In the Navy

I’m hoping it’s just his last name.


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88 thoughts on “In the Navy

  1. this is far too cool!!!
    and the little devil tail…aw man this is awesome =/
    some armed forces ppl do enjoy their silly tattoos

  2. I’m not worried, it’s on auto, that’ll only blast the fool’s foot off before he pulls his finger off the trigger.

  3. I hope you’re cooked by napalm and reduced to a pile of shit and dog tags, you motherfucker.

  4. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand how it’s anymore right to pass judgement on military people and their tattoos than it is to do so on anyone else that has a picture here- which from what I’ve noticed, we’re discouraged from doing. He’s in the armed forces, have you asked him why? No, none of you did that. You simply judged him.

    I understand not supporting war or violence. I don’t. I don’t, though, understand blatantly disrespecting people if they’re in the armed forces, or if they have a tattoo you don’t like. If you’re all so open minded, show it.

  5. fuck the war an fuck the troops,but thats just my own opinion…the tattoo looks shit also oh well

  6. austin, so just beacuse he is in the military he cannot be judged like everyone else that posts here? the armed forces are just another job where you put your life on the line for the better good of society, just like fireman, and police officers, so just because they do what they do means that they must be held to a different standard than all the rest of the world?

  7. I’m with Austin (#12) on this one. Not everyone got into the military to a) impress their father b) fight terrorists c) fight for the country. Some people join because of the steady income, access to free schooling, and the amazing retirement plan.

    And, if Shannon hadn’t mentioned the Navy in the header, how would we even know this was a militry photo, or just some person wearing Camo and holding a gun?

  8. Yep, some people do indeed join the military for the steady income and the free schooling. And they’ve got blood on their hands just like everybody else.

  9. I think Austins a lil unfair on everyone else here,we’re able to comment on the pictures,and our opinions,weither u like them or not,as jst as valuable as anyone elses.
    My step dads in the army,and ive seen plenty of good tattoos on some of the lads,but this ones jst a bit…tacky?

  10. lol fighting for there country ,the people country there in are protecting there country …blood on who evers hands who go there

  11. Posing with guns – hwat else reason there should be to do so, than to impress, with the dangerous thing. No i don not like military at all, I had to suffer from that heap of idiots in Austria for 8 months (like every young man). After this 8 months I learned that military is good, beacaue that people on free economic market would do a lot of harm to many companies. There are also good people, but posing with weapons is simply childish. Maybe i should pose with liquid nitrogen, or with HgCl, or KCN solution – are also pretty deadly if you want?! And the tattoo? A bit funny and that average, that it couldn’t be more average at all. At least i know, in the worst case of war i would prefeer the Austrians STG77.

  12. Woah buddy finger off the trigger there!!! :O

    Deadly. Does your other hand say “peaceful” or something??

  13. Giles – Falling prey to the belief that all people in the military are “dumb fucks” is like falling prey to the belief that all academics are “arrogant self-righteous fucks”. There are plenty of quite brilliant people in the military.

  14. Speaking of dumb fucks — just because it’s a gun doesn’t mean it’s loaded.

    Regardless, I imagine (hope?) someone in the armed forces knows how to handle a firearm.

  15. About the finger: The photo doesn’t show that. It could be “finger long” that means the finger beside the trigger, blocked by the metal in front of the trigger. A very usual method to be prepared firing fast – but being really safe, not to fire by chance.

    Another thing to say: Military does indeed not automatically mean silly (still I remember too well, that the amount od really bad idiot sis over-average in).


    Posing with a gun was a very, very, very well correlating inversely to the IQ. We had these people in our group – in all ranks. And of ten of “posers” 1 was quite intelligent, 9 were through the wind.

    Posing with a weapon showing a tattoo “how dangerous I am” will definitely not increase the chance to find an intelligent on in the “poser” group.

