25 thoughts on “Scarification (Cutting) Over Blackwork Tattoo

  1. very awesome I want to do the same thing to my forearm except not so many thin lines. But congratz on your awesome work!

  2. ive just noticed we have matching palm tattoos!
    i was also thinking of doin that with my black arm at one point and im very glad i didnt now,i personally dont like the uneveness of scars,props to him anyway!

  3. Do you like tea and crumpets? I like tea and crumpets, because Im Winston Churchill..

    Rad ya noo joisie knucklehead 😉

  4. #1- the scars will lighten up over time. it depends on the person, but scars can continue to change for up to five years.

    this looks really amazing. i especially like the thin spiral lines.

  5. haha i read this and went OMG THAT’S TODD
    fyi he is an awesome piercer, in case y’all were wondering
    AND that scarification is looking beautiful! i didn’t get a good look at it last time i was at revolver b/c i was preoccupied, hee hee

  6. very nice.

    i was wondering does a scarification artist use a numbing lotion be for they start cutting?

  7. Scarification over black is BRILLIANT!

    I don’t particularily care for the designs. They remind me of something one might doodle on a notepad. It makes me sad to see a great canvas have doodles on it.

  8. When you do that sort of thing how are you putting down a stencil? Or is it just freehand?

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