Is it in?

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Yes Annie, it’s in!

92 thoughts on “Is it in?

  1. i had my conch punched at a zero.
    ill admit it hurt… but wow.
    everyone reacts different i suppose.

  2. I’ve wanted mine done for awhile, and I never have any problems with piercing or scarification anything.

    Great video haha, I wonder how she reacts to just normal piercing?

  3. Man,its got blood and everything(prolly a good idea she didnt see it)but i suppose having it punched will save some pain if she was gunna stretch it? i dont know? I have limited conch knowledge,

  4. I’m impressed by how competent the piercer was – he moved quickly, efficiently, and didn’t waste any time or motion with the process. As it should be, really.

  5. This video has kinda strange sounds. My mum freaked out because she thought I was watching porn… I quickly told her I was watching a piercing video. She said. “Uh, all right… I mean, even worse!”

  6. well that was highly amusing, i dont think she’ll be given a lolly for being brave though

  7. I had my conch done a while ago and it was the worst voluntary pain I’ve ever felt. Sadly it didn’t heal though, my body doesn’t take piercings well at all!

  8. Shit, I’ve been wanting to get my conches punched, but this scares me a little. I got my nostrils punched, but I’m not sure if conches will be worse?

  9. i had mine punched at 2g and as bad as the punch felt i think the crunching sound in your ear is worst…i fely light headed after doin both and sick to my stomache

  10. I really can’t remember if mine hurt or not. I remember squeezing someone’s hand, but that’s it.

    #10 – I’m really bad at guessing from looking, but it looked to me like a 2g?

  11. I’ve had mine punched at 8mm and stretched to 10mm and wimpered a bit, but never screamed. If you want it done, just suck it up and sit through it. How hard is it?

    Taking out a splinter however… yeah, fuck that.

  12. I get a lot of customers in my shop like this, it’s usually the ones that act the toughest when they come in.

    It makes in impossibly difficult to work on people, the piecer has an excellent sense of calm and control.

    my favorite part is when he pushes her head back to the side. It was kinda hot. 🙂

  13. So, I’ve been debating on whether or not to punch my flats for like a year now.

    After watching this, I’m like, “Um, that’s o.k., no thanks.”

  14. Hahaha. Cute. When I had my helix punched, it sorta took my breath away so much I couldn’t say anything or even breath.

  15. As I recall I had mine punched at 8mm (0ga), after the first was done it took pretty much all my gumption to go through with the second..

    It was the middle of winter in St Catherines, Ontario, the bitterly cold wind whipping through them wasn’t pleasant at all!

    Ligo -I had a few lined up but I think the sound of her screaming “OH FUCK” was amusement enough for this video 🙂

  16. When I had my 4g cartilage pieces punched out I didn’t even feel it :[ Nor did I bleed at all, which kind of surprised me a little. But I guess the above commenter was right? Everybody reacts differently.

  17. now i dont feel so bad for being moaning and tearing up when i got mine done.
    that taper was hella fast!

  18. #35, I punched my left flat a little over a month ago. Flats must not be as bad as conchs, coz I didn’t have a problem sitting through mine at all. But really, I did my first suspension in August and I figure, if I can do that, there isn’t anything I can’t do.

  19. this is amazing. My punch also had lots of swearing, but no tears. I’m also super impressed with the pierced. fucking slick.

  20. I want to have my conch punch at a 2g, but looking at that video I dont know whether I’d be thoroughly horny or passed out hehe

  21. Wow! I got mine punched at 12g and tapered to 10g and it didn’t hurt much at all. I don’t even have a high pain tolerance. I must have something wrong with my ear nerves!

  22. Haha, got to love the screamers bless’em! Well done girl, and nice work piercer. And I don’t think ya’ll should make a decision against punched cartilage based on this (or any) video, people react differently. You get people reacting like that to tongue piercings, tattoos and ..18ga lobes. Some people scream, some don’t.

  23. Well…props to her for letting herself be shown in a very vulnerable moment.

    But one thing I wish someone would explain…how come so many American women have that whiny sort of childish voice? It’s like their vocal chords stayed in high school or something. One of my boyfriend’s housemates sounds like that and hearing her always made me want to cover my ears.

  24. Even though she yelped a bit, I can’t say the reaction was really over the top. All things considered she handled it quite well. I thought the video was rather cute. The piercer was definitely nice and efficient.

  25. Seriously, I get very anxious before any piercing even though the pain has never been that bad. The way I deal? Avanza or a couple of valium.
    Tattoos on the other hand are fine.

    Although I suspect cartilage piercings would hurt more than most, god help me if I acted so girly.

  26. That poor girl. I have to give her props for not running out the door screaming, like I would’ve. I could barely stand getting an industrial.

  27. #50 … haha. I’ve noticed that about us Yanks too.

    Except I’ve got a very gruff voice. I hate it, because on tape I sound like a boy just hitting puberty. Ack.

  28. #50 it’s the whiny sound that seems strange to me too. I can’t get snotty about people making noise during mods, since I yelled for 3 out of 4 of my ordinary old 12ga labia piercings. But I can’t fathom whining — it seems to me like a counterproductive way to cope with pain.

    Oh well. It’s not like I can feel superior or anything. I’d never go through with a punch. Hope she likes her new conch (es?).

  29. Wow.

    No big surprise it hurt when you misuse a dermal biopsy punch like that. Just because contains the word “punch” in its name does not mean you LITERALLY use it to punch through tissue(s). Doing so will crush the tissue(s) before cutting through.

    The cutting edge of a biopsy punch is designed to be engaged when you deploy a clockwise unidirectional twisting motion while simultaneously applying steady moderate (NOT forceful) downward pressure to cut through the tissue(s) to be removed.