    Posing “cool” is in the best case a funny gag. In the case of an real conflict, people using high end fire weapons would not be impressed, but kill onto 300 – 500 yards of distance.
    There’s not much to pose – everyone can be”that dangerous” you even do not need training (300m distance, 2/3 shots on 30cm diameter round well hit on the first training shots – by everyone). In best case you may show, that the ingenieur who invented the weapon was good.

  16. How the media distorts what soldiers are doing overseas…it’s funny how ‘smart’ people become ignorant when not having listened to or understood both sides of this story. “Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum”. The armed forces is a necessity, get over it.

  17. Yes his finger is on the trigger, but it’s ok, he’s in the Navy, it’s just a paintball gun. :P

  18. Yeah, call me crazy, but I’ve never understood the novelty in killing people — in the war OR otherwise.

  19. when i was in the army, every single person I knew had at least one photo of themselves posing with a gun…aside from the fact that you have one with you at all times, poseing with one is expected. It had no correlation to intellegence.

    HOWEVER…posing with a gun AND being an owner of that tattoo AND being in the military DOES indicate something about the owner of that tattoo. What it does mean will be left as a excercise to the reader.

  20. Wow, a lot of angst in these comments. Maybe people should try to appreciate the photo out of any context?

  21. Campbell”

    Hmm, what is there, which you could appreciate? Tattoo quality, to be on topic? Please….
    photo quality, or the standard gun (heavily used, worn off and old), any aesthetics in the pic I miss?

  22. fuck appreciating it out of context. its a shit tattoo, shit idea, shithead military man posing with a gun. fuck the modern military.

  23. “[..] The armed forces is a necessity, get over it.”

    We pay taxes for those guns, but for charity we rely on donations? How about we switch those around for a change and see how things go then?

  24. wintermute: That does not tell me anything good about the Army of yur country (US?).

    In Austria it is pretty proscribed to do silly posings (with weapon). You have it with you, indeed, and in worst case ypou use it. But it is not a kind of toy, and getting cought posing funny (or “cool”) was worth some extra weekend day in the casern.

  25. It is possible to support the troops but not the “war.” I mean, after all, they are people, some of them who weren’t necessarily dealt the best hand in life and didn’t have many options. It wasn’t the troops choice to go to the Middle East. Only sociopaths would actually want to be there.

    If you think you’re a decent person you should support the troops. Not because they are “protecting your freedoms” or any of that bullshit, but because they are people. They’re sons and daughters and mothers and fathers just like everybody else. It seems like thats forgotten all too quick.

  26. This isn’t about the military, its about how this person is choosing to represent himself through a tattoo and photograph.
    The issue is that a photograph of a person holding a gun with a tattoo that says “deadly” implies violence (in this case against humans as that gun would not normally be used for hunting). Whether or not this is the message the photographer and model intended is debatable. However, if it is, it is really tacky. But then again, I’ve never been one for tough-guy bullshit.

  27. I wish people would stop arguing about the things around the tattoo.. last time I checked this was a body modification blog.

    Hate the military, love it, personally i dont think its the thing to be questioned and discussed here.

  28. ….”last time” there were not some off topic things… or BEST – very loosely bodymod-related things posted. lets guess, are threre mote or less than 10 billion (10 exp. 10) photos in the world, which are more closeely bodymod related than that (e.g.: every tatoo pic, every earring…)

    …the mod which is shown here – in a blog for sensational, great astonishing bodymods, ia mediocre less than average standard.

    So why it is posted then?
    There is an off Topic thing, which gives the answer – and leads to the discussion.

  29. I have a gun collection, part of which was my grandfather’s. Some are still used by me as sport (target) firing. I do not hunt. I have, on occasion, taken pics of my guns. I have also taken pictures of my car, my cats and my flower garden.
    I guess that makes me a “tough girl”?

  30. 46: No, it makes you an American (haha).

    42: I’m as humanistic as they come, but I’ll only support the troops when there’s a draft and they are being FORCED to enlist. As long as they have a choice, they are supporting killing, and I won’t support that. Working in a jail, and seeing people who will spend decades behind bars for killing one or two people, really fucks with your perspective on ‘greater good’ violence.

