail…sent me trini cookies and chocolate!!!!

    I is miss de island gyals fuh true den! dey sure does know how tuh treat a fella!

  16. Yayy!!! I love seeing modded Trini girls!! It makes me feel like I’m not the only one. LOL!!

    Let the haters hate, you are absolutely gorgeous and your piercing looks fantastic on you. I hope to see more mods on you.

  17. I think she’s a beautiful girl.. I just think the ball is too big for her face. It doesn’t look like a zit, it just looks awkward.

  18. What ball? I was so distracted by her eyes I didn’t even notice the ball and had to go back to find the plugs after reading the comments. She is breathtaking!

  19. #47 “If you drink milk you are drinking pus from a cow”

    *headdesk* because baby mammals grow by drinking white blood cells, dead skin and bacteria from infected wounds.

    No, really. Someone on the internet said it; it must be true.

  20. Yeah, I was extremely confused by the ‘milk is pus from a cow’ comment as well, since that is so obviously not true… Honestly, people, what happened to common sense?

    But to avoid going further off-topic, she is completely beautiful. Flawless. It wouldn’t be the jewellery I chose for myself, but does anyone here honestly think she isn’t beautiful enough to pull it off?

  21. Living in the West Indies myself…I can tell you that some of the most gorgeous natural beauties are found here…orgasmicfantasy is the best of the best….what a treat to be able to view such beauty! Take care neighbor! You’re one of a kind!

  22. It’s so refreshing to finally see a Trini here. Of course it was only a matter of time. We infiltrate everywhere after all. Kudos to you orgasmicfantasy! The piercing looks great.

  23. i can’t beleive all the negative feedback this post got, this girl is STUNNING and i hope she knows that, despite what some spitefull people may say 🙂

  24. i think her eyes look beautiful.her collarbones prolly stick out caz of her sitting position thingy.i dont really like her choice of jewellry but i commend her for being different …its good.i also like her pink star plugs..noice…anyway..thats my mouthfull of nice.

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