43 thoughts on “Healed Y-Incision Autopsy Scar

  1. I can’t believe how dark it is! I wonder if the size of the scars makes it hard/uncomfortable to move.

  2. is it normal for scars to heal like that with the keloids or do they do something special (remove more skin?) to get it to scar so much? or is it the luck of the draw whether you get mega keloids like this guy or smooth skin like the lotus blossom that you posted recently?

  3. that is awesome! I really like the scarring and the healing product, the concept is really intriguing too. Now I’m totally leaning towards some scarification

  4. Awesome! I already thought it was awesome, but it healed very well! And I also want to touch it 😀

  5. I had no clue what i was looking at at first. lol..
    then i clued in and was like Woah!..
    I have a few pretty big keloided scars and they get itchy and sore in every now and again and are sensitive to different changes in temperatures, So i wonder if he has any of those issues..

  6. that Y scarring looks neat but im wondering same thing as #27. ive got pretty big keloid on my other arm (from surgery), same problems with weather etc.

  7. i think i would have preferred the look of it a bit more if the scarring matched that of his horizontal scar. overall, i absolutely love the idea – it manages to be both morbid and light hearted, almost. fantastic stuff.

  8. singer is my best friend i love that bastard i cut his ears for him from nothing to 00g that was years ago …and i have seen him naked hahahahahahahahahahah

  9. i kinda worry for the guy cos it
    reminds me of that post you did earlier
    with the aggressive treatment needed to help
    out some scarification gone wrong
    mm each to their own, but not for me

  10. This could be quite effective but the scarring is too thick. Plus to make it look more realistic you need to have the marks along side the scars to make it look like he has had sutures to close up his chest after the autopsy.

  11. I’m curious how my scar could be “effective”. any suggestions? I also wanted to mention that if this was made to look “realistic” it wouldn’t be healed. That’s the joke of it all anyways 🙂 Not having the suture marks was a decision I made due to future mod placement and use of my skin, plus just how I wanted it to look.

    To previous comments, it was tight at first but I stretched it over time, it doesn’t itch besides when it was healing and I was doing something physical, I used the healing process suggestion by the artist, Brian Decker, which can be found on his website, http://www.purebodyarts.com , the tone has faded to a softer pink than shown here, it feels amazing, and I love it to the fullest extent.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Even if this isn’t “your” type of mod try to lighten up a little bit. Isn’t that why we are here? to embrace and celebrate the freedoms we have with our bodies? Go explore yours 🙂

  12. Totally beautiful! Not having any scars like this of my own, I do wonder how they impair movement – and I totally wonder what they feel like, too. Which I’m sure is a good thing to have permanently attached to your chest. *grins*

  13. That is some LOVELY keloiding. I mean. Shit. And the fact that it’s an autopsy scar makes it scaringly hot. I feel I want to touch it.

  14. That’s an awesome scar but… real autopsy y-incisions don’t look anything like that, they actually follow pretty closely around the neck / jaw area to remove the tongue etc from the underneath. the whole collarbone y-incision thing is just the hollywood version.

  15. Wow, Beautiful. It’s so dark and thick. I really want t touch it. I want to see what the texture is like.

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