  31. The more i read modblog the less respect im starting to have for the people who actually take the time to comment. Truthfully half of you sound like a bunch of fuckin retards, american. people join for many reasons and none of them are wrong. People cut their dicks off on here and you guys are like wow thats super cool! But a man defends his country and youre all like yeah fuck that guy! WTF?! Your all a bunch of pussies, you got your shit twisted. and if your not american and your talkin shit, FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHOLE COUNTRY. WEAK.

  32. Hahahahaha! NONE of the reasons people join the military are wrong? That’s a cute concept.
    I don’t think people are taking issue with wanting to defend their country; that’s respectable, sure. But if it was all about protection and respect, would the guy in question have a shoddy tattoo announcing he’s a killer (and possibly ruthless a la the devil tail)? I mean, listening to you, it sounds like he should have an American flag or a banner or something! Respect me, damn it! :)

  33. I appreciate this picture just cause it is a piece of creative photography that we should all appreciate. This entire community is suspose to be supportive of all peoeple and all life types this rapant attack against him is a terrible thing and all of the people who have commented rudly should feel ashamed. And by the way his finger is out of the guard, where it should be.

  34. #47, It could make me a skeet-shooting Englishwoman just as well.
    But I do get your point about the draft and the difference between voluntary and involuntary military service. As well as the cost (and punishment) for killing in war versus comitting a civilian crime.
    I certainly wouldn’t fight some politician’s war. But I would use deadly force to protect myself. If it was them or me, in my home, I would make that choice if there were absolutely no other alternative.
    That’s survival and there’s nothing nationalistic or political about it.

    And yeah, the tattoo is kinda crappy-looking.

  35. >>Falling prey to the belief that all people in the military are “dumb fucks” is like falling prey to the belief that all academics are “arrogant self-righteous fucks”.

    How many academics have deliberately murdered innocents over the last few hundred years.

  36. Well… that tattoo is unfortunate

    Glies – How many thousands (millions?) have been killed from some sort of nuclear reaction. Who do you think engineered the atomic bomb? If I had to make a guess I would think it wasn’t a bunch of numbnuts scratching their heads and suddenly came up with the idea of nuclear fission. These bombs weren’t created for any innocent purpose, they were created with the intent to destroy. These scientists or academics were just doing their jobs, just like the men in the military are doing. Now, I’m not saying this makes any of this ‘right’ but come on you can’t honestly sit here and say that people in academia are too intelligent to kill

  37. Just because there isn’t a proper draft in effect doesn’t mean that everyone in the military now wants to be there. Sure, they signed up. But many, like myself, signed up before Bush and his regime entered power and decided to declare war. I joined back when I thought I’d be doing a service to my country and defending it from “evil wrongdoers.” Sure, I was a little naive. But now I’m just riding out the time until my commitment is up and I can be released from the military.

  38. there’s a lot of hate and intolerance in this community. well, in all but I’m surprised that it’s so transparent here.

  39. I don’t think he has his finger on the trigger. Due to the crop on the photo it is not clear though.

    Ironic that some people here want to immediately pass negative comment on this image.

  40. it’s interesting to see how the reactions towards pictures like this changend withing the last, approximately, half-year. I remember likewise shots some time ago that had mainly positive reactions. I appreciate that change. but I wont’ judge this guy and his reasons, because I know from personal experience that the need for money can get you to do almost every job, as long as it’s paid well.

  41. >How many academics have deliberately murdered innocents over the last few hundred years.

    I’d suggest that it’s academics that make war possible and get us into it.

  42. Shannon: I’d say you could do war w/o academics.

    in a pretty old-fashioned style using clubs, maybe spears, and bows, things which were invented definitely befoe anything was there which you could tell scheince.

    our “neat” fire gauns are enginerred, be scientists, ingenieurs and cunning mechanics.
    Our bombs are, the planes, the ships are, the rockets too.

