41 thoughts on “Riding the Cockstrich

  1. oh my god.. i have the book that this is from and i always thought about what hilarious tattoos all the drawings would be. and they are!

  2. Hahaha, this is hilarious! Whenever I see tattoos like this I always think ‘why?!’ Not in a, ‘why would you do that to yourself?’ way, but in a ‘what on earth made you think of getting that tattooed on yourself?!’ way!

  3. This is the best pornographic tattoo I have ever seen. I do think it is actually surprisingly tasteful and really well done. I love it

  4. i love this. and i wonder if a large tuft of pubic hair is as comfy as is looks on the seat on the cockstrich !

  5. its a book on erotic cartoons from way way in the past until the present.. published by taschen. They are also guys wearing the same suits but wheeling around their huge members in wheelbarrows

  6. In fact it’s a caricature of the monarchy people made during the renaissance. The nobles at the time used to get themselves painted riding a horse because it represented the warlords they were (even if most of them never went to war)… The caricatures were a way regular citizens showed their disapproval of the way they were being treated… Here you can see the original and another one: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z82/MatLax/dickssss.jpg

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