Tattoo Steganography

No, I’m not posting cute little fairy this to satiate the “navel piercings and butterflies on shoulders” crowd (as Serenity put it)… I’m posting it to see how quickly people can find the hidden message in this tattoo.


62 thoughts on “Tattoo Steganography

  1. Had to look up “Steganography” didn’t know that was the word for it. Other than the obvious MOM in the skirt I wonder if the seemingly random elements of the tattoo also have a larger meaning?

  2. Considering my lack of skill in those Magic Eye pictures I’m truly amazed I saw the secret message almost right away.

  3. she’s not amputated..there’s just a piece of her dress on her ankle..then u can see the foot too..
    I think it’s MOM

  4. maybe a blooming mother? other then that I have no clue, she has 2 feet and all aoandeages as far as I can tell, like I said not sure. Hope shannon does tellu later on?

  5. Is the persons mom a recovered addict, or possibly a person who died from drug use?

    The MOM at the bottom of the dress is definitely part of it and that is self-explanatory. Then we have the angel, which is either a symbol or protection or a memorial of a lost loved one. The third part would be the flower, which I think symbolizes either beauty or possibly new life, like a new beginning.

    The reason I thought about the drugs was because of MoonChild’s mention of angle dust, and I had to think that the action of the angel blowing the stars/dust out of her palm has some significance.

    Perhaps it might be a tribute to the persons sobriety and their mom, who has since passed away being their inspiration? I think it for sure has something to do with a major life changing event that involved their mother in some way (although thats really vague).

  6. I’m definitely blaming the cockstrich because all i keep seeing is a big shiny knob at the top with wings folding around the girl.

    I’m a pervert…

    But yes i can see the “mom” in the skirt too.. i’m pretty sure that’s all the message is… i doubt it’s anything bigger?
    In my heart of hearts i want it to be a shiny knob though.

  7. I’m not getting the hidden meaning (blame the wine) but hurrah on the serenity reference!!! 🙂 (and yeah I looked for some kind of genital type hidden meaning too lol)

  8. I was thinking it was something genital related, but now after what Daniel said, I see the “mom”

  9. lol at the used condoms comment. yeah i definitely thing we’re all looking hard for a pervy innuendo! (i saw the ‘shiny knob’ at the top too)

  10. My first thought was that those blossoms tend to have a long stalk at the center. Makes the whole mom thing a bit creepy though…

  11. i think the flower is a hybiscus or something. u know. with a long protruding thing in the middle…but you cant see it…hehe. shes…you know…lol. yeah. ^^

  12. My only guess was blowjob?(blowing that dust) then I looked at the responses, very nice ‘MOM” on skirt ruffels!

  13. angel dust?? and maybe i am synical, but angel dust death or something…. thus the angel blowing the dust?

  14. I wanted to see tongues in the flower’s pedals and was hoping for a lesbian-freedom vibe (ala

    Now that I see the ‘MOM’ I feel kinda dirty. It’s strange that the person in the tattoo is pictured as a child, not very motherly.

    My vote would be on a very close passed-away mother that the daughter wishes to ‘carry’ her memory for all to see. The dust-cloud perhaps could then represent ashes being blown away as acceptance that she has died and acceptance of her ‘moving on’ to a ‘heaven’ above her – illustrated by the glowing orb.

    Or I could be looking way too into it and perhaps didn’t pay enough attention during English class. o_O

  15. I admit to having a dirty mind. Definately was looking for some sort of vaginal meaning with the flower and felt a tad awkward after seeing the ‘MOM’.

  16. if its steganography we’ll need a word or example on retrieving the hidden meaning. as you can tell i watched National Treasure 2 last night and it was GOOD.

  17. it may say “mom” in it, but that fairy is totally sitting on the flower’s stamen. i’d wonder for canvas’s state of mind. 😉

  18. haha, “the butterfly and navel crowd”.. a pleasant crowd indeed! I see the mom since people have mentioned it (probably wouldn’t have otherwise), I was trying to make this have some form of vaginal connotation too, but then, my mind is deeply obsessed with the idea that ‘all flowers are vaginas’ (I watched a show one time, about this feminist artist, never been the same since..). Walks in the park are painfully embrassing for me.

  19. I agree with sian, but becasue of the post title its prolly just “mom” but I can’t help but think that the purple bracelet around her ankle is part of something more, just because it seems slightly out of place and odd…not trying to insult the tattoo, my monitor prolly messes with the shading

  20. NORA – she isn’t wearing an anklet… it’s just the petal, which is in front of the fairy’s leg, curling around.

  21. Shannon…it appears you take pleasure in us straining our eyes and clicking our back button…wtf is this picture about?

  22. i’m pretty sure people were referring to her left arm as the amputated limb,not her foot. looks that way, anyhow.. (unless her arm is reaching behind the petal).

  23. My first though was about a vagina too. Then I keep searching for the hidden message and was wondering if the round light above her head could be the glans of a penis, and the wings would be semen falling from it. Then the semen fall in the vagina (flower) and the child is born! A child who also has a vagina (the little flower on her head).
    And then people tell me it’s just about “MOM” hidden in her dress. Oh… that’s not really fun.
    Well, the story I told talk about a mom too.

    (While I was thinking about all this, I was asking myself if searching so much for sexual context was the right way to find the secret. My conclusion was: “Of course. It’s Modblog”)

  24. I see ‘mom’ after everyone mentioned it, but all I could see at first was her masturbating with her left hand.

  25. For some reason, when I registered the “mom” in the skirt ruffle, I was lead to believe it was a tattoo concerning a miscarriage.
    I was watching Miami Ink a year or so ago and saw a lady come in that wanted to have a fairy with delicate bubbles tattooed on her, to represent her grief at the loss of life when she suffered her miscarriage.
    So, yeah.
    Or perhaps her mother passed away.
    Either way, it seems to be a very subtly somber work of art, to me.

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