    Here’s a reference I found with minimal effort:

  30. procedural videos are always interesting to watch, but maybe I should have played this one mute! Not that she was screaming terribly, but it’s just that (agonizing) screams make me feel like my mouth is full of blood, I mean the taste and all… hmm… will it be ok if I said this video made me giggle?

  31. Lol that was funny. I had both my conches pierced at 16ga and DIY stretched to 6mm and 7mm [goal 10mm]. Although I’ve never screamed during any piercing or stretching, I can relate to her reaction. When I tapered from 4ga straight to 2ga it was just blinding pain for a good 10seconds followed by a very sharp ache that didn’t go away for 5 minutes. I whimpered and fidgeted a bit no screaming. That taught me to never be lazy, tape it is.

  32. her voice is fucking annoying.
    but kudos for getting it punched at 10mm, at least it looks 10mm.

    i could never do a punch that big 😐

  33. roo- yeah i have right conch at 10mm punched at 9mm.
    dont know the gauge conversion, im all english and stuff.
    i can bear a lot of abuse and aint so big with the sympathy. theres a lot to be said for remaing calm i find.. making sound doesnt ‘really’ help

    perhaps im trying to be all macho, who knows

    still, shes got it now so thats a thumbs up

  34. I haven’t had my inner conch punched, but had my outer conch punched at 8mm. I know that inner conch will be worse than outer, but I really dont think screaming would help the pain. Just trying to concentrate on breathing deep and slow seems better 😛

    Well done to her for sitting through it 🙂

  35. I had my inner conch punched at 9mm and then directly stretched to 1/2″. I jumped about two feet off the table. lol. Luckily it was done by the great Dave Rodriguez, so it was very quick.

  36. I’ve done dozens of large-gauge conch punches (and hundreds of smaller ones, I never use needles for cartilage work anymore) and never had a client flip out like that, honestly. I wonder how dramatic her reaction would’ve been without an audience and a video camera? 😛

    And while I’m a proponent of gently twisting the punch through rather than just using pressure, the piercer still did a good job keeping his composure and getting it over with as quickly and smoothly as possible, which can be pretty hard to do when your client is carrying on like a pork chop and moving all over the place (and feinting and grabbing at the body part in question).

    Yes, cartilage work hurts, but it hurts a lot less if you mindfully relax and breathe slowly and deeply. Shrieking and jackknifing all over the bench just makes it take longer. 😛

  37. I love how she mixes a little laughter in with that scream, like she’s really proud of herself.
    Should be, too.

  38. Hmmm I had my conch punched a few weeks ago at a 10ga and it didn’t hurt at all, it actually felt kinda nice, not sure what size she got hers punched at, but I’ve come to realise my body handles dermal punches quite well and have no pain from them.

  39. I love the dynamic between the two of them, the girl and the piercer. “Breath , baby, breath…”

  40. annie always reacts like this, but is a awesome customer and friend. so its not to had for me to put up with her, im used to it. shes just a lil dramatic thats all.

  41. I have to agree with Lori on this. I have had my conches punched, my trags punched, even my septum punched. If you are in a relaxed state none of it hurts.

  42. I giggled through my punches (two 4ga in one ear, one 2ga in the other). Whatever gets you through the pain!

    It’s definitely a crunchy experience.

  43. #79 fuck that! I know from relaxed states, I used conscious relaxation for a natural labor and home birth. But my piercings still freakin’ hurt.

  44. my inner coinches hurt like a bitch just being pierced at 12g, let alone being punched. i cant even imagine, ive never had a procedure THAT bad yet. i pierced my nipples on my own.. SLOWLY, but that wasnt hardly bad at all compared to how this video makes it look

  45. it was punched at a 2 gage and im gonna have videos up of all my new piercings i get including my septum(redone),collar bones,and dermal anchors on my fingers and ankles. because i had no idea i was such a wuss in this video haha i thought i took it well but i guess i was wrong

  46. I had one conch punched at 6g (4mm) and immediatly stretched to 4g (5mm), I can honestly say it hurt less than any other piercing I’ve had. All I remember of my punch was slight pressure, then my ear filling with blood and not being able to hear anything. No real pain at all, just dizziness. It was quite a pleasant experience I’d say.

    I have two 6mm (2g) conch piercings, one pierced at 16g (1.2mm) and stretched, the other punched. I’d say go for punches, they hurt less and take a LOT of time off the process. I’ve split my conch a number of times stretching it, and it FUCKING hurts. Whereas the punch was fine after the healing period and stretched up with no problems.

    I had my pierced conch before the punched one, and the punch is doing better at the same size…

    Free to make up your own minds though, it’s all about personal experiences…

  47. I’ve had my inner conches done at 6ga and stretched to 4ga immediately after, and also had my outer conches done by a first-timer [first ear that was done took three pushes for him to get it through]. Honestly, it’s not THAT bad. It’s intense, for sure. However, I love my 4 huge holes so much! And I get lots of comments on them from normal people [what can I say, I love freaking them out.]. I did respond similar to this on the first outer conch. There was plenty of cuss words and screaming. And the sides of my head looked like I popped a vessel from all the blood.
    I have no regrets about doing it. I’m glad I punched them instead of stretching them. They’re all doing fine [at 15 months and 6 months.] and I’m still obsessed with them.
    I feel like it’s normal to react like this because it’s such an intense rush from it [dude, that’s a lot of skin coming out] and so I was laughing at her because that’s what I sounded like, though I think she looks and sounds a lot cuter than I did. I probably sounded like I belonged on a Naval ship. Oh well.

  48. …. i just recently got my conches punched. it hurt, but not enough to warrant a reaction like that. the first punch didnt hurt at all. but then, maybe i have a high tolerence

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