“One of God’s Own Prototypes”

Too weird to live, too rare to die“, Little Miss Strange‘s Hunter S. Thompson tattoo done in Steadman-esque lettering by Joe D at Skinethics in Girard, Ohio.


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48 thoughts on ““One of God’s Own Prototypes”

  1. Spooky coincidence. Just last night we were watching Fear and Loathing, my friend exclaimed “I have to get that phrase tattooed on me!” So this afternoon I started designing a tattoo for him – and now he doesn’t want it ‘cos someone else has it :(
    I’ll just have to come up with a design so great he can’t /not/ get it done :)

  2. #9: I know of several people who have this phrase tattooed on them, including one person with it on his hands. That’s a pretty silly reason not to get a phrase tattooed on you. I’m going to get it on myself eventually.

  3. did anyone else mistake rare for rave???

    i got confused for a whole second there

  4. i thot the same as #14 “too rave to die”,i even chuckled,and thought “nu-rave kids are wild these days” then I caught on :P
    it IS a lovely font too :D




  6. it is pretty cool, and i appreciate the hint of asscheek. on the other hand it doesn’t really look like steadman’s lettering to me, this is way neater. steadman did a lot with differently sized letters and varying line thickness.

    it’s still a fine sentiment, for sure.

  7. No one said it was Steadman’s lettering, it’s Steadman-esque.

    And number 22, mind your own fucking business. You don’t know me, take your negativity some where else.

  8. Not gonna lie I’m pretty sure she’s one of the most attractive girls on IAM. Not that IAM isn’t full of beautiful modified woman. I’m wishing there actually were some around my area.

  9. Bitchiiiiiiiin’

    A hilarious Fear and Loathing tattoo would be
    “Dogs fuck the pope.. no fault of mine.”

  10. #35, kaylah is my girlfriend and she happens to be the sweetest, most genuine person i’ve ever met!

  11. I can’t say I can appreciate the bit where you can see very clearly that it’s a font based on handwriting. Even the little dots around the letters repeat and look exactly the same. Not a winner.

  12. the fonts not my favourite but the placing and Hunter S. Thompson reference is awesome. my favoutrite film and enjoyable book is fear and loathing and this is where its from. i love it.

  13. wow gorgeous: the script style, the quote, the legs, the skirt, the background…

  14. I wish it was ‘too rave to die’, that would be a brilliant phrase to have on you (but maybe on a shirt instead)

  15. i didn’t realize so many of you were from the area. my first tattoo was at skinethics, but was done by joe t.

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