    Some science is abused for war, but there is a broead field of war-science, and academics inside – making the war more and more efficient….. or cruel.

    Bucket: My tolerance ends, where other peoplle are involved. usually this isn.t the case with bodymods, but in a right kind of use, it is. Army, fire guns, and their use involves other people, and showind “haha, I am strong a killer, a Rambo” involves other people, that is that little private as an WWII was.

  43. I’d like to say I’m suprised at the uproar against a military themed photo, but the longer I hang out on BME, the more I come to realize that it’s readers tend to fall into the “against the system, any system, because it’s ‘the system’” catagory than the truely open minded one. And it’s sad.

    Educate yourself, THEN pick a side.

    Fight about that now.

    (And, to continue to defend the photo, which I’m neither for or against; the military has rules against tattoos below the elbow. For him to have this, he would have had to a) get the okay from his commanding officer (which I highly doubt, givin the context) b) had it before he joined c) went behind his commanding officer’s back to get it (which has some rough penalties, if my brother-in-law,who is Navy Military Police, is correct.)

  44. The gross intolerance demonstrated by a group that preaches tolerance reminds me exactly of internet christian forums. Preach love and then vehemently and rudely argue about every minutia under the sun.

    Love the tat and the gun; and the fact that people are defending others’ right to mouth off. I have a DPMS just like your weapon in the gun safe ;)

  45. Guns and Tattoos? i don’t care who ya are…that’s a GOOD TIME right there man…

  46. i tend to lose tolerance for people that kill other people because they are told to do so…infact i have no tolerance for people that blindly follow orders but there you go,its still a shit tattoo by the way

  47. nyne – Have you ever met someone in the military? Had a conversation with them? You’d find that 99.9% of people who joined the military did so for a good reason, even if their reason means nothing to you it means a lot to them.

    And as for shoddy tattoos – you’ll see them a on people in the military. Shitty artists take advantage of the fact that a lot of the kids in the military weren’t really exposed to tattoos before they joined and only know that they want a tattoo. Outside the gates of most military bases are some of the worst tattoo shops that you’ll find. The patrons, especially of shops near training bases, don’t know the area well, get tattooed and then are sent on to their next base before they can tell anyone that the place sucks.

    This guy is proud (I guess) of a job that he probably knew was going to get him flamed on this site. I don’t know what job he could be doing for the Navy but I’m sure it’s one I wouldn’t want to do. I’m happy that he’s there to do a job I couldn’t.

  48. Casey:
    I would not flame somebody because he is simply in the army. Indeed that is a job, and indeed it is a (sadly) necesarry one. I know (because i was there for 8 month, likewise all Austrian young man) the army, I know the job (thanks, never again, I hope). I also know, that there are many really terrible idiots in the permanent staff of the army (overaverage count) – but also some quite wise man. There is no reason to do prejustice only because hi is a member of the military forces. Indeed there are reasons on the pic: the way he presents himself (and his job).

    I can only repeat: Playing and silly posing “ha how dangerous I are” with your gun (which at least is much better then that thing here) in the Austrian army, was usually worth an extra weekend duty in the casern (and some of my cmaerades who were of the silly kind got it har-har).

    There are too many people in the army where ypu feel “oh my god, these should be responsible for our defense”?! It is a very tough job, but also one which required extreme responsible people, but DEFENITELY neither heroes (dead) nor Rambo’s (murderers), nor people who do not esteeming the worth of live.

    I was not happy with the Austrian duty to go to military service. On the other hand, it is better to take some responsability in the worst case, that to let Rambo’s and heroes and people lacking appreciation of live, doing their “funny” game.

  49. >>I’d suggest that it’s academics that make war possible and get us into it.

