Want a free tattoo?

Greg tells me that he and his presumably drunk friends (or Scott at least) at Akron Ink are shooting to do an entire calendar. So far only “Mr. September” is taken… Want to be next? The price is right!


PS. I’m not really posting today.

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76 thoughts on “Want a free tattoo?

  1. Neat. Drunkenly hilarious, I’m sure.

    I misread the tattoo below “Mr. September” as “muggle”.
    And then I got really excited that there would be a wizard version, too.

  2. Ha, at a glance I thought it said “muggle” too.
    It was a little disappointing when I re-read it.

  3. It’s annoying how most straight edge kids feel the need to make everyone aware of their drug free lifestyle. Nobody cares! That guys tattoos are all awesome, especially the Tupac one.

  4. hahahaha look at all the X’s in straight-edge. i happen to think those tattoos are poorly executed, and all hilarity aside, whoever did them needs more practise. especially the thug life tattoo

  5. aside from the unavoidable discussions of X’s in names this tattoo is fucking spectacular. i am definitly the type of person that will never find this not funny. i hope he is too.

  6. the artist needs more practice… i love the idea but it would need to be better drawn for me to want to be a part of it. XD

    lol can you imagine walking around shirtless with people who don’t know the context? hilarious..

  7. I seriously thought the lower tattoo read ‘muggle’ and then I thought it read ‘I HUG LIFE’, which would be hilarious.

  8. It’s not like his straight edge comment was a proclamation out of nowhere “Hey everyone, look – I’m straight edge!” I think it’s completely within reason to respond to an incorrect assumption about you and your friends in a post.

  9. Yeah, but it’s extremely outside of reason to spell it XstraightXedgeX. Unless you’re drunk.

  10. hey, you fixed the html or whatever so that the rss feed isn’t chewed to pieces on LJ. AWESOME! This makes me more happy than it should!

  11. @ Sinnocent: My comment was going to be, “WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED THE TRANSFORMER TATOOS YET!?!”

    Hee, i love it!! <3

  12. I think the point is that people who don’t drink are cool…people who don’t drink and feel the need to gratuitously advertise this choice at any given chance and patronize for not living the same life styles as others are not.

  13. Ah hell, made me giggle anyways.

    The transformers tattoos remind me of a guy I used to know (brother of my manager).

  14. I like how he has ThugLife with a gun for the L on his stomach and a couple Transformer symbols on his arms. Hahaha.

  15. Aha, he sort of reminds me of… me :|

    Purely for the gut tattoo…
    And the nipple piercings…
    And the hair…

    Oh dear :|!

  16. his thug life tattoo looks so much like Hug life with the “T” being a little man with his arms out for a hug

  17. “I hug wife” would be better. str8 edgers are only cool if they look down at you because you drink or smoke, especially if they are vegan and feel a sense of moral superiority because they dont “add to their suffering”.
    eat meat, wear leather, burn in hell.

  18. Haha I totally saw the transformers tattoos before the others really shot up. Sounds like he had fun.

    And how on earth did this turn into a topic on straight edge people?

  19. heh wow :] what a good tattoo idea, it’d be good to see all 12 if theyd ever get done.
    I’d buy the calender ;)

  20. “Everyone in that shop is XstraightXedgeX and nobody was drinking.”

    That’s too bad, being drunk is the only reasonable excuse I can think of for the quality of those tattoos.

  21. I actually work at the shop. I do counter and i was one of the people convincing him…all it took was me calling him a douche and he did it. The tattoo isn’t finished and was purely for jokes and for him to get laid.

    Us being straight edge, we are not pretentious fucks who at every chance we get tell anyone….if anything we laugh about it…greg smokes and i have never said a word to him about it.
    I didn’t think i’d have to be defending myself ever on modblog.

  22. My friend owns that shop, I even used to play guitar for his band. I don’t know this guy but if he is like the owner he has a good sense of humor. I think this is the 2nd time that Akron Ink has been listed on modblog(or bodytwo) very rad

  23. i like the idea of being able to find 12 people who are willing to go through with a joke that will take up much of their chest for the rest of their lives, they would be an EPIC laugh!

  24. hahaha Giles Miss Anthropy…thats awesome…as for the tattoo iam not a fan, funny idea, but looks like chicken scratch.

  25. “Yeah, but it’s extremely outside of reason to spell it XstraightXedgeX. Unless you’re drunk.”
    haw haw haw!
    I must say, I totally respect straight edge kids, but you have to admit it’s pretty silly when they make a big deal out of it, and include x’s in their names. also, this made me laugh too:
    “you can have fun without alcohol, i just don’t like taking a chance.”
    I’m not trying to put you down, viq, but “taking a chance” seems a little extreme when it comes to alcohol. To each their own, but if you are comparing having a few beers vs other types of risky behavior, like skydiving without a parachute… Maybe I’m exaggerating… but really.
    Also, I have lots of straight edge friends who don’t advertise it, I mean it’s not like I run around with t-shirts that say “I get drunk sometimes”.
    or maybe I do.

  26. #54- “iam not a fan” i don’t know if that was on purpose or not, but it made me laugh

  27. I would like a shirt or even a tattoo that says “I get drunk sometimes.”
    That should totally be an antidote to straight edge tattoos.

    I have nothing against straight edgers though, cause my partner is allergic to alcohol.

    I would definetly buy the calendar if this really gets done.
    Wouldn’t it suck if the idea was scrapped cause they couldn’t find 12 people to do it? And you still had the tattoo for nothing. XD

  28. Hilarious concept, but both body tattoos are absolutely horrible in execution. Reminds me of when I have to do black board writing at work and always screw up the proportions of the letters, and run out of room before the end.

  29. kt – pretty sure that saying “you can have fun w/o alcohol, I just don’t wanna take the chance” was meant to be a joke saying that they drink because staying sober would be a gamble as to how good a time they had

  30. I pray that’s not real. but seeing that someone from the shop posted on this… it must be. would be so funny if it didn’t look like it was done freehand with a pen.

  31. I also agree with #64′s comment: this tattoo is an aesthetic nightmare that looks like it was done by a scratcher…everything is poorly outlined, wishy-washy execution, no calligrification. How could someone want to wear this poorly-done joke tattoo for the rest of their life?
    You know the old saying, “A good tattoo isn’t free and a free tattoo…” Yikes! It’s kind of like those uber-annoying moustache tattoos on the finger…everyone thinks they’re being quirky and weird… when the joke is so amazingly played
    out.. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

  32. oooh i’m a dum dum. i thought that the quote read “you can have fun WITH alcohol.”
    maybe I shouldn’t have posted while I was so wasted.

  33. i’d love a free tattoo – just none of the ones he has. or even his hair cut, or his bad facial hair, or inability to wear a belt

  34. i have no need for a shit that says “i get high sometimes”….you can usually tell

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