Feel No Shame When None Is Due

Jef was open enough to share the story behind his brave chestscript,

I was sexually abused as a child. Growing up I knew only shame, for any and all my actions. I did this after a month or so of reflection on a conversation I had with a beautiful dancer I met while doing something I shouldn’t have been. We shared somewhat mutual stories, and as the conversation progressed, she impressed upon me the idea of shameless, a complete anathema to how I’ve lived for years and years. I had decided to get it as a reminder that others — and therefore myself — are able to live life feeling no shame where shame is not due. Every day it serves as a reminder that I am not responsible for what happened to me, and a motivator to continue my healing.


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9 thoughts on “Feel No Shame When None Is Due

  1. Yours is such a touching story it brought tears to my eyes. I was lucky, blessed even, to have lived a ‘normal’ childhood without trauma and I think as much as this helps Jef, I think it should speak to those of us who did not go through his ordeals- to remind us how lucky we are, even on the worst days.

  2. I very much appreciate this story. As one who was also sexually abused, I had a long and difficult road learning that complete sentence.

    No shame *when none is due* is a difficult concept. Where’s the line? How can people as hurt as we are learn to know that line?

    My healing is happening around answering that question.

  3. This is actually one of my most favorite tattoos I’ve seen lately. And Jef of course, is dead sexy.

  4. your tattoo is amazing , looks really nicely done .
    i love the story and reasoning behind it , and i love how you look in the photo – free – made me smile .
    im really happy for you .

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