    Academics like Bush perhaps ;-)

  50. Casey: yes, I`ve met people who were in the military, talked to them, listened to their stories. In my line of work those people are more often old vets with intense posttraumatic stress disorder from their experiences. Sure, they`re still alive physically, but the war still stole any sembelence of a normal life from them a long time ago, and there`s no treating that at this point.
    I`m not bagging on the tattoo for it`s quality: like I said, I work in a jail, and I see tattoos every day that make that one look top notch. I`m critical of the tattoo that announces his lust for killing. Regardless of his reasons for being in that position, you can not tell me that killing people you`ve never met is admirable, on a basic humanistic level.
    Just, at the end of the day, as long as they CHOOSE to be there, I can`t support them. There is something inheretly wrong with a government that can give someone a life sentence for killing one, yet hands out medals for killing hundreds.
    I support life.

  51. In response to “infact i have no tolerance for people that blindly follow orders”:

    It’s a sad fact that, throughout history, there are people and groups that want to harm other people and groups. There’s no denying that. So there exists a need for countries to have a military, or at least a police force, to defend their people. Military and police forces simply do not function unless people follow orders, sometimes blindly. Anyone who understands how the military functions will tell you this. Sometimes people can’t know the reasons behind the orders they are given – due to security implications, short reaction times, or any other numerous situations. But most people who join a military or police group believe in the underlying cause and purpose of that group. So, they tend to give the benefit of the doubt to their leaders, and thusly follow their orders, even in the occasional absence of explanation.

    Problems arise when military and police forces are used improperly by the government which controls them, but that says nothing of the military itself. In that case, the proper checks and balances are not in place to prevent misuse of the military, and the military cannot be blamed for that. That’s a flaw in the government.

    So, unless you’re promoting an anarchistic society in which military and police forces don’t exist and people can do as they wish, people who are willing to “blindly” follow orders are a necessity.

  52. That tattoo doesn’t necessarily announce a taste for blood or aggression.. it could very well signify pride in training achievements such as SEAL training or somesuch (likely in this case, in fact). Many of the military monikers and themes such as Airborne’s “death from above” is more a pride in eliteness, than signifying bloodlust. Nationalistic pride monikers are far more in abundance than those with aggressive tones, such as someone suggested a flag would be a better representative of military pride in service.

    Don’t get it twisted though, these men are soldiers and as such are trained to defend themselves and their national sovereignty with deadly force; that does require a certain degree of conditioning and mentality that makes us sitting comfortably at home in our armchairs squirm a bit.

    The human condition is much more interesting to discuss without the flamers and blind reactionaries. Think for thyself.

  53. The accusations people make here are retarded. Accepting someones modification, sexual orientation or personal taste is accepting something that is actually their own business, and nothing you should have to “accept” anyway.

    Accepting a persons decicion to kill for a country (or it’s leadership, since that’s what it comes down to) is an entirely different thing.

  54. Amazing how much information so people here are able to get from a simple shot of a tattoo + part of a gun. Anyone care to tell me exactly how many people this guy has killed? Or why he joined the military? Or his shoe size?

    A lot of the posts here tell me a lot about the posters own prejudices, and very little about the guy in the photo.

    Now maybe we can start to rag on some of the freaks who appear on this site? Or is it just people in combat pants that are fair game for all the hate?

  55. It’s really sad that this site has so many disillusioned people posting about the military. What is this 1969 and you’re all bashing the military? Blame the fucking government if you want to point a finger at someone but don’t you fucking dare try and pit all your retarded assumptions of the military on the soldier. And at those knocking “people who blindly follow orders”, you obviously have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of any military practice. Yeah, let’s allow soldiers to each choose which fights to partake in as if it’s some kind of democracy. It’s not.

    Get over yourselves. Maybe if you’d get off your asses and actually contribute to the world instead of posting inane comments on a TATTOO AND PIERCING site about things you have no understanding.

    Good day.

  56. haha, people on modblog are such a bunch of whiney hippies. i think the photo is super hot. but that’s probably becuase society has enforced a view of stereotyped machismo as attractive and desirable and so i’m unable to think for myself. it’s still hot though!

  57. I like this photo to be honest.
    Might not care for the act of war (though there’s really no escaping it is there?) and the tattoo isn’t the most amazing piece of work I’ve ever seen.
    But this photo, it really has some depth to it.

  58. i am active duty in the navy. he seems to be either auxillary security force, or possibly a master at arms. its hard to tell without seeing more of his uniform. either way though, i think it’s pretty unfair to be making assumptions about people in military. it’s kind’ve the opposite of what this website is about actually. i mean, when i walk down the street in my uniform, i get either spit on, or thanked. and when i walk down the street with my tattoos showing, i either get shunned or curious questions. what i’m trying to get at is, don’t judge a book by its cover….anyone remember that? and just because someone has different beliefs than you or views about things, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re wrong.

  59. well put, brandon j

    i like the photo and once again Shannon seems to be the voice of reason admist the chaotic postings of modblog…big up!

  60. I don’t see what the problem is with someone stating that they are deadly. It doesn’t mean they killed anyone, or are planning to. Just means they have the capacity, which everyone should have. There are a lot of people on IAM that have killed that most people here would consider celebrities. Doesn’t mean they are bad people, just that someone fucked with the wrong person.

  61. fair enough, he’s in the navy (or military, or any occupation where firearms and violence are a necessary evil.) but the fact that he has that tattoo almost implies he’s proud to be killing and sort of sees his place in the navy as a choice for a violent outlet, and definately not the pay etc. as people have stated earlier even if that is a contributing factor. it’s not so much the fact that he has the tattoo (i agree with cucuy, everyone has the capacity to be deadly) but this guy wants to immortalise all the wrong reasons of being in the armed forces in ink. there is so much scope for an inspirational tattoo, or memorial of those who’ve given their lives to a ‘greater good’. i’m not for war, never have been, never will be, but i don’t think that falters my judgement that this is a dumb and purposfully controversial tattoo. no one should be proud of their role as a killer, whether it’s their occupation or not.

  62. I like posts like this because it sparks very interesting comments from people on both sides. It just disappoints me that some people have such rude and hateful things to say.

  63. The thing is, if you talk to people in the military.
    They joined of their own free will to fight and kill in order to protect a country they believe in.. be it right or wrong in peoples eyes we in this current age do have to have a military to protect us from potential harm.
    I personally feel that a soldier should be proud of who he or she is and if their occupation is killing which for so many it is.
    Then so be it.

    Maybe this man is a supreme marksman and proud.

    How many people have you seen that are professionals with a tattoo that boasts their expertise?
    The only thing I question is that in the military they DO NOT allow tattoo’s on the wrist, hands, or face…

    On the other hand if it is for real and on a soldier that is proud then I think it’s pretty awesome.

    I don’t support this war, however I do support the troupes and I am thankful that they’re brave enough to risk their lives for something they believe in.

  64. stormchaser,

    I’m in Canada. Although playing with guns, ie. pointing them at people for a joke or whatnot is considered very unproffesional and will get you in a lot of trouble, taking pictures with them is normal and encouraged. Just seems like different mores for photos.

  65. John Cornwell’s “Hitler’s Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil’s Pact” only describes a small subset of the academics, scientists, and engineers throughout the world who have aided their countries’ respective military machines. Willingly. Any book on the Manhattan Project (as had already been mentioned) would serve to describe another such subset.

  66. I think he’s stupid. who is he trying to impress?…
    ‘deadly’ my ass! put the “Auto” back to “Safe” and go to sleep.

  67. Snap dragon – in the US military you can get tattooed anywhere but your hands, face or neck. In the Air Force you can have up to 25% of the “exposed” body part tattooed (arms, legs, chest). The Navy and the Marines have more strict regulations now, I don’t know what the Army’s regs are.

  68. “I hope you’re cooked by napalm and reduced to a pile of shit and dog tags, you motherfucker.”

    You have issues, and the text could be done better.

  69. yeah but people are allowed to bash what my brothers have died for on here huh?? FUCK YOU!! and dont worry about posting this cuz its just for you buddy. SUCK MY FUCKING COCK YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE!!

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